Dream Spanking Companions.


Vintage lingerie and erotic lesbians spank fun and games with Pandora Blake and Adele Haze in this awesome romantic photoset from the excellent DREAMS OF SPANKING. Now, if you ever really wanted to know what sort of spanking erotica I like then this is pretty much it but with a male spanker – though I do like girl/girl stuff as well. Love Pandora and her fabulous arse in this. More pix here!

Dreams of Spanking Double Movie Special.



Pandora has a double treat for her spank fans this update with two awesome movies! Caned in the Parlour (M/F) Thomas Cameron summons Pandora Blake to the parlour, where she must lift her skirts to receive corporal punishment. She places her hands on the mantelpiece, and yelps and flinches as the cane falls. Check out a hot preview here!



Love Pandora’s big bum in this! Maintaining Discipline – part 2 (F/M) (M/F) In the headmaster’s study, Pandora Blake practices corporal punishment with the tawse and cane. Mike Pain takes a severe beating, before bending Pandora over the desk for a firm hand spanking.  See a preview here!

Casino Spanking for Pandora Blake.

pandora blake spanks

Damn, love a girl in a girdle. Check out this new movie from the excellent DREAMS OF SPANKING and its owner Pandora Blake getting her big arse soundly thrashed in various ways and means for our entertainment. Retro spanking lingerie for the win in my book. See more free pix here and an exclusive preview clip. Great to see PB back!!

Backlash Caning at Dreams of Spanking with Nimue Allen


Dreams of spanking have a special this update with an exclusive video of Nimue Allen. Dressed in black lace, determined to fight against the UK porn laws, Nimue  exposes her bare bottom for a seriously hard caning from The Boss. Bent over the sofa, she braces herself for fifty cane strokes across her backside! Ouch!! D0Spanking is an awesome spank blog from Pandora Blake. More pix and a preview here.

A Little Victorian Erotic Spanking.

victorian erotica


Oh boy, I love this. Victorian themed erotica is the best and this new update from DREAMS OF SPANKING is just awesome. Lola Marie looks great in her bloomers as a naughty student waiting to get thrashed with a tawse from her tutor mistress Pandora Blake in this new movie called “The Scholarship Girl.” Click here for more hot preview pix!

Colouring at Dreams of Spanking.

dreams of spanking

Pandora loves to tease her little cousin Mila, but Mila takes things too far one day when she retaliates by colouring in Pandora’s face in red pen. Pandora runs to tell. Mila is outraged to find herself taken over Paul’s lap and spanked, and vows to get her own back. Mila returns with a slipper and blackmails Pandora into bending over and taking a spanking until her bottom is also coloured as red as felt tip pen!

A light-hearted age play scene with Mila at her bratty best. Her protestations of innocence are hilarious and adorable, and you’ll love the way she kicks and wriggles over Paul’s knee!

Miss Molly Malone Gives a Hard Caning


DREAMS of SPANKING mistress Molly Malone stars in this new movie from Pandora Blake and her gang. Probation officer Molly Malone is keen to correct ‘delinquent’ Nimue Allen in this real life f/f caning story. It’s the 1980s, so technically the cane is forbidden, but her unlucky victim doesn’t know that. Molly makes Nimue fetch it from the office cupboard and bend over the sofa for her punishment caning. But as the stripes glow red on Nimue’s bottom, Molly looks like she’s having second thoughts. When Nimue returns, will she seek revenge on her cruel probation officer? More Preview pix click here!

Amelia Jane Rutherford Dreaming of a Naked Caning.

amelia jane rutherford spanked and caned in the nudeAMELIA JANE RUTHERFORD STRIPPED NAKED AND CANED BY PANDORA BLAKE

Been keeping a close eye on Pandora Blakes new website, DREAMS OF SPANKING. Its really coming along very nicely with the team adding more great spanking stuff every week. The above hot pix is from a new feature starring the always scrummy Amelia Jane Rutherford who strips down to her birthday suit for an erotic caning from the jammy Pandora. Amelia looks sensational in the nude and is a terrific little madam when getting a sore and welted arse. See much more of her in the DOSpanking members section.