Spanking Sarah and an Unladylike Paddling for Lady Suzie.

english mature women spanked and paddledLADY SUZIE PADDLED BY SARAH

english spanking otk erotic spanksPUNISHING THE MORE MATURE ENGLISH ARSE

hot english milfs spanked– pix courtesy of spanking sarah and her cool website –

Bloody hell, it’s snowing outside right now and is so cold I can hear my brass balls ringing. Crazy fucking weather here in the north east of England. To add a little heat into the moment, here’s the latest update sent to me by Sarah and is pretty terrific as I’m sure you’ll agree. This new movie has Sarah taking a paddle to sexy mature Lady Suzie who she makes strip down to her stockings and high heels for a taste of the leather across her pert milf arse. Absolutely brilliant. Click the pix or link below to see more from this set. Be sure to check out Sarah’s special limited membership offer right now to celebrate her site being online for over 3 years now. Great stuff for fans of traditional English botty swotty.


Sexy French Maid Suzanne Thrashed.

milf-spanking maid spanked

Now this is HOT! Naughty French maid Suzanne is one hot milf and no mistake. Here she is stripped down to her sexy black stockings and bent over the sofa for a hot bare assed spanking followed by a taste of the tawse. Yeowch is a huge fan of the more mature lady getting a good seeing too and this one is great. Click this link for a free gallery of exclusive pix from the excellent Spanking Sarah website.

Hot WPC Spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford.

english amelia jane rutherford spankings

Awesome! The latest update from SPANKING SARAH features two of my favourite English ladies getting it on. For fans of uniform spankings we have the delicious Pandora Blake as a spanking police woman sorting out the fantastic bum of the very munchable Amelia Jane Rutherford. Sexy photo with more hot preview pix to see below. Join Sarah’s excellent website and see the whole movie and much more.


Riding Lessons with Amelia Jane Rutherford.


Big thumbs up for this new update at Sarah Bright and her brilliant Spanking Sarah website with the gorgeous Amelia Jane Rutherford looking awesome in a pair of tight jodhpurs! “You do not use a big hard whip on a horse and Amelia Jane Rutherford should know that. When she returns from her morning ride that lesson is going to have to be learnt and it seems that she needs to learn the hard way. You know me, I am very patient and quite willing to teach this nasty young lady what it feels like to be beaten. I start off over the top of her jodhpurs but soon decide she is getting too much protection from these so they will have to come down. My hand on her bare bottom soon makes its impression and  Amelia protests loudly, to no avail, she will get the punishment she deserves.”  Click here for a preview gallery!

Mature English Spanking.

spanking sarah


From Sarah: “This is a new departure for me, I get to show the soft and loving side of my nature, well not quite but there are steps in that direction. Jadie is my girlfriend and when she is out late i worry about her. When she finally does come home I have to question her and then punish her for cheating on me. I start off with a real hard spanking on her bare bottom but this just seems to make her pussy wet and her excited. What to do? ” A really nice spanking movie from Sarah and her pals – watch a preview trailer here.

Spanking the Stripper


SPANKING SARAH UK new movie update with Satine Spark and Sarah Bright. “Sarah the headmistress was not best pleased when, whilst trying to relax at home, her peace was shattered by the appearance of a rather attractive young lady called Satine Spark. It turned out she was a stripogram who had been hired by some of the 6th form lads to try and shock Sarah. It did not work of course and the young lady in question found herself bent over the sofa having her bare bottom beaten with a slipper!” Thanks to Sarah and her crew for this update –  Click here for a free gallery of pix from this spanking movie!

Spanking Relations with Amelia Jane Rutherford.


No one looks better being spanked in stockings and suspenders than English babe Amelia Jane Rutherford. Spanking her arse looks so much fun with those long legs kicking with each hard  spanking. Our dear friend the London Tanner has devised a way of getting innocent young ladies to take off their knickers and willingly go over his knee for a spanking. How does he do this you ask? Well you have to watch the film to find out but it really does work and he does dish out one hell of a spanking to poor Amelia Jane Rutherford. Her bottom is still red and sore. Check out this big free gallery from this movie click here.

A Sarah Spanking for New Girl Victoria

victoriaspanked victoriaspanked1

Crikey chaps, new bottom to spank alert with new girl Victoria getting a first spanking from Sarah Bright! “Victoria is absolutely new to the spanking scene, she has never been spanked yet she came along to see me. Well, she soon found out just what she was into. We had quite a chat first, I think you will find it very interesting, but then I got down to the serious stuff. I put her over my knees and spanked her first on her panties but these soon had to come down. She then took a famous Sarah Stern spanking and believe me, these do hurt the bottom. Now what did she think to it? Well take a look at the film and find out.” View a whole free gallery of Victoria pix here!

Nude Caning for English Bad Girl Kiki.

erotic english spanking and caning movies


Some girls need more than a good spanking and so it is for English top totty bad girl Kiki who ends up not only spanked but in the nude getting Sarah’s swishy cane across her fat arse. At least she get’s to keep those tiny white socks on. Awesome photo and more preview pix to see at the link below. Whole movie is in SPANKING SARAH’S excellent members section which is stuffed full of spanking awesomeness and great value for a subscription.


Sarah Spanking the Cheerleader.

cheerleader spanking

cheerleader spanking

Check out these preview pix from the latest update at the SPANKING SARAH website with naughty girl Clover as a cheerleader getting her big old butt spanked and paddled. Clover is the teams newest cheer leader and is so pleased with her new uniform she can’t wait to show it off to her Aunt. The reaction she got was not what she expected, her Aunt is in a very spiteful mood and says  has a present for her. It is a wicked looking leather paddle. She insists on trying it out on Clovers bottom there and then, poor clover has to bend over and put her bare bottom in the air and take a real hard paddling leaving her red and most unhappy. Click here for more great English spanking erotica!

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