Oct 122017


From the last part of their excellent “Estate Manager” series, here’s a terrific post spanking photo from the latest gallery update at NORTHERN SPANKING with the lovely – and hot – Amelia Jane Rutherford slipping her knickers back ON! Makes a change lol. Many more pix from this series available exclusively in their huge archive. Great website – click here to check it out.

Sep 242017

northern spanking

Check out this super new free preview gallery from NORTHERN SPANKING with two naughty nurses Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford having spanking fun and games. Caroline is sick of constantly covering for her lazy colleague Amelia Jane Rutherford and finally decides to do something about it. Film plus 44 images in the members area. View the free gallery here.

Sep 202017

End the week with this new update from Firm Hand Spanking USA and three great new spank movies with Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alison Miller and Dani Daniels bare arsed and soundly spanked. FHS is an awesome and long standing spanking website with loads of movies to check out in their members section. Click here for free preview clips from their latest releases!

Sep 132017

Hot English babe WPC Amelia Jane getting an OTK Spanking!!

“Stick that Fat Bum of your’s up for your Spanking, Amelia.”

Absolutely luv this lady. Amelia Jane has that certain something which is a mixture of innocent naughtiness and downright sex appeal which makes watching her getting her bum walloped and spanked so much fun. She also has legs up to her eyeballs and is an absolute picture in her uniform – especially when her stockings and suspenders are revealed. Great stuff. SPANKED in UNIFORM is a series based website featuring loads of different types of scenario’s and women in uniform. Well worth a visit – the French maid section is especially hot!!

CLICK HERE  to check out her Police Officer photoshoot and movie

quality english spanking website with hot babes punished in uniform

Sep 032017

american girls spanked

Meet the Girls at America’s Top Spanking Website.

camilla scott spanking stephanie murray spanking amelia jane rutherford spanking

Tight British buns strapped! Camilla Scott pays for not following orders Camilla Scott has an incredibly tight, gym-toned butt. Now those cheeks pay the penalty for not following Earl Grey’s instructions about cleaning and lunch in Busted Burglars. Who can resist tanning Camilla’s hide until she yelps and turns red? Go Earl!

Cutting class earns Stephanie Murray’s gym-toned buttocks a 12-swat paddling! Hot brunette senior Stephanie Murray bends over principal Dani Daniels’ desk to have her bouncing teen buns paddled for cutting class. Stephanie chooses swats over suspension but cussing means she’s told to lift her skirt to feel the burn on thin panties!

”Top model at spanking party” is a headline worth a severe strapping Stripped naked, her stunning six foot figure bent over a table, Amelia Rutherford finds out what agent Christian Fennington thinks of her appearing at a fetish event and being caught out by the media. Well deserved severe 58-stroke strapping for a Rogue Model.

Three great new movies at the excellent FIRM HAND SPANKING. More free previews here.

Sep 022017

amelia jane spanking

Weeee whooooo! Now this one I just love from Pandora Blake and her DREAMS OF SPANKING. Grown women being spanked over long “mumsy” flowery skirts is a big thumbs up from YEOWCH and Amelia Jane Rutherford looks as sexy as fuck as she gets the slipper across her big backside. Movie is great!  More preview pix click here!

Aug 292017

asking_bf005 aversion_d005 bottom_c005


Hey guys, back with another post today and what a brilliant one it is! Three new movies from Firm Hand Spanking and featuring three of my favourite babes in Belinda Lawson, Alison Miller and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Excellent stuff and more pix and preview clips from each movie can be seen here!

Aug 272017


Hot sexy adult Schoolgirls Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake have been given detention till the end of term every Wednesday afternoon untill they give the Headmaster the names of the other 2 girls involved in their online magazine which was forbidden. This is the fourth detention and both girls had to write punishment lines and were both given a sound paddling. When Amelia threw a tantrum, she was soundly tawsed on her bare bottom and Pandora was given the same when she comforted Amelia while the Headmaster stepped out for a minute.





Ahoy hoy spank peeps. Here’s me with another hot heads up from around the spanky innernet. Like most of you lot, I’m a huge fan of these two fantastic ladies who suffer the slings, arrows and leather straps of our outrageous fortune in their endeavours to keep our lusty fetishistic natures royally entertained by getting their fine bottoms therwhupped this way and that. All thanks to the lucky buggers at SPANKED IN UNIFORM. I know some of you lot at SIU read YEOWCH and I just want to say how much I hate you guyz. Seriously, were you lot born under a four leaf clover or what? Not fair!! Would that my little fetish be blessed with such luck. BUT…but, if someone’s got to be the lucky SOB’S that get to have fun with such fantastic derriere’s then it’s you lot at the rather splendid SPANKED IN UNIFORM – mainly because you do such a dammed good job at it. The 4th DETENTION – part ONE” is their latest epic and it is brilliant. I mean, Amelia and Pandora in schoolgirls uniforms. How can it be anything other than fantastic? Talk about a full on robot chubby. Seriously spank fans, click the links and go check it out.

Oh, and make sure you see Amelia and Pandora’s personal message to you the spank fans.

Aug 182017

domestic_bc003 richbitch_a003 rogue_g002


Stacy’s hot nude body is soaking up rays out back of their home when husband Jonny comes home early. He doesn’t want her displaying her creamy bubble butt to the world, so spanks and whips it 155 times with a riding whip! That’s strict Domestic Discipline. Rich Bitch Allaura Shane isn’t happy about Alison Miller moving into her dad’s home after their parents marry. This wicked stepsister decides to show Alison how things go down with a stunning 470-smack bare spanking which has her cheeks jiggling red! Witness Amelia Rutherford yell and jump from a spectacularly hard 13-swat paddling, seven of them bare bottom! Agent Mr Fennington bought a Texas school paddle for his Rogue Model. Her cheeks wobble as justice is applied for failing to win a key contract. Check out preview clips for all of these great new spank movies at Firm Hand Spanking USA here.

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