Mar 142018


Ooooooooooooooh, look what just dropped into the YEOWCH email box! The latest mega update from top American spank site Firm Hand Spanking. Check out the new movies from Kylee Anders, Alison Miller and Stacy Stockton with awesome preview clips click here!

Mar 122018

academy_c001 brotherly_v005 secretary_bl003 stacy_stockton_int_b002

Strapped hard for messing up a flight booking – Alison Miller pays the price!
Who said: “I deserve this spanking so give it all you’ve got” and “I deserve more, sir.”? Yep, Alison Miller in the finale of Secretary as she bares her bootylicious bottom for 36 licks with a tawse delivered hard by Patrick Bateman, witnessed by Stacy Stockton!
A behind-the-scenes exclusive with Stacy Stockton and Alison Miller
An exclusive peek behind the scenes as Stacy Stockton spills the beans to Alison Miller on being spanked. Asked why she came back to shoot again, Stacy admits: I like to challenge myself. This time I really wanted to bring it!” See it in Candid Confessions.
Smoking a joint leaves Jodi Biltmore’s bottom sore after 54 with a wooden ruler
The red marks on her quivering pale bottom teach pretty Jodi Biltmore not to smoke a joint at Reform Academy. School uniform skirt up, panties down, 54 whacks with a wooden ruler leave her butt cheeks sore. Eric Strickman delivers discipline: “Yes sir!”
700-smack ‘maintenance’ spanking leaves Katherine St James red and sore!
How many spanks can you give in three minutes, timed with an egg-timer? Katherine St James finds out in Brotherly Love when Kyle administers a ‘maintenance spanking. The answer is 350. Ouch! Then pull down her panties for another three minutes, total 700!

FIRM HAND SPANKING: click here for more.

Mar 092018

alison miller spanking

Okay, this rustles my jimmies and no mistake. Alison Miller shows off her best side with a terrific movie from FIRM HAND SPANKING where she gets her awesome bubble butt arse soundly spanked and paddled in a tight pair of denim jeans. Denim spanked babes for the fucking win guys! Click here for more pix and a preview clip from Alison’s new movie!

Feb 142018

firm hand spanking



Guys, here’s a really nice new movie from FIRM HAND SPANKING with a heaving bosoms Teacher/Student theme and features one of my favourite girls in Camilla Scott. There’s nothing like a spanking to improve grades and focus college work, thinks Camilla Scott when she visits her old school teacher Earl Grey in the all-new Asking For It. She agrees to his discipline programme, starting with a 255-smack hard spanking! Click this link for a hot preview clip of Camilla and more FHS updates.

Feb 132018

firm hand spanking celebrity_a002 firm hand spanking

SEXY NEW GIRL Lilian White dazzles in a great new movie at top American spank house Firm Hand Spanking. 

More awesome previews with the latest movies starring Alison Miller and stacked English babe Belinda Lawson who’s on the receiving end of a hard thrashing in her cosplay schoolgirl outfit. Check out these free preview clips here!

Feb 032018

firm hand spanking amelia jane rutherford

birching amelia jane rutherford

spanking victorian ass

FIRM HAND CLASSICS: “What the Dickens!” – click here for preview clip.

Here’s one of my favourite movies from FIRM HAND SPANKING with an awesome Victorian theme and starring the hugely spankable Amelia Jane Rutherford getting a hard birching.

Jutting bare bottom perfectly presented, Amelia Rutherford returns with Nikki Flynn in the classic period series What the Dickens? Amelia is birched for flaunting her body: Christian Fennington soon has her yelping from the sting as the springy rods bite into her cheeks. Nikki looks on nervously, as she knows it’s her turn next. Perfect pairing!

Jan 282018

spanking amelia amelia jane spanked hand spanking amelia jane

English rose Amelia Jane Rutherford finds her hoitey toitey self arse over tit in her awesome new movie from Firm Hand Spanking USA. Skirt up and knickers down for a gym shoe bum walloping makes her cute ass all hot, red and sore and is a must see for fans of the delightful Amelia Jane. Check out more exclusive pix and preview clip here!

Jan 242018

Hot Babes Spanked at FIRM HAND SPANKING – Click here for preview clips!

Lying flat on a pool table, pert bottom bare, Corinne’s legs kick as she’s spanked
Asleep drunk on the Reform Academy pool table earns bratty Corinne Hopkins a sound spanking from Eric Strickman. First with his hand, then her own pink hairbrush, her bare cheeks are set bouncing. But her attitude soon increases her punishment to a stinging, drilled wooden paddle: see her legs kick and painful Reaction Cam replay!
Stripped naked, Belinda Lawson willingly accepts her spanking and paddling
Belinda Lawson stripped totally naked and bent over a chair in the detention room at her old school is hot enough. Add her request for discipline from ex-headmaster Earl Grey and an awesome cheek-jiggling, bottom reddening action spanking with his hand and a leather paddle, she’s Asking For It. Delicious bouncing bare breasts on Reaction Cam!
Totally nude Dani Daniels bends over for a blistering spanking in Naval Discipline
Perfect 10 body totally nude, navy swim team beauty Dani Daniels strips to be spanked after mouthing off to her coach in Naval Discipline. Richard Anderson is strict but fair, as he bends her over a sofa to redden her jiggling, toned bottom
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