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amelia jane rutherford spanking otk

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spanking otk amelia jane rutherford



spanking ass amelia jane rutherford



Yes, we bloody well are Missy!! Ahem, eyes front people. Aren’t these great?! Many thanks to the people at the rather excellent NORTHERN SPANKING for allowing YEOWCH the courtesy to show some of their first class quality spanking erotica from their extensive archives. I am a HUGE fan of the delightful AMELIA JANE RUTHERFORD and it was only natural to choose a small selection from her dedicated movie and galleries section at NORTHERN SPANKING. These hot pre-spanking pix come from a 3 part series photoshoot called “The IT Man Cometh.” where she teases and flirts with the repair man (poor sod) until he ends up giving her a spanking for being such a naughty girl. Super sexy stuff. Loads more pix from this are on site in the members section and all available to check out for a reasonable membership subscription. Excellent spanking website with tons to see. Highly recommended.


Amelia Jane Rutherford at Firm Hand Spanking USA.

amelia jane rutherford

A little artistic spanking with the awesome Amelia Jane Rutherford in a classic spank movie from Firm Hand Spanking USA.Kneeling on a low stool, school skirt up and panties pulled down, Amelia Rutherford is punished across her bare buttocks for an appalling school report. Uncle Henry makes Amelia pick a switch in the garden before using it to good effect, as she bucks and yells in protest. “It stings lot more than you think,” confessed Amelia. “I didn’t have to act!  Click here for a preview clip and more updates!!!

Seeing Out Amelia Jane Rutherford with a Firm Hand Spanking USA.

What better way to say hello again than with a whole lotta spanked bottoms from the latest movie updates at Firm Hand Spanking USA. Check out these awesome pix with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Belinda Lawson and Alison Miller in a cool gallery and click here for free movie preview clips!

Anyone for a Spanking in Uniform?

spanked in uniform

Episode Seven: The Sports Centre Interview

Starring: Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Awesome new spanking movie guys – check it out asap! The SIU team was honoured to participate in an international Badminton tournament and they beat the Russians 26-12. After that match Amelia Jane rutherford was interviewed on national TV in the program Sports Centre. She revealed that their Coach is an Ogre and that he spanks the girls!. You can imagine what happened to her bottom when Coach Mike caught up with her. Not only did she receive a jolly good spanking but she also had to sit for 1 hour on the dreaded Punishment Stool.

spanked in uniform


Riding Lessons with Amelia Jane Rutherford.


Big thumbs up for this new update at Sarah Bright and her brilliant Spanking Sarah website with the gorgeous Amelia Jane Rutherford looking awesome in a pair of tight jodhpurs! “You do not use a big hard whip on a horse and Amelia Jane Rutherford should know that. When she returns from her morning ride that lesson is going to have to be learnt and it seems that she needs to learn the hard way. You know me, I am very patient and quite willing to teach this nasty young lady what it feels like to be beaten. I start off over the top of her jodhpurs but soon decide she is getting too much protection from these so they will have to come down. My hand on her bare bottom soon makes its impression and  Amelia protests loudly, to no avail, she will get the punishment she deserves.”  Click here for a preview gallery!

Hot Bottoms at Firm Hand Spanking!

Hey everybody, check out all the latest news and updates from Firm Hand Spanking USA with awesome new movie episodes featuring Belinda Lawson, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Dani Daniels. View preview clips onsite here!!

Spanking Relations with Amelia Jane Rutherford.


No one looks better being spanked in stockings and suspenders than English babe Amelia Jane Rutherford. Spanking her arse looks so much fun with those long legs kicking with each hard  spanking. Our dear friend the London Tanner has devised a way of getting innocent young ladies to take off their knickers and willingly go over his knee for a spanking. How does he do this you ask? Well you have to watch the film to find out but it really does work and he does dish out one hell of a spanking to poor Amelia Jane Rutherford. Her bottom is still red and sore. Check out this big free gallery from this movie click here.

Amelia Jane White Knicker Spanking.


Hey spank dudes and dudettes, here’s a smashing preview photo from part 3/5 of NORTHERN SPANKINGS gallery series “St Michaels Estate Manager” with top spanking babe Amelia Jane Rutherford stripped down to her skimpy white knickers for a taste of the belt across her fab botty. Excellent photo with more to check out in their members section where there are hundreds of pix and movies to download for subscribers. Been a member there for a while and its great. Highly recommended – CLICK HERE for more.

Spanking the Naughty Maid.

erotic spanking

erotic spanking

Wholesome American bad girl Sarah Gregory dishes out one hot spanking in her latest spank movie with top English bottom Amelia Jane Rutherford on the receiving end of the punishment ass spanking. Really nice visual erotic spanking with Amelia Jane as good an actress as ever. Like the personal site a lot and loads to check out. More free pix here from this update.

Spooky Spanking.

amelia jane rutherford

mila khol spanking

amelia jane rutherford

SPOOKY bum slapping goings on at the NORTHERN SPANKING HALLOWS EVE SPECIAL with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Mila Khol on the receiving end of some ghostly spanks in the latest website update – “THE CURSE OF MR LEWIS part 1/2”. He has moved house. He has boarded up his front door and is looking forward, finally, to an All Hallows Eve free from girls insisting on being treated or intent on tricking him. His dinner is in the oven and he is looking forward to watching the football in peace. Then Amelia and Mila arrive and it looks like he is going t have to move house. Again! But not before he has shown this latest pairing what a painful trick or two.  CLICK HERE to check out NORTHERN SPANKING and how to see the whole HD movie.

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