Jun 242017

alison miller spanking

Hot red head Alison Miller takes the wooden paddle across her bare butt in her latest spanking movie from FIRM HAND SPANKING. CLICK HERE to check out a gallery off awesome preview pix featuring more of Alison and her paddling as well as new pix featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Belinda Lawson and more!

May 262017

american belinda lawson spanked in the nudeBATH-TIME BOTTOM SPANKING FOR BELINDA LAWSON

belinda lawson spanking

firm hand spanking for belinda lawson


Flipping ‘eck, it’s like the bloody Sahara outside. Too hot by far and I’m sucking ice cubes here to keep cool. Which isn’t exactly a good thing as this new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING is so fucking hot! Anyway, here is the utterly spankable Belinda Lawson in her birthday suit – great tits and arse – getting a bath-time spanking from none other than Amelia Jane Rutherford. Excellent pix. Click the pix or link below to see more great previews from FHS’s new movie.


May 212017


Bare assed school swats in the nude for Belinda Lawson.

Hey gang, apologies for lack of whizzo spanking updates lately but my health has jumped off a fucking cliff and I’m stuck at base camp drinking gallons of cranberry juice and seeing fairies due to the amount of meds I’m on. Usually a hardy type but, fuck me, 2015 has been crap so far. Bummer. Anyway, to keep my mind occupied, here’s the latest emailed update from Firm Hand Spanking and their awesome girls. Click here for exclusive free preview clips!

ps: just wanted to thank those of you who took out subs last week. Amazing. Much appreciated and your support helps keep my Yeowch blogs going and bought me a nice bottle of whiskey to warm my bones into the bargain!

May 132017

sexy belinda lawson spanked in the nudeEND OF TERM SPANKING IN THE NUDE FOR BELINDA LAWSON

Check out this sexy babe in the latest update from FIRM HAND SPANKING

american belinda lawson spanked

hot american brat belinda lawson spanked otkHOT SEXY SPANKING IN THE NUDE AMERICAN STYLE

These awesome pix of hot American brat BELINDA LAWSON just popped into my mail box not 5 minutes ago and are so fucking hot I just had to post them before I hit the sack as it’s nearly my bedtime here in the UK. These are so cool and feature one of FIRM HAND SPANKINGS new rising stars of spankdom stripping down as nature intended and getting her fabulous ass thoroughly slippered by the er slipper until her fine bot is all mottled and red. Click the pix or links to see more of this great new update and the opportunity to watch the full movie in their members section.


Apr 292017

bottom_g001 bottom_g002

Whooooooooooo!! GREAT update from Firm Hand Spanking USA with 3 awesome movies starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alison Miller and Belinda Lawson. Check out all the free pix below and click here for more preview clips!


Apr 222017

Just in time for Christmas, check out the latest movie update previews from Firm Hand Spanking USA with Belinda Lawson, Kylee Anders and awesome red head Alison Miller. More clips here!

Apr 022017


New FIRM HAND SPANKING movie update has the awesome ass of Belinda Lawson under the spanking hand with her showing off her 34c boobs as she gets spanked over the knee really hard 200 times by Richard from FHS. New movie is called “Perfect PA” and its super hot. Click here for a free preview clip and pix as well as news on more hot movies with Alison Miller and Portia Marlowe!

Mar 292017

Hey gang, check out these awesome pix just in from Firm Hand Spanking USA with Belinda Lawson, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Dani Daniels in their hot new spanking movies. Click here for trailer teasers!!

Mar 262017

Firm hand spanking Firm Hand Spanking conduct_k005

Oh wow, grrrr wuff! Firm Hand Spanking update time with this awesome new movie where hot pornstar Dani Daniels paddles and spanks topless Belinda Lawson in the nude. Major boobs and butt spanking action! Click here for a preview clip and lots more at this top American spank website.

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