Punishment Detention for Sexy Spanking Babe Leandra.

spanking leandra

Check out hot  babe Leandra in this classic TRIPLE A Spanking mLeandra in Detention, Again: Leandra is back for yet another detention punishment. This time for her failure in Mental Arithmetic. Mr Osborne concocts a humiliating and embarrassing discipline session to help the pretty schoolgirl focus on numbers and the spankings she is about to take. The poor girl is naturally concerned and takes a panties down hand spanking followed by a long sustained number of swats with a leather slipper and strap. This is far from over as she finally receives some very hard stinging whacks with the dreaded bathbrush that all the girls hate so much! The finale is not to be missed as Leandra takes a relentless barage of brush strokes making this a very painful, sore, red bottomed detention that she won’t forget!.ovie. . View a hot gallery of pix here!!!!

Spanking Time for Dutch Bad Girl Leandra.

spanked in uniform spanked in uniform

The Masonfield Prison for Women:

Episode Seven

The Shoes

Starring: Leandra

Woohoo, one of my favourite girls from SPANKED IN UNIFORM is back in a brand new episode from their Women punished in prison series. Leandra is a cute Dutch girl who loves getting her pert bum spanked and here is Head Warden Mike doing the spanking. Great website for fans of sexy babes in uniforms. More from Leandra and her prison uniform spanking here!

Hot Spankings for Dutch Girls Leandra and Scarlett.

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OHMYGOSHK – two of my favourite babes spanked in the same spanking movie! REAL LIFE SPANKINGS latest update features blonde bombshell Leandra and sultry beauty Scarlett as a pair of late home party girls in big trouble from tough spanker Mike who gives them both a good hard spanking. Excellent movie. Click here to check it out!

*Best wishes to Mike and Kelly. Get well soon, Mike!

Disrespectful Stepmother Spanked.


Very nice. Not done an update from John Osbourne’s excellent TRIPLE A SPANKING in a while so here’s an awesome one featuring the uber sexy babe Leandra. Disrespectful Stepmother: Young wife Leandra had no time for her new step daughter’s education and wellbeing when she was supposed to be in charge of her when her father was away on business. This showed with the failing grades and continual punishments.that she had received but her teacher had guessed that Leandra was the cause of his once best pupil’s erratic behavior. Leandra was summoned for an urgent meeting and it soon became apparent how aloof and selfish she was so he gave her an ultimatum: To take a similar style humiliating punishment or he’d inform her new husband what she had been doing! He gave her a bare bottom spanking and leather paddling then remarked on her style of dress which was far too provocative… Leandra felt ashamed that she had put her new daughter through these punishments too as her punishment was finished off with an embarrassing cornertime, panties down, like a very naughty little gir .  Click here to check out a free pix gallery!!

Spanking Strapping for St.Catherines Schoolgirl Leandra.

schoolgirl spanking

leandra spanking


The latest movie update in the SPANKED IN UNIFORM St. Catherines schoolgirl roleplay series features one of my favourite gals in the lovely Leandra who has the most perfect looking bottom going. Awesome to see her bent over her desk, skirt up, panties down, as Teacher Mike gives her a good spanking with his leather strap. Very sexy. Very erotic. Another winner from this unique spanking niche website. CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and how to join and support this excellent site.

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