Spanking those Bottoms at Firm Hand Spanking.

Here we go with another cool update from Firm Hand Spanking USA. Check out a classic movie featuring Amber “Pixie” Wells getting her cute ass soundly walloped as well as the latest episode from Belinda Lawson’s teacher series. Enjoy the free gallery above and click here for exclusive preview clips!

Free Firm Hand Spanking Mega Post!

Uh oh, forgot to check my mail lately and just discovered not one but two updates from Firm Hand Spanking USA. So here we go with a free gallery mega-post for fans of this awesome website. Click here for real preview clips of their spanking movies!

Phew, all done. Check out the classic Amber Pixie Wells in those pix as the naughty student punished along with new girl Lily White and ultra sexy Belinda Lawson in their new movies. Enjoy the pix!!


A Hard Spanking for Sexy Pixie from Clare Fonda.

Naughty Brats just need to be Spanked!!!

Spankee USA favourite Pixie taking her spanking from bossy Clare Fonda.

Wow, check out those knickers. Those things just have to come down.

Love these naughty pov shots of Pixies particulars. Fantastic ass and totally spankable.

Everyone loves Pixie because she just loves being spanked and punished.

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When Pixie Walloped Audrey.

punished brats punished brats

Ahoy hoy everyone. Check out this cool new movie from a really neat USA spank site called PUNISHED BRATS. Main claim to fame is that its home to Pixie, one of spankings top models and here she is on the other side of the paddle dishing it out to poor Audrey. With party guests soon to arrive, Pixie couldn’t find a dress she had planned to wear. She was shocked to see Audrey wearing her dress while not wearing panties. Pixie knows how to handle her intrusive roommate, a hard strapping on her bare bottom.

As Pixie straps her roommate’s bare bottom, Audrey promises never to touch Pixie’s belongings without asking. When Pixie is satisfied that Audrey has learned her lesson, she requires that her roommate remove everything that belongs to her, leaving Audrey standing naked and humiliated in the living room! Audrey has an awesome bum!  Click here for more PUNISHED BRATS

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