Dec 132017

kami-robertson kami-robertson-1

Kami Robertson looks awesome playing a Japanese cosplay schoolgirl in this spanking movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. “This week we have a classic film or rather two films. We have so many requests to see Kami Robertson in her very early years a s a spanking model we just had to bring you these two film. Kami as a Japanese schoolgirl gets spanked, slippered and caned. This film has it all, the real uniform, white regulation school knickers authentic and very real spanking and the senior cane used on her bare bottom.” A great movie –  View a free preview gallery click here.

Dec 072017


maid spanking

Naughty maid Vicky finds herself on the receiving end of a swishy double up caning from Auntie Katie and Sarah in this latest update at the excellent UK domestic erotic spanking website ENGLISH SPANKERSAunty Katie and Sarah are rather enjoying celebrating Katie’s birthday, a few glasses of wine and a nice bottom to punish, what more could you want? They have now decided that the last present that Katie will receive should be put to good use. Two new canes. Poor maid Vickie has to bend over again and despite having a very sore bottom the two celebrants cane her hardMore awesome free pix from this movie here.

Dec 022017

english spanking


big bum otk spanking of english bitches

Update: Here’s the latest spank video from ENGLISH SPANKERS which has loads of large bottomed English women being spanked, paddled, strapped and caned for your pleasure. Story goes: Snooty wife Xela has been overspending again, she feels secure in the knowledge that she can always borrow money from the Strapped for Cash Company just by giving the boss a blow job. This time she is in for a bit of a surprise when his wife turns up and puts an end to that arrangement. She insists if Xela wants the cash she has to be spanked and strapped. No choice is it? Over the kitchen table she goes, knickers down and a real hard spanking and strapping follow, not what she had intended at all. Her bare bottom are left very sore and very red. OOOOOoooo, sounds hot and sexy with a lot of spanking fun. Check it out by clicking the links below:


EXCLUSIVE High quality HD spanking movies at ENGLISH SPANKERS


Nov 302017

spanking pix spanking-lesbians-2 spanking pix

Nice. Nubile nude spankings from the latest ENGLISH SPANKERS movie update. Poor Ella Hughes is firmly in the grasp of her college tutor who is now resorting to blackmail to get her wicked hands on this lovely young body. When Ella resists  the come on she is made to strip naked and then to bend over for a fearsome session with the strap, taws and paddle. The tutor uses all her strength to inflict the maximum pain to this porr girls tender bottom, the results are plain to see. Awesome.  Watch a FREE PREVIEW here guys!

Nov 172017

yeowch english spanking blog


yeowch english spanking blog

yeowch spanking blog

From those kinky buggers at RED STRIPE SPANKING FILMS, here’s a fabbo new bit of spanking totty to check out. Her name’s Lauren Langley and she’s a top UK model and this is her first spanking! Crikey. No wonder Mr Stern looks like he’s won the lottery as he gives this naughty girl a good firm spanking over his knee. Luck. Some people have way too much of it. Wonder if they need volunteer’s to do the nitty gritty stuff. As ever, this is a top quality sexy movie from the people behind SPANKING SARAH and ENGLISH SPANKERS so you know how awesome it is. Click the link below for more terrific preview pix and sign up to see the whole movie and galleries in their members section. Lauren is one sexy babe!


Nov 142017

english spanking


Bingo! Finally blogging about all the new goodies from Sarah Bright and her awesome spanking websites – like this new gallery preview from a new movie starring mature bottom sex pot Lulu. Lulu was having something of a dream in which she was paddling her bottom and then her husband took over. Well that’s all a bit improbable but what is for real is his reaction at seeing his wife with her bottom stuck in the air and just asking for it. Having easy access to a cane, we gave it to him, he preceded to give his wife just what he assured us she had been needing for years, a real good hard caning, just take a look at her marked bottom for the proof of this. Smashing film of this top model in her only caning video.   Click here for a preview gallery!

Nov 082017

english spankers

ENGLISH SPANKERS “The Strap and Paddle for Two.” Au Pairs Jess and Amelia Jane are now awaiting the promised continuation of their punishment for drinking and neglecting the children. Mrs. Stern produces a nasty leather strap and after a few exploratory spanking whacks on various hands she proceeds to leather poor Jess’s bottom till it is black and blue. The poor girl is close to tears before the beating stops and Amelia looks on horrified at the treatment given to her friend.  More free gallery pix click here!

Oct 292017

sexy english babe kiki spanked otkSPANKED BOTTOMS UP FOR BAD GIRL KIKI

classic english spanking erotica“Oooooo – just imagine having to pull those shorts down!”

retro english spanking moviesCHECK OUT KIKI AND HER WELL SPANKED BUM!

What a great way to start a new month with the latest terrific update from the people at ENGLISH SPANKERS – the kinky website devoted to authentic domestic discipline. Absolutely love their new girl KIKI and her rather shapely and pert derriere. Here she is getting a good spanking from Auntie over her skin tight white shorts that reveal more than they hide. Auntie takes no crapola and those tight shorts come down quite smart so that she can spank those bumcheeks even more until KIKI is crying and yelling like a bad girl should. GREAT update and one you should definitely check out by clicking the pix or link below to see more hot spank pix from this preview gallery. ENGLISH SPANKERS is a fantastic website with oodles of movies and stuff to see in the members section.


Oct 272017



Sexy black tight lovers have a spanking treat with this new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. In the previous episode, Miss Sarah Stern has just handed out a punishment spanking to Bonnie May but she does not think that sufficient remorse was shown. This punishment has been requested by the girls boyfriend and has to be seen to be doing the job. Sarah decides that a session with a leather paddle on her bottom may have more effect, she is right. This young lady gets a real red and painful bottom. Click here for a free gallery!

Oct 252017

english spankers

Wassup guys, welcome to my blog dedicated to all things ass whuppin’ and another cool update from top UK spanking website ENGLISH SPANKERS. Ashley has been warned by the debt collector that if she did not come up with the money to pay off her quite substantial debt she would be in trouble, she knows the sort of penalty she can expect and tries to put on a brave face. When it comes to it she soon crumbles, she is told that she is to be spanked on her bare bottom and then she will have to get on her hands and knees to receive a long and painful thrashing with a large leather paddle. She is a beautiful girl and the pain and the humiliation are almost too much for her as the beating leaves its mark See more free preview pix in this exclusive gallery here.

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