Apr 202017

northern spanking girls


Final part of NORTHERN SPANKINGS brand spanking new HD movie “Improving Circulation” is now available on their website and has Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford bent over a tatty sofa with knickers down for a good hand spanking from Mr Lewis. No better way to spend an hour or three watching a pair of big English backsides getting walloped. Click here for more info about NORTHERN SPANKING.

Apr 092017

morgan taylor spanked in jodhpursTHRASHING A WELL PADDED MATURE LADY IN JODHPURS

spanking morgan taylor wearing jodhpurs


morgan taylor spanked spanking spank otkMORGAN TAYLORS FIRM ARSE THRASHED WITH A RIDING CROP

From 2007 and called “Too Hot to Trot”, this is another fantastic spank movie from NORTHERN SPANKING featuring sexy milf Morgan Taylor as an upper crust bit of totty who ends up getting her voluptious arse spanked and walloped in the stables. Wearing a skin tight pair of jodhpurs, she’s hauled over the stable managers lap and takes a spanking before he orders her to bend over, pull down her pants, and thrashes her butt with her own riding crop. Superb stuff and very sexy. This is just one of the excellent movies available in their packed archive.


Apr 072017

harley havic ass spanked

YEOWCH!! Here we go with an awesome new update at NORTHERN SPANKING USA. This is a hard, no nonsense punishment film. Harley’s behavior has been out of line recently, and she knows it. Hopefully, a severe punishment will get her back on track. First, Paul spanks her over his knee, reddening her bottom nicely. Then, Harley is made to stand and bend over for ten hard swats with a stinging wooden paddle on her bare bottom. The paddling leaves Harley’s bottom marked and brings her to the point of real tears, but her punishment is not over. After standing in time out to think about her actions, Harley must bend back over for ten hard strokes of the cane. She is put in an embarrassingly exposing position with her legs spread wide to enhance the punishment. Her tears quickly return as her bottom is welted with red lines. Later, Harley is resting on her tummy, not even worrying about getting dressed properly again. Her friend, Alex comes in to check and see how Harley is doing, (she was in the house and heard Harley being punished). Harley complains of how sore her bottom is after the hard strokes, and Alex rubs lotion on Harley’s cheeks to help soothe the pain.. .  Click here for a free preview gallery and links!

Mar 242017

northern spanking

Here we go; knickers at half mast and get that backside stuck right up for your caning! OOoooo er missus. Crikey. Check out this brand new uniform themed movie from NORTHERN SPANKING called “The Navy Lark.” Sexual harrassment is taken very seriously in the US Navy and when Lieutenant Stamp reports such a matter to his Captain, he pays close attention. Astounded to learn that the perpetrator is Lt Cdr Dempsey – Kara-Jayne Dempsey – the Captain wastes no time in applying some traditional, painful and embarrassing punishment. With the Lieutenant looking on, Kara is stripped of her panties, bent over the table and soundly thrashed! Click here for an awesome free preview gallery with loads of pix!

Mar 212017

northern spanking

Now that’s a nice big fat bottom about to get a good spanking. Fun new movie from NORTHERN SPANKING with Rosie and Nimue on the receiving end from demon thrasher Amy Hunter. Rosie and Nimue have disgraced themselves at a school tennis tournament, bringing down the reputation of their school and their Games Mistress, the fearsome Miss Amy Hunter. The Headmaster sanctions an unofficial punishment from the coach to be meted out swiftly and without sympathy to the girls. Click here for an exclusive free gallery peek!

Mar 212017

northern spanking

Scarlot Rose and Fae Corbin star in a new three part movie called “The Professionals” just uploaded to NORTHERN SPANKING. A Different take on the Travelling Disciplinarian theme, David is a provider of attitude adjustment in the workplace and Scarlot is his assistant and trainee, being schooled in the arts of thrashing sloppy secretaries. Todays task is to re-focus the mind of pretty young PA Fae Corbin, by taking down her tights and panties, thoroughly humiliating her and paddling her bottom.

It does seem however that Scarlot is a little overcritical in her note taking and David feels it his responsibility as her Mentor to correct her, throughly, over his lap! Click here to check out this cool UK spanking site.

Mar 102017

yeowch spanking blog



Looks like American Aleesha Fox is doing a world tour of spanking websites as here she is in a schoolgirl outfit getting a bedroom otk spanking from NORTHERN SPANKING. Have bottom will travel as it were. Love these sort of pix as I much prefer “domestic” situations as they make the spanking seem much more real to me. Hope you enjoy these preview pix from an excellent spanking website. Whole gallery available in their huge members archive featuring some of the hottest spanked girls in spankdom.


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