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Bare breasted Belinda Lawson touches her toes for 19 with a cane in series finale
Provocative to the end, stunning Belinda Lawson waits totally topless with a springy rattan cane for Earl Grey’s final punishment in Military Discipline: Asking For It. Touching her toes for a triple six of the best, Belinda flinches as the cane whistles down for 18 strokes – with an extra one for touching her bottom. Hot Reaction Cam replays!
A bare bottom spanking to remember for Alison Miller in her series finale
The sight of Alison Miller’s bare bubble butt bouncing and jiggling is something to treasure as Patrick Bateman gives her a spanking to remember in the series finale of Gamer Addiction. This is a tough, fast ass smacking as she can’t pay her rent! Alison spent her money on new games so she’s going to be one very sore, red young lady!
The smack of leather on Dani Daniels bare bottom means she failed a test
Reluctantly bent over a chair, Dani Daniels’ face as she’s paddled tells the story of messing up on a test in Naval Discipline. “My reactions are totally real,” she said. “I grit my teeth and pull faces to cope with the sting of the paddle.” Melanie Taylor swings a
leather paddle on Dani’s skirt, cotton panties and bare, bouncing butt: slow-mo replay!daniels


Firm Hand Spanking Hot Babes.


Second update this week from Firm Hand Spanking USA has Belinda Lawson strapped, Dani Daniels belted and sexy Stacy Stockton bent over for a hard hand spanking. Huge archive if you take out a sub for their members section and well worth it imho. Click here for free movie clips from this update.

Firm Hand Spanking Pix!

Here we go with an awesome set of pix from the latest movies from Firm Hand Spanking featuring Belinda Lawson, Dani Daniels and Alison Miller. Check out preview clips and more click here!

BDSM Spankings for Bad Girls with a Firm Hand.

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Nikki Flynn is back! Bare bottom birching in the period classic What the Dickens?
Yes, it’s true! BDSM Spanking star Nikki Flynn is back with Amelia Rutherford for a sound birching in the Victorian era drama, What the Dickens? Can she remain in position as Christian Fennington applies a stinging birch rod to her unprotected, quivering buttocks? “We had so much fun shooting this,” Nikki says, “but the birch is a bitch. I hate it!”
Strapped and paddled: Belinda Lawson’s Dreams of Spanking turns up the heat
Bent tightly over, gorgeous Belinda Lawson pays the penalty for riding a valuable stud horse without permission. Skin-tight jodphurs give little protection to her jiggling, round bottom as a tawse and wooden jokari paddle set her buns on fire. Here’s a chance to punish Belinda using your own dialogue as it’s shot Point of View. More to come too!
Stunning gymnast Dani Daniels spanked bare bottom for sassing a coach
Wearing boots for gym class because she can’t find her sneakers is no excuse for Dani Daniels. Sassing the gym teacher at Private School means a spanking from Principal Reed. She thinks he’ll go easy if she pulls down her gym shorts and panties. Nope! That ping paddle does a great job in turning her jiggling bare bottom a ripe, stinging red.

Hot Bare Ass Spankings.

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Corinne Hopkins bubble butt strapped bare for vandalising principal’s car
“I know why you’re in charge of discipline here,” Corinne Hopkins tells Principal Strickman in Reform Academy. “You like booty,” she teases, bouncing up and down to shake hers! The strap swiftly turns her jiggling cheeks as bright a red as the nail varnish she painted on his car. Watch out for Jodi Biltmore in a cameo role!
Bottom reddening totally nude finale as Belinda Lawson takes a metre ruler
“That was a butt burner,” agreed stunning Belinda Lawson after 20 strokes with a metre ruler (yardstick) for her stunning, bottom quivering finale in Asking For It. Earl Grey tells her to count out loud each stinging swat, her voice rising with every one. So amazing is the Reaction Cam view, we added a full replay: unmissable action, totally naked! 10/10
Tearful finale from Dani Daniels as her bare bottom is strapped with a belt
Beautiful Dani Daniels braves her final punishment from Richard Anderson in Naval Discipline wearing military uniform and panties with ‘Show Me Love’ across her bottom. The panties soon come down and tears start to fall as Richard’s belt gives her perfect bubble butt a tanning to remember. “It was sting sting sting all the way,” laughed Dani.

Hot Ass Fun at Firm Hand Spanking USA!

Firm hand spanking

Amelia Jane in hot caned butt action!

More hot women getting spanked, paddled, caned and punished in this new update today from the excellent FIRM HAND SPANKING USA. Check out Amelia Jane Rutherford being caned, Alison Miller being thrashed and sexy Dani Daniels getting her perfect ass walloped with the black leather paddle. Good stuff. Click here for more previews including exclusive clips!

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