Leia Ann Woods and a Nasty Redstripe Cane.

redstripe caning

Erotic caning

Erotic caning


As 2013 draws to a close and another year of YEOWCH blogging comes to an end, I’ve been having a rummage through some of the old spanking archives I’m listed with. One of the best networks is run by Sarah, Mr Stern and chums with sites like SPANKING SARAH, ENGLISH SPANKERS and REDSTRIPE SPANKING MOVIES and I love having a look at some of their classic oldies and came across this one featuring Leia Ann Woods getting a touch toe caning. Not a huge caning fan personally but I just love the imagery and bum posing in this. For an exclusive peek click here.

Mature Spanking for Lady Suzanne in her Sexy Lingerie.

mature bottom spanking

Welcome to another awesome post with some changes to the blog. Thought I’d give the old girl a bit of an update which gives me a bit more flexibility and oomph for posting terrific new spank pix on blog posts which allows me to link them to the full sized versions on dedicated spank pages.  It’s from the excellent REDSTRIPE SPANKING FILMS who are part of the SPANKING SARAH network and features top English totty Lady Suzanne in trouble with Mr Stern and ordered to bare her mature arse for a good spanking and paddling whilst wearing her bestest stockings and suspenders – just for us horny buggers. Terrific pix. See more full sized photos on this blog posts dedicated page at the link below!!



Spanking Nude Caning for Busty Babe Sophie Parker.

sophie parker caned (5)

Big boobed bald pussy babe Sophie Parker enjoys a little nude caning and spanking action with swishy madam Sarah Bright in this awesome gallery update from REDSTRIPE SPANKING FILMS. Hot titty action with Mz Parker bending over to reveal all as she gets the cane across her firm English arse. CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and how to watch the whole movie and much more!

Spanking Kami Robertson with the Leather Paddle.

spanking kami robertson

From RED STRIPE SPANKING FILMS, here’s a terrific example of Kami Robertson in her sexy lingerie showing off her awesome bum about to get a slap from that mean looking leather paddle. This pic is a special update from an old photoshoot with Kami. Check out more from this super website featuring some of the UK’s top spanked bottoms.


Spanking Next Door with Alice.


Nice real amateur update from REDSTRIPE SPANKING today with new girl Alice who wants to start out on a career as a spanking model and what better place to start. We sent Sean to interview her and get all her reasons for doing it on camera just for you. As you would expect he also wanted toi give her a good spanking, no use having a spanking model who cant take a spanking. Alice certainly could and indeed seemed to like bending over for her spanking  View an exclusive free preview video here.

English Spanking Triple Treat.

English Spankers - Punishment of Eve Edgar
English Spankers – Punishment of Eve Edgar

ENGLISH SPANKERS: Eve Edgar has to report for punishment, it has been ordered by her husband and it must be humiliating and of a most severe nature. She is not willing at first to accept the punishment but realises she has no alternative. She is paddled strapped, cropped and caned, the results are plain to see. This is a genuine punishment and is filmed exactly as it happened we have her husband’s permission to use the video. Watch a preview trailer click here.

Spanking Sarah - Punishment for Ashley
Spanking Sarah – Punishment for Ashley

SPANKING SARAH: Busty teen babe Ashley has been expelled from senior school, at home she has been spanked and paddled but now she is in for something more. Her bad attitude calls for serious measures and the birch cane is chosen. This many stranded implement delivers a cruel pain covering the whole of her bottom, a long and painful punishment is delivered and she does not like it. Free preview movie click here.

Redstripe - Betrayed
Redstripe – Betrayed

REDSTRIPE: Sarah’s lover Imogen D’Arcy has told her she wants to leave her for another woman. Sarah she says is too violent for her, always wanting to tie and beat her. Sara cant allow her to leave and so ties her to the bed. Once secured Sarah can do what she likes with poor Imogen and she has some pretty painful ideas including paddles, straps and long whips. Check out a hot preview movie click here.



Cheating Housewife Strapped at RedStripe Films.



Ohhhh, what a picture – what a perfect arse! Been a while since YEOWCH took a look at Sarah Brights erotic sex and spanking website Redstripe Films and what better way than to post about an awesome movie with sexy cheating housewife Leia Ann Woods getting punished!”Leia Ann Woods is one of the all-time favourite spanking models and we have two films which perfectly reflect the cheeky nature and the naturalness of this lovely young lady. In this film she is caught on video having sex in the car with her driver, there is an argument and then she is told she will be punished. She goes over the knee for a spanking and a leathering with a rather nasty strap. She has to bend over the bed with her legs straight and bottom well out for further punishment with the strap. Another gem from the archives and a classic performance from this amazing lady!”   More previews here!

Hard Caning for Mature Allison and Her Big Ass.

redstripe spanking movies

Cor blimey! Check out this update from Redstripe Spanking Films and their new movie with mature babe Allison getting a hard caning across her firm womanly buttocks. “Big boobed Allison is one of our favourite spanking models. She loves sex, she loves men and she loves to get her bare bottom well caned. Well that’s not quite true, she does love everything apart from the cane on her bottom. But, this is a fact, she is very naughty, she does have a bottom made for punishment and she certainly needs it from time to time. This is a real good hard caning film, she shows she does not like the cane but she does take the full allotted amount of strokes”  Click here to check out RSF!

Spanking and Caning Imogen by her Lesbian Lover.

lesbian spanking

Sarah and Imogen play girly lesbian lovers in this erotic new spank movie from REDSTRIPE SPANKING UK with Imogen getting her mature arse caned hard. Imogen has finally has to give in to her Lover Sarah. She has been beaten and abused in all manner of ways but now she has no alternative but to do as she is told. A punishment stool is produced and Imogen told to bend over it. What follows is a severe and painful caning using a heavy dragon cane that has just one job to do, to inflict pain to the bare bottom presented to it. It does that as is quite obvious. View more pix from this spanking movie in a free gallery here!

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