Spanking Nude Caning for Busty Babe Sophie Parker.

sophie parker caned (5)

Big boobed bald pussy babe Sophie Parker enjoys a little nude caning and spanking action with swishy madam Sarah Bright in this awesome gallery update from REDSTRIPE SPANKING FILMS. Hot titty action with Mz Parker bending over to reveal all as she gets the cane across her firm English arse. CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and how to watch the whole movie and much more!


amelia jane rutherford

Two hot women going at it in this cool new movie from Sarah Bright. Sophie is having  a friendly chat with Amelia Jane Rutherford at the house of correction, a sort of reassuring welcome. She tells her about the harsh punishments that are handed out here and offers to demonstrate so that Amelia is not shocked when it happens to her. The spanking turns into a real hard nasty bitch type punishment that does not please Amelia and leaves her with a red and sore bottom.  Click here for a free preview!

Sophie Paddled by the Spanking Vicar!

english spanking spanking england

Naughty vicar has his wicked way with randy sexpot Sophie and her big English arse in this great new movie from Sarah Bright and her gang at SPANKING SARAH. Sometimes even the best behaved of young ladies falls down. Sophie has been very nasty to Amelia Jane and it has come to the attention of the gentleman in charge of the spiritual well being of the girls at Katie Didit’s house of correction. As much as it goes against all that he knows to be right he feels he must hand out a severe paddling to young Sophie. And make it hurt. She tries to persuade him that he would be much better taking advantage of her ample charms. Will he be able to resist the allure of those unctuous breasts? Check it out!!! More cool pix in a free gallery here.

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