Feb 152017


A classic moment from KANE’S “the CANING CLUB” with the late great George Harrison Marks spanking the bottom of the fantastic Jennie – one of my personal favourite spanked ladies. Fantastic movie which also stars Sue Ellis getting her rear thoroughly caned for the entertainment of the men’s club. KANE was an awesome UK spanking magazine that stop being published about 10 years ago and is much missed.

Sep 032016


Fucking hell, I had this. I bought it from a back street second hand video store back when VHS was just becoming the next big thing. In the back of the shop the guy had a wall full of adult magazines that people brought in to sell or trade and he always had a steady supply of spank mags on the shelves like Janus, Blushes and KANE. This one was a real find and I wish I still had it. Awesome cover!

Aug 022016

Remembering a great British spanking mag.

So many cool memories.

images copyright of KANE magazine

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