Nov 132017

Totally smitten with this wonderful lady when I discovered her in a back issue of the much missed UK Spank magazine, Janus. Heck, this must be going back to the early 1980’s from memory when the only way to satisfy my spanking curiosity was to take a trip to a specialist magazine shop which sold “top shelf” adult magazines of various kinks. She appeared in issues 53 and 54 as well as an interview shoot later on. She also appeared in a number of  classic spanking movies which you can check out at CLASSIC SPANKING. Some women just have it. A certain magic. Sophie had it in abundance with spare to measure. Much loved by those of us who grew up in the classic spank mag era and remember her much walloped bottom with pleasure.

Looking good in and out of uniform.

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Jul 292017

Scenes from Silly Millie.

Hey guys, been having another root around the HUGE spanking movie archive at HOT MOVIES and thought you might enjoy a couple of clips from one of my favourite retro movies called “Silly Millie” from Moonglow. Story: Hans Hoff, having seen justice done (in Minnie The Jinx), returns to his hotel and pulls out his punishment tools from his suitcase while he awaits room service. Adorable Millie comes in dressed in her maid’s uniform. Millie never does anything wrong. However, seeing the punishment instruments, curiosity wins. She wants to try some of them. The owner doesn’t hesitate! But Millie gets more than she bargained for; even the cane.” Movie is a lot of fun and you can watch the whole movie at HOT MOVIES ppv – click here.

Jul 142017

English babes spanked on their naughty bottoms


English spanking of large bottomed ladies


Story goes like so – This is the second part of our film of Honey as she attends her spanking audition at the English spankers studio. In the first part of the story, she told how she had never been spanked before and was certainly a little nervous to be attending this interview. We decided that as she was to get a particularly hard session we would break it into three parts, the first with just a spanking, the second with the leather strap and then, to finish off, a taste of the paddle. Bent over the knee of Mr. Stern, she is getting her first ever taste of the spanking paddle. Does she like it?  “YEEEEEEEEEOWCH!!” she yells. The answer has to be no! Does Mr. Stern stop? Once again the answer is HELL NO!! Onward spanking soldiers. This sexy glamour model must endure all her allotted swats with the leather paddle onto her tender and red big bottom. Great spanking action from English Spankers.

BRAND SPANKING NEW FROM ENGLISH SPANKERS: Ooooo, if you like your spanked women buxom, brassy and broad then get your ass over to their site to see this new and exclusive movie and photogallery – all in tip top HD spanky quality. Check out loads of hot English women getting their large firm bottoms punished real hard with loads of different weapons.

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Jun 192017

english milf babe punished and spanked


sexy english babe spanked and tawsed


naked milf spanked on her ass

Check this out – just got this update via email from the thoroughly nice crew at ENGLISH SPANKERS who want me to let you know all about their latest spanky releases. They update their site regularly so I had to pick and choose the latest movies I like. And I DO like this one. Always been a bit partial to the more mature lady being thrashed and this one was right up my street. Features a proper English madam called Clara who has to endure a tawse thrashing from her tutor across her more well padded arse. Though I prefer yer bog standard OTK spanking, I do find the application of anything leather very erotic in the old trouser department. Add in some sexy fishnetty lingerie and we’re good to go.



May 042017


Two mature English ladies bend over to take their canings.

A pair of very sore, welted and bruised bottoms.

While all the new spanking movies on the market today are neat and stuff, I must admit I prefer checking out the old classics which I remember being featured in spank mags like Janus, Blushes, Phoenix or wherever. Most of my favourite spanked ladies come from this era and “The Caning Competition” stars one of my all timers – Sophie Fennington. Featuring lots of hand spanking and the preverbial caning competition with a very attractive competitor, it’s a feast for lovers of classic English punishment flix. CLASSIC SPANKING has loads more great old time spanking movies and is a must for spank fans everywhere.


Apr 292017

No matter how hard she tried, Emily Jane just couldn’t pass the test. Once was sad, second was bad and third time is detention time and getting a jolly hard bare bottom spanking to boot. Check out these hot pix to see how hard Emily Jane gets her arse spanked!!

Uniform skirt up and an OTK spanking for Emily Jane – ACTION SHOT!!

ACTION SHOT!! – Knickers down and check out Emily Janes hot red bum!


Schoolgirl spanking the traditional way for Emily Jane. Blessed with a full and very cheeky bottom, Emily Jane endures a thrashing across both her full bumcheeks until they’re so hot, sore and red. First she’s punished as she bends over her school desk then she’s taken OTK of the teacher who pulls up her skirt, takes down her knickers and tans her arse as she yelps and curses her misfortune. A great schoolgirl/teacher punishment movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS and done with a lot of verve and style. Check it out by clicking the links in this post – and as a special treat, the full movie includes Emily Jane touching her toes for the cane!!



Apr 112017


Oh wow, take a look at that bum. Large bottomed women wearing tight denim shorts ring all my bells – especially when they’re being spanked and walloped over the knee by their strict hubbie. This lass has a fabulous ass and it would be the most fun ever to spank it silly until she was kicking and squealing out loud. Another excellent offering from the always domestically inclined ENGLISH SPANKERS crew. Wonder if they’re looking for any volunteers to do the spanking bit. Check out their EXCLUSIVE content by CLICKING HERE to see more photos and options from this series.


Mar 142017

After a real hard spanking Joanne is about to be paddled by her partner. Mr. Stern decides to show him just how it should be done and this soon turns into a real hard two handed paddling on this already sore bottom. the punishment continues despite the young ladies cries to stop. This is a real punishment dished out for bad behaviour.

Kneeling on a chair, Joanne shows off her spanked bottom.

Hot, blistered, paddled and sore – check out Joanne’s rouge rump!!

Red Stripe specialises in classic English spanking scenario’s in realistic situations and the spankings and punishments are as realistic as they come. So if you love watching mature ladies being walloped hard then this is the site for you. Definitely one to check out and have a look around. Part of the Spanking Sarah network of excellent spanking websites.

>>CLICK HERE to see more of JOANNE getting her BOTTOM WALLOPED<<

Dec 212016

“It’s in the contract” – a hot OTK spanking for Tina!

Another classic “domestic drama” spanking scenario from British Spankers. In this cool movie, Sarah and Tina are tenants in Mr Kent’s building. Mr. Kent has his own way of dealing with tenants who make too much noise or fall behind with their rent. He makes them sign a contract to say that if they don’t pay the rent on time or make too much noise he will administer corporal punishment.  Both Tina and Sarah are due to see Mr Kent to be punished. Mr Kent likes the girls he is dealing with to wear sexy underwear and insists on stockings and suspenders when he punishes them – Mr Kent sounds like my kind of bloke!!

Tina has lived in Mr Kent’s flat for some time so knows the score whilst Sarah is a new tenant. Mr Kent begins with Tina but both girls are given a long over-the-knee spanking until they start to sob. Then they are made to kneel on a stool so that their bottoms are sticking right out for the paddle and a wicked leather strap. They continue to receive this treatment until they are crying. Finally, they must each bend over the table for a hard eighteen stroke caning which can be seen in the full movie. I love stuff like this. I much prefer my spanking erotica to involve “every day” possibilities and situations. If you like watching the more mature lady getting her arse smacked hard then this is one for you.


Sarah winces as Tina gets a hard spanking from her landlord!

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