Aug 032017

spanking american brats otkAN AMERICAN BRAT WRIGGLING HER CUTE ASS

Thanks to the guys at PUNISHED BRATS for getting in touch with the hot off the press news about their latest spanking movie update featuring sassy American brat Lorraine who plays a nervous schoolgirl getting her cute butt soundly and roundly walloped by her tutor. Got to love those cute white sox and short tartan skirt. Click the pic or link to see more from this first class American spank site.


May 172017

punished brats punished brats

Ahoy hoy everyone. Check out this cool new movie from a really neat USA spank site called PUNISHED BRATS. Main claim to fame is that its home to Pixie, one of spankings top models and here she is on the other side of the paddle dishing it out to poor Audrey. With party guests soon to arrive, Pixie couldn’t find a dress she had planned to wear. She was shocked to see Audrey wearing her dress while not wearing panties. Pixie knows how to handle her intrusive roommate, a hard strapping on her bare bottom.

As Pixie straps her roommate’s bare bottom, Audrey promises never to touch Pixie’s belongings without asking. When Pixie is satisfied that Audrey has learned her lesson, she requires that her roommate remove everything that belongs to her, leaving Audrey standing naked and humiliated in the living room! Audrey has an awesome bum!  Click here for more PUNISHED BRATS

May 052017

spanked american brat pixieSPANKING PIXIE – AN AMERICAN BRAT SPANKED

spanking sexy american girl pixie on her bare assSEXY AMERICAN GIRL PIXIE SPANKED AT PUNISHED BRATS

Everyone loves Pixie. She is your typical American gal next door who looks so sweet and prim and proper even when her panties are around her ankles and she’s getting a good hand spanking from Dave Pearson. Lucky guy. I love these types of spanking situations which play out in the simplest of ways. Nothing fancy, just a basic story leading to a great punishment spanking climax. Pixie is great and is now running the back end at PUNISHED BRATS. You can see much more of this fantastic lady by clicking the pix or link below. Excellent niche spanking website.


Apr 082017

spanking pixie american brat otkWHEN VERONICA PADDLED PIXIES CUTE ASS

Pixie spanked otk on her bare assSPANKING PIXIE OTK

Any Pixie fans in here tonight? Yup, figured as much – that’s like EVERYONE. Not surprised for she’s a fantastic lady and one of America’s finest brats. Was having a mooch around the galleries at PUNISHED BRATS and came across these fun pix. These are from one  of their movies called “Heat for the Seat.” Not exactly Shakespeare but who the hell cares anyway! This one has Veronica teaching uber brat Pixie the error of her ways and she ends up getting a pretty good spanking which is topped off by a firm paddling on her pert rear bumper. PUNISHED BRATS is one of the old school American sites and has been going since the dawn of time. Its carved out its own niche of top quality spanking movies featuring some of the sexiest bottoms around. Pixie is great and is always fun to watch getting spanked. For those of you who like your spank sites small, warm and cuddly then defo check out PUNISHED BRATS.


Feb 262017

tears2-6 tears2-12

PUNISHED BRATS is a spanking website that I really need to promote more of on YEOWCH as it is fucking awesome. PB is a small niche American site that just loves to spank, belt, strap and paddle all the naughty girls in their neighbourhood and the results are spectacular as you can see in these preview pix of Bianca Rose and her well thrashed bum! More at PUNISHED BRATS click here.

Feb 192017

punished brat audrey punished brats

PUNISHED BRATS USA has been in great spanking form lately with some awesome updates including this terrific nude caning movie featuring well thrashed milf Audrey in her birthday suit getting a swishy ass caning from PB boss Dave. Really fun to watch and Audrey is great and obviously enjoying her punishment. Check out this and more hot previews on their blog – click here.

Feb 012017

neighbors1-32 neighbors1-42

PUNISHED BRATS has a new spanking movie for you guys to check out on their cool website called “What will the Neighbours think?!” and is a little domestic 60s spanking drama with quirky cutie Mandie in deep shit for coming home late from her date with hunky Jimmy. Mommy and Daddy decide to punish her with a bare ass spanking to teach her a lesson. PB is a really nice niche website for those who like their kitchen sink domestic spanking stories. Click here for more.

Jan 052017

hot spanking

From the PUNISHED BRATS blog, check out this very naughty preview image from one of their upcoming updates. That young lady isn’t leaving much to the imagination is she?! Awesome. PB is a really nice American girls spanked website run by a group of guys and girls into this thing we do – more info on how to join in the spanking fun just click here.

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