Spanking the Faire Princess.

Oooo, a new Northern Spanking preview gallery with Alex Reynolds and the awesome Harley Havik. This is a delightful little film, written by Alex and capturing the spirit of an almost-disappeared part of American tradition; the County Faire. Harley is writing in her diary and looking forward to the County Faire later that day at which, everyone has told her, she is sure to win the Faire Princess crown and be recognised as the prettiest girl in the County. Everyone, that is, except Alex who has been pipped to the title three years running and is in no mood to see it happen again! Her writing and her happy mood is interrupted by Alex herself. She has decided to ensure her victory over Harley, by means of a spanking, a hairbrush and a very bad attitude! Click here for more!

Harley Havic and the Spanking Strap.

harley havic

Awesome update from Northern Spanking USA. Having been caught fighting at school, for the second time, Harley thinks she has found away to escape punishment. But she has not thought it through very well and her plans are discovered at a very inopportune moment. After a very stern lecture, Harley receives the punishment she was due originally, with the prospect of more to come. This is the first major film conceived and written by Alex. In combination with Harleys delighfully sorry and submissive schoolgirl, a beautiful vintage American venue and some gorgeous camera work by Rafa, this is one of the stand-out films from 2015. We are really proud of this one, we hope you love it too.  Click here for a free preview gallery!

Hot Bare Ass Spanking for Harley Havic.

harley havic spanking

Wot a bum! Check out Harley Havic in her new spank movie. In a rare moment of peace, Paul’s reading is loudly interrupted by Harley complaining about the latest war crime her sister, Violet has perpetrated, demanding that she be immediately punished. Harley even brought the paddle with her! Never a long process, Paul’s patience quickly expires and Harley finds HERSELF on the receiving end of a spanking. Realizing his afternoon is completely kaput in any case, facts are extracted from hysteria and Violet is summoned to receive the punishment she does in fact deserve, much to Harley’s obvious delight.. Click here for more exclusive pix of her ass spanking!!!

Introducing Harley Havik at Northern Spanking

harley havik

Uh oh, new girl into spanking alert, chaps! We are proud to introduce a brand new spanking model: Harley Havik. Harley is twenty five and very enthusiastic about spanking and kink in general. She did her first ever spanking shoot with us recently, and here are the first of the fantastic results! Harley really enjoyed filming, too, so you can look forward to seeing much more from her in the future. To let you get to know her a little better, lets look in on her typing lessons. Harley is not particularly enthusiastic about that! Really, neither is her teacher, Miss Alex Reynolds, a secretary who has taken a couple of students to get a little extra spending money. She is not particularly patient with these girls, especially when Harley insists on typing in the least effective way possible. Fortunately, Alex is also ready to prepare young Harley for discipline in the workplace, and when her patience is stretched too thin, she takes Harley firmly in hand by bending her over the chair and giving her a bare bottom spanking. Unsatisfied with these results, she then orders Harley across the desk for a few strokes of the cane, before sending her back to typing with her panties around her knees. Fingers on the home keys, now, young lady! Look forward to a film featuring Harley coming soon, and you will see just why we were so looking forward to introducing her! She is truly a lovely girl, and we are proud to have her on our site! See an exclusive Harley Havik gallery here!

A Little Spanking on the Prairie for Harley Havik.

harley havik

Northern Spanking go way out west in their latest photoshoot with new girl Harley Havik on the receiving end of a good old fashioned bum walloping. ” Young Harley has a tendency towards exploring, and her habit of wandering around while daydreaming gets her into trouble once in a while. This time, she found her way onto the Kennedy property, despite several warnings in the past to keep off his land! Having spotted her, he came out immediately, equipped with a stinging, leather paddle. Despite her rather feeble protests and excuses, she soon found herself bent over and getting her flowing skirt lifted for a hard spanking, followed by quite a thorough application of said paddle. Her round, little bottom was glowing red as the fresh, outdoor air made each swat sting even more. After all, Harley must learn to respect the rules set by everyone in her community, and punishment was quite severe in the olden days!” Awesome and Harley is great. Hundreds of galleries and movies in their members archive – visit NS here.

Special Agent Spanking Investigation.

harley havik spanked

Check out this latest spanking update from the excellent NORTHERN SPANKING USA – FBI Special Agent Paul Kennedy returns to his hotel room to discover something amiss. The door isn’t locked, suggesting someone inside, so he enters carefully. When the intruder flips on the light, its not what he was expecting. Harley, the hotel owner’s high school aged daughter is hiding in his bed, completely naked. Harley is used to getting what she wants, so she is surprised when Kennedy fails to respond to her advances, even when she assures him that she is 18.

Suddenly vulnerable, she worries that he does not like her. He assures her that he likes her very much indeed, and he will show that he cares about her by giving her boundaries and limits. When he pulls the nude girl out of bed, she thinks that perhaps she is going to get what she desires after all, but is shocked when instead he pulls her across his lap for a spanking. Harley has clearly never been punished before: her father is always too busy, hence her constant acting out, and has made up for it by giving her whatever she asks for, hence her spoiled attitude. The spanking she receives on her bare bottom hurts and makes her cry out and kick, but she cannot deny that it makes her feel safe and secure to be held accountable and taken in hand. Maybe Agent Kennedy is right and this is exactly what she needed. – Click here for a free preview gallery !!

Northern Spanking New Website Update!

northern spanking harley havic

Northern Spanking has been around a long ass time and over those years has become a well respected part of the spanking community with its excellent erotic spanking content. Now based in the USA, NS continues to improve and is a firm favourite here on Yeowch. Check out their excellent preview page which is now updated more often with free clips and galleries to check out – such as their new movie with the gorgeous Harley Havic. NS has a huge archive of spanking content for members to surf and download and comes highly recommended from this webmaster. Click here to take a look around.

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