Jun 232017

christy cutie spankings

Two awesome bums get walloped in the latest update at Northern Spanking USA. Finding the door to the Headmistress’s office open after school has finished for the day is too much of a temptation for schoolgirls Alex and Christy. Similarly tempting is the school’s leather paddle sitting on Miss Blake’s desk. Alex has felt it across her bottom once and wants to share the experience with Christy. Experimentation with the heavy leather on each others panty clad bottoms leads to further, more intimate experimentation. Which is, of course, when Miss Blake returns to retrieve her laptop. Both girls soon find themselves with their white cotton school knickers taken down for a proper taste of the school paddle. Miss Blake is not unkind however, allowing the schoolfriends to hold hands and providing the occasional caress to their sore, punished bottoms. Both Christy and Alex are sure to return to Miss Blake’s office many times…for punishment of course!  Click here for a free gallery of pix!

Jun 222017

harley havik spanked

Check out this latest spanking update from the excellent NORTHERN SPANKING USA – FBI Special Agent Paul Kennedy returns to his hotel room to discover something amiss. The door isn’t locked, suggesting someone inside, so he enters carefully. When the intruder flips on the light, its not what he was expecting. Harley, the hotel owner’s high school aged daughter is hiding in his bed, completely naked. Harley is used to getting what she wants, so she is surprised when Kennedy fails to respond to her advances, even when she assures him that she is 18.

Suddenly vulnerable, she worries that he does not like her. He assures her that he likes her very much indeed, and he will show that he cares about her by giving her boundaries and limits. When he pulls the nude girl out of bed, she thinks that perhaps she is going to get what she desires after all, but is shocked when instead he pulls her across his lap for a spanking. Harley has clearly never been punished before: her father is always too busy, hence her constant acting out, and has made up for it by giving her whatever she asks for, hence her spoiled attitude. The spanking she receives on her bare bottom hurts and makes her cry out and kick, but she cannot deny that it makes her feel safe and secure to be held accountable and taken in hand. Maybe Agent Kennedy is right and this is exactly what she needed. – Click here for a free preview gallery !!

Jun 112017

big ass spanking

Another sexy spanking update from Paul and his girls at Northern Spanking USA. Rosy Ann has the mother from hell. More concerned with the impact on her social diary than Rosy or her little brother (Monty)’s welfare, Jessica shows her frustration by smacking Rosy’s bottom, followed by an application of the hairbrush in an embarassing legs-up position. Rosy wishes she were an orphan. Click here for an exclusive free preview gallery!

Jun 042017

nurse spanking

Never has the phrase “THAT woman has legs right up to her eyeballs” been more apt when looking at the above photo of Amelia Jane Rutherford as a naughty nurse getting a spanking from her companion Caroline Grey – the girl is all legs in her sexy lingerie. In the spanking world there is just something special about a woman dressed as a nurse getting her arse spanked and this new update at NORTHERN SPANKING is great. CLICK HERE to check out this cool website dedicated to domestic UK spanking.

May 302017

northern spanking zoe page

NORTHERN SPANKING school prefect Zoe Page gives us an exciting glimpse of something sexy and shocking in part 3 of 4 update spanking roleplay gallery with Alex Reynolds. The delightful Mz Page sure plays the dom to perfection as she wallops her friend during a duo detention. Really nice set of spanking punishment pix in this gallery available to members – CLICK HERE to check out NORTHERN SPANKING!

May 272017

northern spanking

Been spending a couple of hours surfing around the huge archive at NORTHERN SPANKING and thought it’d be cool to show you a photo from one of their classic movie galleries. This one is from 4th June 2007 and is an action shot from a movie called “Trouble for Honey!” and its awesome. Click here to check out this great UK website.

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