Mature Spanking for Lady Suzanne in her Sexy Lingerie.

mature bottom spanking

Welcome to another awesome post with some changes to the blog. Thought I’d give the old girl a bit of an update which gives me a bit more flexibility and oomph for posting terrific new spank pix on blog posts which allows me to link them to the full sized versions on dedicated spank pages.  It’s from the excellent REDSTRIPE SPANKING FILMS who are part of the SPANKING SARAH network and features top English totty Lady Suzanne in trouble with Mr Stern and ordered to bare her mature arse for a good spanking and paddling whilst wearing her bestest stockings and suspenders – just for us horny buggers. Terrific pix. See more full sized photos on this blog posts dedicated page at the link below!!



Mature Maid Suzanne Spanked!

maidspanked1 maidspanked2 maidspanked3

Cor BLIMEY! This new update just came out from the excellent Sarah Bright and her awesome Spanking Sarah website with one of my favourite spanked ladies in Suzanne. “In this latest episode of Unladylike Manor Sarah blackmails Lady Suzanne who is her maid into taking paying customers to spank her. This is her first customer and she gets a real bruising spanking whilst in her maids uniform. What other indignity must she suffer at the hands of her cruel mistress and perverted master.” More click here!

Sexy French Maid Suzanne Thrashed.

milf-spanking maid spanked

Now this is HOT! Naughty French maid Suzanne is one hot milf and no mistake. Here she is stripped down to her sexy black stockings and bent over the sofa for a hot bare assed spanking followed by a taste of the tawse. Yeowch is a huge fan of the more mature lady getting a good seeing too and this one is great. Click this link for a free gallery of exclusive pix from the excellent Spanking Sarah website.

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