Self Spanking for this Awesome Japanese Secretary.

sexy japanese secretary spankedSOMETIMES YOU’VE JUST GOT TO DO IT YOURSELF

Now that is one fine Japanese bottom. She wouldn’t need to spank it herself if I was around – big sigh. My Japanese babe itch is back for this morning so I’ve been having a surf around looking for something special to post and this is it. Never really thought about self-spanking but this is great.

Japanese Spanking: Yuu Without Her Skirt.

japanese spanking

Um wow.

japanese spanking

As regulars to this blog know, I have a thing for Japanese women and their erotica in general and came across CUTIE SPANKEE  a few years back and loved it. Just something about the submissive nature of the women being spanked in various domestic and work situations yanks my dingly dangles something chronic. The site has stopped updating sadly but you can still check out some free galleries. This is Yuu and doesn’t she look amazing in her lingerie?! more info CLICK HERE.

cutie japanese spanking

Spanking and Caning the Japanese Maid.

hot japanese babes spanked otk


erotic japanese punishment spankings

One of the most interesting spanking websites on the Innernets is the awesome CUTIE SPANKEE dedicated to all things formal Japanese erotic spanking. Now I’m not a huge fan of female/female spank erotica – being a bona fido m/f knuckle-dragger – but I make an exception with CS as it has its own distinctive tone that is fantastic. Being a huge fan of all things Japanese, especially their women, helps a lot of course. Exclusive from Japan, this is a site definitely to check out even though it’s no longer being updated.


Spanking Secretaries Japanese Style.

Japanese Spanking

AWESOME! Another fantastic photo from the top spanking website in the land of the sexy rising bum – CUTIE SPANKEE with one hot young secretary at the mercy of her spanking happy boss. Amazing balls!! If there is one place I’d love to play out my spanking fetish it would be in Japan. Love this stuff and sad to see this excellent website is no longer being updated.

Sexy Japanese Secretary Spanked in Lingerie


japanese babes spanked in uniformA CUTIE SPANKEE SPANKED JAPANESE STYLE

OK, these are awesome, and hot, and erotic, and…well you get the idea. Absolutely loved this wonderfully authentic Japanese website and the content they produced when they were still updating their site. Sadly, it looks like its no longer being updated but you can still see some previews – click here to check it out  CUTIE SPANKEE 

cutie spankee japanese babes

Japanese Spanking Cosplay Erotica.

erotic japanese spankings


From one of my favourite spanking websites, here’s a classic example of spanking erotica in the shape of a sexy Japanese lady getting a taste of the paddle on her bum while dressed in sexy lingerie. Ding – as they say – dong! Awesome cosplay spanking stuff from the excellent CUTIE SPANKEE and much more sexy movies and photos at their website. Sadly, it looks like the site hasn’t been updated in a while which is a damned shame.

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