Spanking Sarah gives Scarlet and Paris a Naked Paddling.

sexy spanking sarah spanks


**NEW** Thanks to Sarah for letting YEOWCH know about her hot sexy new spanking movie from SEXY SPANKING SARAH NETWORK. As ever, it’s a top quality production featuring two hot young ladies who end up getting their bums smacked for your entertainment.

Story goes – “Schoolmistress Sarah has caught Paris and Scarlet being intimate with each other and she decides to take immediate action. She is going to punish both girls in such a way that they will be humiliated and very sorry they ever indulged in each other?s bodies. She puts both the girls in turn over her knees and spanks them very hard on their school knickers and then on their bare bottoms.

Paris and Scarlet have just been spanked on their bare bottoms and are now ordered to remove their clothes as a part of the punishment being handed out by Miss Bright. Once naked they are bent over and both get their bottoms beaten with the senior girls paddle.”

If you love seeing hot nubile girl on girl sex and spanking then this is great. Check the preview by clicking the link below and info on how to watch the whole movie.

>CLICK HERE to see SCARLET and PARIS spanked!<

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