Spanking in Schoolgirl Uniforms for Leandra and Alex.

leandra spanked in uniform

schoolgirl spanking


BIG MIKE and the gang at SPANKED IN UNIFORM are back with another fantastic update from their mature schoolgirl series for fans of hot sexy Euro babes in uniforms getting spanked. This new movie stars one of my favourite gals in sexy blonde Leandra who along with Alex Harvey are awesome in their kinky schoolgirl cosplay uniform. CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and how to check out much more at this brilliant spanking website.

Spanking those Naughty French Maids.

erotic spankingsMAID FOR A SPANKING

classic costume cosplay erotic spankingsCLASSIC COSPLAY EROTICA FROM NORTHERN SPANKING

There are seven bells in my head and these hot new pix from NORTHERN SPANKING just rang every one of them. Stick a buxom big bottomed woman in a French Maids outfit and I turn into a puddle of goo. Awesome stuff from their latest update and a worthy addition to their huge archive which covers nearly 1o years of top quality bum walloping content in its members section. Literally 1000’s of spank pix and movies to view and download. There are some fantastic English spanking websites and this is probably my favourite – maybe. Click the pix or link below to check it out.


A Little Star Trek Spanking.


spanked in uniform spanked in uniform

Episode Seven: No Hanky Panky!

Starring: Fae Corbin And Tiina K.

The Genesis is on the way back to Earth after a science conference on Vulcan. It is a long journey and some of the crew will get quite restless and indulge in naughty behaviours. Two of these are ensigns Fae and Tiina who did indeed indulge in some hanky panky in their quarters but Captain Rogers caught them and gave them both a sound paddling followed by a few hard swats with the Captain’s Punisher.. Another awesome update from the brilliant SPANKED IN UNIFORM. More cool pix previews onsite here.

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