Classic Framegrab: Liz Leather Spanked.

The late great George Harrison Marks getting down to business and giving his music pupil Liz Leather a real proper hard spanking across her fantastic arse. Liz has featured in many spank flix and can take a real thrashing. This is a fantastic classic moment from one of her many appearances in GHM’s brilliant Kane Videos.


Classic English Spanking.

When naughty English teenager Clover stays out all night she knows that she is in a whole heap of trouble with her Uncle. She did not however expect to end up, bottom bared over his knee being spanked till her flabby young bottom was hot, red and sore from his spanking. That’s just the start of her ordeal as her Uncle gives her large bum a good hard thrashing.

“Uh oh – looks like sexy English babe Clover is in big trouble!”

“OTK for naughty Clover”

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Holy slapped ass, Batman – Hot new Sweetie Lynn Leona spanked by Clare Fonda.

Check out Lynn Leona

and her PERFECT BOT!!

Crikey, that is quite a bum and no mistake. Lynn Leona is a sensitive redheaded sweetie who is shy about showing her bare bottom but offers it up for spanking in scenes with her “mom” and “dad”. We interview Lynn and find out that she was spanked regulalrly growing up. Now that she is a woman with a shapely bottom, we act out these scenes but pretty Lynn cries just like a little girl. Spanked Sweeties brings back real memories when young ladies tell us their true spanking stories! Lynn felt like she was right back over mommy’s knee and sobbed away, as her bare bubble bottom got nice and red!

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Totally hot female on female spank action.


Bad Tushy Babes: The Star of the Spanking Show


OOoooo talk about embarrassing. Fancy having to endure a proper bum therwacking in front of your girlfriends. Serves her right for being a right proper brat, so it’s only fitting that she finds herself over his lap, skimpy panties taken down to reveal her firm tight butt, and then given a thorough spanking until her cute ass is hot, red and sore.

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