Jul 252017

Say hello to Trixie from the brilliant KANE Magazine here in the UK.

Very cute and bubbly with a terrific bum, Trixie appeared in a number of fantastic KANE movies and photo shoots during the 80’s/90’s. From memory, she was also in various editions of  BLUSHES and UNIFORM GIRLS. Bloody hell, those take me back to the good old days when the top shelf used to be full of spanking magazines. No longer the case these days sadly…

May 302017


IMHO one of the best spanking photos ever with the awesome Roberta about to get the mother and father of an otk spanking over her pink backside. Can’t remember which UK spank mag this is from – might be Switch – but, for me, its an absolute classic. Probably will post a couple more from this set in the future as this new look blog takes shape.

Feb 262017

The late great George Harrison Marks getting down to business and giving his music pupil Liz Leather a real proper hard spanking across her fantastic arse. Liz has featured in many spank flix and can take a real thrashing. This is a fantastic classic moment from one of her many appearances in GHM’s brilliant Kane Videos.


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