Dream Spankee: “Roz Doyle.”


Ah, the sassy Peri Gilpin who plays the TOTALLY HOT Roz in Frasier. I am a total Frasier nut. Absolutely the best comedy series of all time in my book. Perfect characters played by a perfect cast. Roz just does it for me. Maybe it’s her voice. I can just imagine her saying “But, dammit, I need a spanking like right NOW!!” or on a first date, “OMG, you’re into spanking too?!” Course I’d have to make her wear that Wonder Woman outfit she wore in one episode. For research you understand…

Yeowch Spankee Favourites: Susan Mills.


Oh boy, first came across this fabulous lady a few years ago when I discovered the website of Shadowlane and came across one of their productions called “the Spanking Analysis.” Susan is exactly the type of woman that my fantasies revolve around and is very much the sort of “kinky mature” character I base my spanking heroines around when writing my spank stories. I’ve always preferred my spankee’s to have some decent meat on their bones and the delightful Susan has it in all the right places. What a fantastic bottom she has and it’s obvious she loves going OTK to get it thoroughly spanked and paddled. Love this lady.

Susan in action from her fabbo bum botty walloping extravaganza “the Spanking Analysis”

Susan Mills getting spanked over her ultra tight mini-skirt.

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