Firm Hand Spanking Weekend


Belinda Lawson Spanked and Cropped in DENIM!

Hey everyone, hope yer having a cool weekend wherever you are on this ball of rock spinning through the void. What better way to while away some time than to check out the latest movie updates from Firm Hand Spanking! See a brand new preview page with free pix and awesome trailer previews here!

Kylee Anders – Alison Miller – Stacy Stockton New Spanking Movies


Ooooooooooooooh, look what just dropped into the YEOWCH email box! The latest mega update from top American spank site Firm Hand Spanking. Check out the new movies from Kylee Anders, Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton with awesome preview clips click here!

Spanking USA with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Camilla Scott and Stacy Stockton

asking_f001 asking_f003 safehouse_f001 safehouse_f002 tmd_e001 tmd_e003


36 strokes with a yard stick make Camilla Scott’s bottom burn like fire
Quitting university to work for an adult magazine isn’t a good plan for Camilla Scott in Asking For It. Admitting it to Earl Grey, she obediently grabs her ankles for 36 strokes with a wooden yard stick, burning her bare bottom and changing her decision real fast!
Going to a bar with her bare bottom on show means a spanking for Stacy
Stacy Stockton dresses to thrill as she heads off to a bar in a bottom revealing skirt! Husband Jonny is not happy at her assets on show in Truly Madly Deeply. Will 100 smacks with a leather paddle on those jiggling bare cheeks make Stacy think again?
Key trial witness Amelia Rutherford paddled for making phone calls
Amelia Rutherford doesn’t listen to detective Earl Grey’s rules to keep her in the Safe House and avoid contacting even her brother during a trial where she’s a key witness. On her phone again, she’s swiftly bent over for 12 swats of a wooden paddle on jeans.

Firm Hand Spankings 3 Movies.

domestic_bc003 richbitch_a003 rogue_g002


Stacy’s hot nude body is soaking up rays out back of their home when husband Jonny comes home early. He doesn’t want her displaying her creamy bubble butt to the world, so spanks and whips it 155 times with a riding whip! That’s strict Domestic Discipline. Rich Bitch Allaura Shane isn’t happy about Alison Miller moving into her dad’s home after their parents marry. This wicked stepsister decides to show Alison how things go down with a stunning 470-smack bare spanking which has her cheeks jiggling red! Witness Amelia Rutherford yell and jump from a spectacularly hard 13-swat paddling, seven of them bare bottom! Agent Mr Fennington bought a Texas school paddle for his Rogue Model. Her cheeks wobble as justice is applied for failing to win a key contract. Check out preview clips for all of these great new spank movies at Firm Hand Spanking USA here.

Spanking Discipline in the USA


Bare assed school swats in the nude for Belinda Lawson.

Hey gang, apologies for lack of whizzo spanking updates lately but my health has jumped off a fucking cliff and I’m stuck at base camp drinking gallons of cranberry juice and seeing fairies due to the amount of meds I’m on. Usually a hardy type but, fuck me, 2015 has been crap so far. Bummer. Anyway, to keep my mind occupied, here’s the latest emailed update from Firm Hand Spanking and their awesome girls. Click here for exclusive free preview clips!

ps: just wanted to thank those of you who took out subs last week. Amazing. Much appreciated and your support helps keep my Yeowch blogs going and bought me a nice bottle of whiskey to warm my bones into the bargain!

Spanking Movies with Stacy Stockton and Jodi Biltmore.

academy_j001 academy_j003

19 with the cane for Jodi Biltimore!



Nipple peeking Stacy Stockton spanking – hee hee.

Whoops, nearly forgot to post about this new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING with two hot American babes getting spanked and caned in their brand new movies. Excellent fun as always and more preview pix and trailer clips can be seen click here.

Firm Hand Spanking Hot Babes.


Second update this week from Firm Hand Spanking USA has Belinda Lawson strapped, Dani Daniels belted and sexy Stacy Stockton bent over for a hard hand spanking. Huge archive if you take out a sub for their members section and well worth it imho. Click here for free movie clips from this update.

Waiting for a Firm Hand Spanking

reform_gf001 safehouse_g001 tmd_f001

Amelia Rutherford strapped on her bouncing bare bottom
Endangering herself at court by not listening to detective Earl Grey earns Amelia Rutherford a bare ass belting of 43 strokes in Safe House. Hot slow-mo replays!
Hairbrush spanking for Alison Miller’s bubble butt after drinking alcohol
Alison is about to get kicked out of Reform School for drinking a shot in class. Principal Bateman decides a bottom stinging 31-smack spanking with a wooden brush is better.
Flirting and flaunting her boobs gets Stacy Stockton’s hubby spanking mad
Jonny Stockton breaks out the ping-pong paddle when wife Stacy gets flirty at the restaurant, flashing her boobs. It’s a 347-swat spanking on those curvy cream cheeks!


Check out the latest FIRM HAND SPANKING movies above with free preview clips to watch and awesome pix – click here!

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