Spanking Ashley.

spanking ashley

Big fan of the latest series update from SPANKING SARAH with mature babe Ashley on the recieving end of a good spanking. It’s the second part of Ashley’s audition for my site and I want to use my paddles on her bare bottom. Ashley is so lovely that I really do have to force myself to give her the hard paddling that I know you will expect her to receive but thankfully I am able to do this. Once I see her bent over with her bottom right in the air I have no hesitation and I do give her a jolly hard punishment paddling. I pick two nasty stingy paddles and these do make he jump around a bit, it was worth it though. Click here for an awesome movie preview!

Paddle Spanking for BBW Kiki Vee!

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For fans who love watching cute larger babes getting spanked and paddled, check out this awesome new update from Spanking Sarah.  Kiki is having her very first spanking interview and admits that she does love to be spanked. She is a very pretty young lady new to the spanking scene and wanting to get as much experience as she can. I tell her that the next stage of her interview is that she must be paddled and she is looking forward to this. Once I use my paddle on her bare bottom I really do get a reaction, I don’t know if she likes it or if she hates it but I do not hold back with my swats on her bare bottom. More click here!!

Spanking Fun with Bonnie Bellotti


SPANKING SARAH: Meet new girl Bonnie Bellotti and her pert bottom in a new movie from Sarah Bright and her spanking team over there in Spain. “Bonnie Bellotti is another new young lady I am introducing to the spanking scene. This young beauty contacted me and said she quite liked a spanking from her boyfriend and had seen some of my films and wanted to give it a go. I threw her right in at the deep end with a good solid storyline and a good hard spanking on her delightful bare bottom.”  View a FREE gallery of Bonnie spanked pix here!

Denim Spanking for Bad Girl Clover.

english spanking

SPANKING SARAH has her hand’s full dealing with this naughty young English brat Clover who thinks of nothing as she wanders around in a tight tee-shirt and a pair of snug fit pussy hugging denim shorts. Those tight denim shorts are fantastic and Clover gets a good spanking over them before Sarah makes her remove them for a quick caning across her bare arse. Excellent update from the terrific SPANKING SARAH website. Check out more hot preview pix below.


Self Paddle Spanking for Naked New Girl Sophie.

yeowch english spanking blog

self spanking for new girl sophie

It’s a shocking state of affairs when the hot new girl at SPANKING SARAH’S website has to spank her own arse isn’t it. Was Mr Stern on a tea break or down the boozer or something? Didn’t he know there was a damsel in distress or what? Sheesh. All he and Spanking Sarah had to do was ask. I’d have volunteered quicker than you can type “Holy smokes, I’d love to spank new girl Sophie’s bum for her!” Next time guys. Just call. I’m free. So here we have Sophie in her birthday suit giving herself a sore bot by way of a leather paddle and these preview pix are AWESOME. See more of the scrummy Sophie at the link below. Movies in Sarah’s excellent members section.


The Spanking of Ashley.

english spanking

english spanking

spanking english

Update from SPANKING SARAH: “WHERE DO I FIND ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS? Well that’s my secret but I will share the videos with you. I have another beautiful new spankee for you this week, Ashley is going to take her first spanking ever just for us and you get to watch it and find out why she has decided to come to see me to be spanked. As you know, I never differentiate between the ladies I spank, they all get it good, long and very hard. In this case Ashley was left with a very red and sore bottom after her bare bottom spanking!” Hot new girl get’s the YEOWCH spank of approval. Check her out in this free preview clip – click here!

Adult Schoolgirl Clover Spanked at English Spankers


Another hot off the press spanking exclusive from Sarah and her pals at ENGLISH SPANKERS. This new movie features hot totty with the amazing botty, Clover, dressed as an adult schoolgirl getting her backside spanked otk until its hot and sore. Love the long tartan skirt and the sox! Very entertaining movie and great fun for lovers of traditional schoolgirl type spanking erotica. Check it out below:


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