Jun 242016

sexy jennie spanked from kane magazine


hot english babe spanked and caned from kane magazine


Jennie was on the cover of the first issue of KANE I ever bought and over time she became a firm spankee favourite of mine and loads of other spank fans here in the UK. She appeared in a number of issues with photos taken from her video shoots which made them seem more special somehow. Real live women being spanked WOW!! From memory, Jennie used to be George Harrison-Marks secretary and looked like she was having a great time being spanked by said gentleman and his friends. She sort of disappeared from KANE after awhile and I always wondered what had happened to her.

Jun 142016

spanking otk


Wanting to add a little more variety to my blog so how about I post some of my favourite, rare, classic and fun spanking pix that I’ve come across over the years in my time as a spanking fan. Thinking about allowing comments as well once I get the spam sorted out and a ranking option to vote on each photo. Check out #1 – from an old UK spank mag called Swish – come back often for more.

Jun 052016

busty blonde barmaid spanked

busty blonde spanked

sexy english barmaid spanked and punished

Sadly the brilliant¬†KANE ONLINE¬†is long gone and as an affiliate from way back they used to send me exclusive content to promote their website. For posterity, here are some of those pix they sent me from their superb archive of spanking erotica. I remember buying this issue of KANE magazine many moons ago and it’s well regarded as one of its all time classic editions. The photos are fantastic and are taken from a movie called “The Caning Club”

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