Yeowch Spankee Favourites: Sophie Fennington.

Totally smitten with this wonderful lady when I discovered her in a back issue of the much missed UK Spank magazine, Janus. Heck, this must be going back to the early 1980’s from memory when the only way to satisfy my spanking curiosity was to take a trip to a specialist magazine shop which sold “top shelf” adult magazines of various kinks. She appeared in issues 53 and 54 as well as an interview shoot later on. She also appeared in a number of  classic spanking movies which you can check out at CLASSIC SPANKING. Some women just have it. A certain magic. Sophie had it in abundance with spare to measure. Much loved by those of us who grew up in the classic spank mag era and remember her much walloped bottom with pleasure.

Looking good in and out of uniform.

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Classic Spanking Movie: “Canings and Cold Showers.” with Sophie Fennington

spanking sophie fennington

spanking sophie fennington

sophie fennington caning

caning sophie fennington

There are classic spank movies and then there are “classic” spanking movies. “CANINGS AND COLD SHOWERS.” starring the wonderful SOPHIE FENNINGTON is most definitely one that goes in the latter category. First came across Sophie in her first photoshoot with JANUS spank mag over 20 years ago (yikes!!) and she became an instant personal favourite not only of me but many spank fans. It’s only through the Internet that I’ve managed to catch up with her movies and as expected they are fantastic. A treat for those of us who remember the spanking stone age with fond memories. PLEASE CLICK HERE to check out this and many more classic spanking movies.

classic spanking moviess

The Caning Competition.


Two mature English ladies bend over to take their canings.

A pair of very sore, welted and bruised bottoms.

While all the new spanking movies on the market today are neat and stuff, I must admit I prefer checking out the old classics which I remember being featured in spank mags like Janus, Blushes, Phoenix or wherever. Most of my favourite spanked ladies come from this era and “The Caning Competition” stars one of my all timers – Sophie Fennington. Featuring lots of hand spanking and the preverbial caning competition with a very attractive competitor, it’s a feast for lovers of classic English punishment flix. CLASSIC SPANKING has loads more great old time spanking movies and is a must for spank fans everywhere.


Classic Spanking Movies: Room Service/Beyond Control.

Sophie Fennington is one of my all time favourite spanking stars from back when I began to buy spank mags to scratch my itch. Her photoshoots for JANUS magazine are legendary in the spanking world and it was a real treat to come across one of her movies at the HOT MOVIES website. Called “Room Service” and it has Sophie as a hot maid in a sexy uniform phwoooooooar!! Check out the clips above and you can watch the whole movie here.

Story: Young Sophie is quite the clever girl. While ditching classes at St. Lukes she is living it up at the posh Grand Hotel. As fate would have it, the hotel manager, Mr. Mannering, happens to be a close acquaintance of her father and is well aware of her little game. Rather than face her father, Sophie agrees to submit to Mr. Mannering’s discipline in exchange for his silence. After several well placed swats of the cane across her exquisite bottom, Sophie begins to question the wisdom of her decision. Her lovely bare behind will long bear the painful marks of her folly.

Mr. Kinsey has decided that lovely Greta needs a lesson in self control. Her smooth, round, pink posterior, now naked and exposed to the punishment he is about to administer, will soon be deep red and throbbing with exquisite pain.

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