Sep 212017

naughty nurses naughty nurses

Women spanked in uniform is always sexy fun and here’s a fine example from Sarah Bright’s excellent ENGLISH SPANKERS website. Is Amy cut out to be a nurse? That is the question she has to answer. She is untidy, late for duty and not very good with her patients. Matron just can’t take any more of this and has called her in for a serious talk and a session of behavior modification punishments. She hopes that by inflicting some pain into the nurses bottom she may help her to revise her attitude. A stout leather paddle is procured and used on the hands and bare bottom of this nurse. Now will this do the job?.. For a free gallery of hot pix previews – click here!

Sep 062017

nude spanking

English Spanking. This was a most unusual request, young Jesse wanted to have a chat with Aunty Katie and told her that although she had been spanked and paddled a number of times she had never had to take a caning. Would Aunty Katie help her. She knew that it was going to hurt as she well new the reputation of Aunty Katie for having a very heavy hand. Katie as usual was happy to oblige and after spanking Jesse to warm her up she bent her over her spanking stool and gave her the very first caning her bottom had ever received. And yes it did hurt and did she like it? More pix click here.

english spankers

Ella is usually a star pupil at her college but she has started to slip behind. Her tutor, Miss Stern thinks she knows the perfect way to get Ella back into line and motivated again. She puts the plan to Ella, first of all a spanking, on the bare bottom and it will be a serious affair. Good and hard and designed to make a naughty young lady see the error of her ways and to buckle down and do her work. The spanking starts and Ellla realises just what she has let herself in for. More free pix click here.

english spankers

New spanking model Honesty gets her first taste of a real hard spanking in this film. She has overspent her husband’s credit cards and he is going to teach her a lesson. She hopes her sexy stockings and suspender belt will put him off but no. He delivers a real hard spanking and she delivers some real tears. First ever spanking and good and hard. More free pix click here.


Aug 092017

English spanking for Clover

Here’s a terrific treat to welcome in the New Year from top UK spank site ENGLISH SPANKERS. This is from their new spanking movie series “THE SEXY CLEANING COMPANY” and features saucy girl Clover getting spanked and slippered by one of their customers for not doing a good job. Clover looks FAB dressed in her sexy lingerie and watching her get her big arse punished is great fun. Awesome movie and exclusive to members of ENGLISH SPANKERS. Check out more hot preview pix below.


Aug 062017


Ain’t done a spanking post from ENGLISH SPANKERS in a while so here’s a sexy look at a new movie called “Satine Sparks and the new Puppy” with Satine cosplaying as a spanked schoolgirl. “Satine Spark makes a welcome return to English Spankers this week and as a naughty girl she is just perfect. She has come home with a brand new puppy and expects that she will be warmly greeted by her guardian but no! A puppy is not what was wanted in this house. So there is to be a warm greeting after all. Over the knee and a spanking on school regulation knickers and then on her bare bottom soon brings about that warm glow.” Click this link for an exclusive free gallery!

Aug 032017

teenage spankings

teenage spanking

ENGLISH SPANKERS new girl Bow finds herself in trouble after going overboard with the amber nectar and at the spanking mercy of strict Miss Sarah who dishes out a good spanking followed by a short tailed whipping across the poor girls pert firm arse. Bow is a real cutie and a great little actress who puts on a good show for all us spank fans. Check out more awesome pix from this new movie below.


Jul 142017

English babes spanked on their naughty bottoms


English spanking of large bottomed ladies


Story goes like so – This is the second part of our film of Honey as she attends her spanking audition at the English spankers studio. In the first part of the story, she told how she had never been spanked before and was certainly a little nervous to be attending this interview. We decided that as she was to get a particularly hard session we would break it into three parts, the first with just a spanking, the second with the leather strap and then, to finish off, a taste of the paddle. Bent over the knee of Mr. Stern, she is getting her first ever taste of the spanking paddle. Does she like it?  “YEEEEEEEEEOWCH!!” she yells. The answer has to be no! Does Mr. Stern stop? Once again the answer is HELL NO!! Onward spanking soldiers. This sexy glamour model must endure all her allotted swats with the leather paddle onto her tender and red big bottom. Great spanking action from English Spankers.

BRAND SPANKING NEW FROM ENGLISH SPANKERS: Ooooo, if you like your spanked women buxom, brassy and broad then get your ass over to their site to see this new and exclusive movie and photogallery – all in tip top HD spanky quality. Check out loads of hot English women getting their large firm bottoms punished real hard with loads of different weapons.

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Jul 132017

bare ass spanking


Hey hey everybody! Saying goodbye to 2015 with some awesome new updates including this one from Sarah at English Spankers. This is the second part of Rascal’s interview and she was to be paddled. We were a little surprised that she agreed to make this film as she had found the spanking she received to be much harder than she expected, this was her very first experience. She said though that it was something she thought she could do and that she was determined to take whatever she was given. It started over her tight white knickers but then onto her bare bottom. She did take a good hard spanking. Click here for a huge free gallery!

Jun 272017


NEW from ENGLISH SPANKERS – “We are very pleased to have this well shot amateur spanking  film. We are told that this is the wife of the photographer and he filmed the actual session with this disciplinarian. The lady does get a hard hand spanking, the slipper, a wooden paddle and the cane and yes this is a very long film but we wanted you to see it in its entirety.”  Neat real life man/wife spanking – view a gallery of free pix here.

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