Oct 092017

leandra spanked in uniform

schoolgirl spanking


BIG MIKE and the gang at SPANKED IN UNIFORM are back with another fantastic update from their mature schoolgirl series for fans of hot sexy Euro babes in uniforms getting spanked. This new movie stars one of my favourite gals in sexy blonde Leandra who along with Alex Harvey are awesome in their kinky schoolgirl cosplay uniform. CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and how to check out much more at this brilliant spanking website.

Aug 162017

aaa spanking

aaa spanking

aaa spanking girls

ANYONE remember the nit nurse that used to visit your little school back when you were a nipper? I sure do and she sure as fuck didn’t look as hot as nit nurse Leandra James in this awesome new movie at AAA SPANKING. Nope, from memory, my nit nurse had blimps for boobs and had an arse like the back end of a battleship – which is no bad thing at all lol. Fancy seeing more? Then CLICK HERE for more amazing preview pix and how to view the whole movie.

Jul 302017

aaa spanking

aaa spanking

aaa spanking leandra


The Hangover Cure: Leandra had far too much to drink the night before her all day filmshoot so John wasn’t best pleased when he came into her room to find her still in bed sleeping off the start of what looked alike a bad hangover! He knew excactly what to do and gave Leandra a morning wake up call across his lap with his hard stinging hands across her bared bottom. Leandra could hardly put up a fight and she knew that she was in the wrong so reluctantly let him punish her early for being the foolish drunk the night before! Watch her bottom glow red with shame quickly once her pyjamas were pulled down revealing those pert spankable cheeks! Features some great 2 way POV mirror action and a sexy self sore bottom rubbing scene during her cornertime at the end of the film!  Click here for more free preview pix of this new AAA movie.

Jul 262017

sexy girls spanked in uniform

yeowch spanking blog uniform spanking

Yay! The latest update at the awesome SPANKED IN UNIFORM features my favourite girl from their site – Leandra. Love her naughty little smile as she gets her perfect arse spanked good and hard when wearing various kinky uniforms like her waitress one in the above preview pix. These are from the latest episode in their “Mike’s 50’s Diner” series and is fantastic. Great movie and a great website.


Jun 092017

erotic nude spankings in uniformST CATHERINES SCHOOL FOR GIRLS: Episode 40 “A Hard Day” part 1

sexy uniform spankings



BIG TITS AND ASS ALERT!!! Check out this latest update at the brilliant SPANKED IN UNIFORM website. This is from their St Catherine School for Girls series and is episode 40 with a two part movie called “A Hard Day.” And is fantastic. And it has two sexy women in a shower. What more could a hot blooded spanker ask for? Blond Leandra and buxom Clover end up getting spanked in their dorm and strapped nude in the showers and I just have one question to ask. Who is that lucky bastard who gets to do the bum walloping?!!! I want his fucking job! They wouldn’t even have to pay me. I’d do it for free. Anyway, these pix are great. Hope ya like them. Click the pix or link below to see more at this fantastic spanking website. Sign up for a membership and there are loads of galleries and movies to watch. Definitely a Yeowch favourite site.


Feb 192017


dutch spanking

Blimey, ANOTHER super sexy update from John at his excellent TRIPLE A SPANKING. Coming 2nd is not an option: Leandra had never come 2nd before. Her coach was shocked and he showed her the small trophy she had earned. It was pitiful and he wanted to ensure she would never finish anything but 1st again by giving her an unwanted and humiliating punishment so she’d avoid ending up in this position again. Leandra was stripped, her coach made her feel uncomfortable by physically inspecting her before she was spanked and caned in the nude for the first time. He ensured that this embarrassing discipline & caning session would be long remembered. By the end her poor bottom was very sore and flaming red!  Click here to take the Tour!

Dec 192016



spanking uniforms

Episode One: The Shoplifter

Starring: Leandra

In the criminal justice system all small crimes and misdemeanors are now dealt with by a special unit formed by the police. The Special Spanking Unit. These are their stories…

The first case of the special spanking unit involves a girl who works at a local clothing boutique and she has been caught shoplifting. Her boss decided to call the SSU to deal with her and detective Monique and detective Ben arrested her. After a good scolding detective Johnson decided to give the culprit a good spanking. This was not the end of her punishment because she had to stand in the boutique with her bottom bare for hours so all the customers and staff could see she was spanked.

Love this cool spanking website run by Mike from Holland. Refreshing to see such an imaginative take on the genre and the whole thing is a lot of fun for those of us who like watching sexy mature women getting spanking in uniforms. Loads to watch in their members section and comes highly recommended.


Dec 112016

hot babes spanked in sexy uniforms

spanking hot sexy babes in uniform

spanking babes in uniformPADDLING HOT EURO BABES FAT ARSES

Just released today, here’s another great spank movie from the brilliant – and popular – SPANKED IN UNIFORM. This is from their new series based at a Secretarial College and is episode 2 called “Dictation.” No, not that kind of dictation says I in my best Kenneth Williams “Oooo er missus!!” voice. Naughty secretaries Leandra and Clover have to take a test and any mistakes their teacher finds they have to take two hard swats from his mean old paddle on their bare bottoms. My kinda teacher! As you can see from the awesome pix in this post that they need to brush up on their dictation sharpish. Very fun movie with lots of yelps and bum wabbling entertainment. SPANKED IN UNIFORM is one of the best spank sites around and is updated regularly so that makes the low subscription rate for a membership excellent value.


Nov 192016

aaa spanking


spanking leandra

aaa spanking leandra

The latest update from AAA SPANKING is totally AWESOME and made me drool more than a grown man should. This time the Chief gets to lay his sweaty spank mitts on the perfect arse of hot Euro babe Leandra who just happens to be dressed as a cheerleader.

Cheer girl Detention: A Final cheer girl practice before a big Saturday game & a chance to show her star qualities should have been motivation enough for Leandra, one of the school’s top cheer girls in Miss Granger’s team. However, it appeared she couldn’t be bothered to turn up with the correct footwear & this young diva had tested the patience of her fellow team mates so she was sent for a detention punishment. Mr Osborne was called in on his day off and was none too pleased so he decided a quick nasty & humiliating discipline punishment of this very pretty girl might just teach her a lesson to avoid such poor attitude in future! Don’t miss this excuse to see gorgeous Leandra in her stunning cheer uniform, with her black panties removed & her bare pert bottom given a spanking, strapping & stinging hairbrush punishment including a special palm of the hands discipline session with a wooden ruler before Leandra was ordered to do some humiliating cornertime wearing the dreaded Dunce’s Hat.

Great stuff and the movie is a load of fun. CLICK HERE FOR MORE HOT PREVIEW PIX and how to join this great website.

Aug 162016

nurses spanked

nurses spanked 1


Been a while since I did a SPANKED IN UNIFORM update which is shocking as its one of my favourite websites. And what an awesome update it is with my two fav girls Leandra and Scarlett as a pair of sexy nurses in uniform getting otk spankings. Full on robot chubby as it were as these are brilliant – more hot preview pix and all their updates click here.

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