Jul 292017

english bare bottomed spanking for sexy sarahA COUNTRY SPANKING FOR NAUGHTY SARAH

sarah bright spanked otkWALLOPING THE MORE MATURE BUM

Celebrating nearly 3 years online, this is the latest spanking update for the excellent SPANKING SARAH website dedicated to all things bottom blistering from the UK. This new movie is called “The Stable Hand.” and is the follow up from the previous episode where Sarah spanked the delightful Kiki. Excellent fun for those of us who prefer the more mature bottom getting punished. Check out more hot pix from this gallery and to see the awesome special membership offer now available for a limited time at the link below.


Jul 262017

yeowch spanking blogs

english spanking erotica at yeowch spanking blog


erotic english spanking yeowch spank blogs

Latest update from SARAH’S excellent spanking website has the stern er Mr Stern interviewing new girl Zara who’s a bit unsure if she wants to try this spanking lark. Being of silver tongue and firm spanking hand, Mr Stern persuades her to give it a try and in no time at all he has her removing her knickers and going over his lap for a good  old spanked bottom otk. Zara is a smasher and you can see more preview pix of her first spanking at the link below.


Jul 012017

spanking sarah

OUCH, that sure is one sore botty belonging to mature au pair milf Mia who has just started her new job with the SPANKING SARAH website. Sarah’s new Au pair Mia has been spanked and paddled and now she is for the cane. With her bare bottom already well marked with the signs of Sarah’s anger she has to bend over to take her first ever taste of the cane. The strokes whistle down and slam into her rear end and now she has to endure a long and very painful caning. If she thought that just because Sarah was a girl the cane would not be used with full force she was mistaken as the marks on her bottom show.  CLICK HERE for more exclusive caned bum pix!

Jun 252017

englishspankers1 englishspankers2 englishspankers3

Wow, talk about an explicit spanking and letting all your naughty bits hang out for all to see! That’s what happens to English cutie Satine Sparks when she comes face to face with nasty dom Sarah Bright and her black paddle in a cool movie from the excellent English Spankers – now based in Spain! If you like yer slapped ass spanking kinky then go check out the previews here.

Jun 142017

spanking english ass english spankers english spankers

Super hot sexy update from Sarah Bright and her brilliant Euro spank site English Spankers. Jessica the lady who looks after our help desk has just been spanked because she has been exceptionally rude to one of our members but the members concerned was, rightly not happy with that level of punishment. It is decided that she should be paddled, Jessica has little option but to agree and gets ready for the pain she knows she is going to receive. This is only her second punishment and her very first ever taste of the paddle . Click here for an awesome free gallery of preview movie pix!

Got some awesome updates coming soon so check back here often!

Jun 052017

english spanking

erotic spanking

The final part of our current nursing story and I have to say it is a real hot one! At last the truth emerges. As Dr. Sarah Bright makes to cane nurse Malone, Nurse Allesha confesses, to save her friend from a terrible punishment. She in turn must bend over the bench to take a caning but this is to be administered by Nurse Malone. She lifts the cane and starts what is maybe the hardest caning she has ever administered, it leaves Nurses Fox’s bottom bruised and marked, she is shown no mercy and asks for none as stroke after stroke ads to her pain. A really hot movie from SPANKING SARAH – CLICK HERE for more awesome preview pix.

May 192017

spanking april spanking april uk spanking

Another oldie that I missed! Take a look at naughty brunette April getting her ass spanked in tights. “Another episode of Unladylike Manor and this sees the arrival of April who is after a job as a PA to Lord Stern, He needs help in his charitable foundation and in his misguided mind the thought of offering this work to a convicted fraudster, for that’s what April is, ,is merely doing more good work. He does however believe that she needs to repent and he knows just how that can be brought about. It does of course mean that she goes over his knee for a spanking on her panty hose tights and then on her bare bottom. His horny old hand soon works its magic on this fallen girl.” says Spanking Sarah Bright. View a whole gallery of pix right here!

May 142017

teen spanking

teen spanking


Perky teen Belle and her pert bottom are the stars in this cute new movie from Sarah Bright’s excellent SPANKING SARAH website. Belle is on the phone boasting to her friend how she has faked an illness to get her out of going to school. Unfortunately her conversation is overheard and retribution is not long in coming. She goes over Sarah’s knee for a spanking on her tight shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets turned red. Then she kneels in the chair as Sarah lays into her bare bottom with a nasty and pain giving leather paddle. This young lady is new to the spanking scene but that does not stop Sarah giving her a real punishment.  Click here to watch a free preview trailer!

May 102017

“A Hard Spanking for Shannon”

Sexy pupil Shannon has been caught doing rude things with the boys of the upper 6th form at school. After a stern telling off from the Headmaster she is spanked hard on her tight school knickers and then on the large bare bottom. A great new fun adult schoolgirl spanking movie from Sexy Sarah and her chums. CLICK HERE to check it out along with oodles of top quality English spanking stuff!!


May 062017



After a spot of lesbo kissy kissy and dildo fun, Sarah and Verity are caught out and have to pay a price for their kinky canoodlings. First they have to strip to their sexy underwear then it’s time for their punishment. Kneeling on the sofa they both stick their firm English arses up for a taste of the leather paddle followed by a cutting session with Mr Whippy cane across their bare bottoms. Another great little flick from SEXY SPANKING SARAH and her chums. Watch as both ladies are given a thorough walloping that turns their fat bots bright red and sore. Go see what they have to endure by clicking the link below!!



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