Jan 122018

sexy pandora blake spanked otkHARD SPANKING FOR PANDORA

classic erotic english spanking otkTAKING THAT SPANKING FROM YOUR MAN

Now this is fucking brilliant. What we have here is your classic no frills traditional hard hand spanking otk of a right royal well endowed English arse. The arse in question belongs to the delightful Pandora Blake and is the latest video and gallery update on her brand spanking new website devoted to the more classic and erotic nature of this thing we do. And it is fucking brilliant. DREAMS OF SPANKING is shaping up to be one of the best spank sites on the innernets which is amazing since its only been online for just over a month or so. I really can’t recommend it enough. High quality and very erotic content which is updated regularly and is excellent value for a membership. Go see for yourself by clicking either the hot pix or link below.


Dec 092017

pandora blake and zillie defeu dream of spankingTHE ROARING 20’s: Classic Erotic English Spanking

classic english spanking eroticaWHEN A GLIMPSE OF BOTTOM WAS SO SHOCKING!

From Pandora Blakes excellent website, DREAMS OF SPANKING, here’s her latest update and it’s positively spiffing as they would say back then. What’s even better is the fact that its a costume drama spank epic set in the roaring 20’s when men were men and women got spanked often! I love roleplay erotic adventures and settings like this and this is a good one. Click the pix or link below to see more hot photos and a preview movie from this update. Watch the whole thing and much more in the members section.


Nov 252017

victorian erotica


Oh boy, I love this. Victorian themed erotica is the best and this new update from DREAMS OF SPANKING is just awesome. Lola Marie looks great in her bloomers as a naughty student waiting to get thrashed with a tawse from her tutor mistress Pandora Blake in this new movie called “The Scholarship Girl.” Click here for more hot preview pix!

Oct 112017

dreams of spanking

Pandora loves to tease her little cousin Mila, but Mila takes things too far one day when she retaliates by colouring in Pandora’s face in red pen. Pandora runs to tell. Mila is outraged to find herself taken over Paul’s lap and spanked, and vows to get her own back. Mila returns with a slipper and blackmails Pandora into bending over and taking a spanking until her bottom is also coloured as red as felt tip pen!

A light-hearted age play scene with Mila at her bratty best. Her protestations of innocence are hilarious and adorable, and you’ll love the way she kicks and wriggles over Paul’s knee!

Oct 072017


DREAMS of SPANKING mistress Molly Malone stars in this new movie from Pandora Blake and her gang. Probation officer Molly Malone is keen to correct ‘delinquent’ Nimue Allen in this real life f/f caning story. It’s the 1980s, so technically the cane is forbidden, but her unlucky victim doesn’t know that. Molly makes Nimue fetch it from the office cupboard and bend over the sofa for her punishment caning. But as the stripes glow red on Nimue’s bottom, Molly looks like she’s having second thoughts. When Nimue returns, will she seek revenge on her cruel probation officer? More Preview pix click here!

Oct 032017

dreams of spanking

Uh jeez. Cute babe with big ass in tight denim jeans alert. This is great and is a superb movie from Pandora Blake and her mates at DREAMS OF SPANKING. Christy Cutie tries to help Uncle Paul, but ends up making a big mistake. His naughty niece needs some tough love: a firm hand spanking and a bare bottom strapping will put this naughty girl in her place. Click here for an exclusive free preview and more pix!

Sep 022017

amelia jane spanking

Weeee whooooo! Now this one I just love from Pandora Blake and her DREAMS OF SPANKING. Grown women being spanked over long “mumsy” flowery skirts is a big thumbs up from YEOWCH and Amelia Jane Rutherford looks as sexy as fuck as she gets the slipper across her big backside. Movie is great!¬† More preview pix click here!

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