Nov 072016

A spring time slapping across her bum for this flowery lass..

This is the perfect spanking image for me. Everything about it expresses what I feel about the subject. A surprised lady across a male knee, embroidered skirts tugged up and folded out of the way, her long shapely legs in stockings, and with her bottom sticking up and her panties pulled down to her thighs. Fantastic…

Nov 042016

When naughty English teenager Clover stays out all night she knows that she is in a whole heap of trouble with her Uncle. She did not however expect to end up, bottom bared over his knee being spanked till her flabby young bottom was hot, red and sore from his spanking. That’s just the start of her ordeal as her Uncle gives her large bum a good hard thrashing.

“Uh oh – looks like sexy English babe Clover is in big trouble!”

“OTK for naughty Clover”

This is a great movie for those who love to watch a real hard over the knee spanking of a really naughty English lady. CLICK HERE to see more of this excellent movie as well as more sexy English girls getting their bums thoroughly walloped for your entertainment.


sexy english spanking movies

Aug 092016

Check out Lynn Leona

and her PERFECT BOT!!

Crikey, that is quite a bum and no mistake. Lynn Leona is a sensitive redheaded sweetie who is shy about showing her bare bottom but offers it up for spanking in scenes with her “mom” and “dad”. We interview Lynn and find out that she was spanked regulalrly growing up. Now that she is a woman with a shapely bottom, we act out these scenes but pretty Lynn cries just like a little girl. Spanked Sweeties brings back real memories when young ladies tell us their true spanking stories! Lynn felt like she was right back over mommy’s knee and sobbed away, as her bare bubble bottom got nice and red!

Gotta admit, there is something about superdooper hot redheads getting spanked that plays havoc with my late middle aged libido. I absolutely adore this photoset from CLARE FONDA and SPANKED SWEETIES. I’m not a huge fan of female on female bumwacking but this is great. Here at YEOWCH, Ionly want to post about top quality spanking stuff on my blog and this is definitely worth checking out – CLICK HERE TO VISIT SPANKED SWEETIES and see more of LYNN LEONA getting spanked by the delicious and delightful CLARE FONDA. Two thumbs up from this webmaster.

Totally hot female on female spank action.


Jul 072016


Now the thing I like most about CLARE FONDA is she doesn’t let an opportunity go by to warm the bestest bottoms to the best of her spanking ability. Never a spank is wasted. Each swat hits the mark. Each slap results in a yeowch (cough) So when CLARE FONDA dishes out the punishment you know you’re getting your moolahs worth.

Check out this here naughty gal, Isobel. Very sexy. In her best nightie about to be told she’s got a spanking due on her full ass. No messing, no arguing.

A spanking she’s got coming and a bumcheek wobbling spankerooney she’s got coming. Add in a little nude humiliation and you’ve got one hot female on female spanking scene.

Once she’s got Isobel over her lap, Clare makes sure we get the best seat in the house as she gets to work punishing the younger womans nice firm bottom. Pretty soon her ass is turning a nice shade of red and her legs are beginning to kick as the pain in her backside grows from a dull throb to a raging sting. SPANK SPANK SPANK.

Trust me, this is worth checking out. HOT SPANKING ACTION – just FOLLOW THE LINK!!


Clare Fonda Pass – for fans of quality sore bottomed erotica.

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