Mar 142018







Awesome three movie update today from FIRM HAND SPANKING featuring three of my favourite spanked gals in Belinda Lawson, Camilla Scott and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Enjoy these free previews and click here for more

Mar 082018


Hiya gang, how’s it going this dull grey afternoon? Mondays suck the big one. Anyway, here’s the latest update from NORTHERN SPANKING. Suspecting that all is not going well with Milas ballet lessons at the hands of Mme Amelia, Stephen decides to pay a visit. Appalled at the attitude and methods of the Dame, he decides that she needs a lesson in discipline and her pointer stick will make a very useful cane! Having suffered a surprising but not unexpected change of heart about her future career, Stephen finds it necessary to teach a lesson on focusing the mind to Mila, by means of a soundly smacked bottom at bedtime. View an exclusive free pix gallery click here!

Feb 172018

amelia jane rutherford amelia jane rutherford


Grrrrrrrrrr, long legs, tight ass, a short skirt and a cheerleader spanked in the latest movie at TRIPLE A SPANKING UK. And bloody awesome it is as well! Amelia’s Swearing Owl: Head Cheerleader Amelia Jane Rutherford was summoned to meet the team’s owner, Mr Osborne, who was far from pleased with the disruption caused to recent cheer practices with her new plushie toy… a seemingly innocent looking owl that swore and said very rude things when pushed in its’ tummy. He was deeply offended that some of his God fearing girls might be upset at such a filthy, foul mouthed toy as it had been passed around the changing rooms much to Amelia’s amusement. The only way for her to learn that this was very wrong was for a short sharp shock punishment which involved a painful hand spanking and a humiliating panties down hairbrush discipline session on her bared cheeks. If the potty mouthed owl doesn’t raise your blood pressure, then the sight of Amelia dressed in this tight cheer costume, panties down, will surely do it! More previews here gang!

Feb 122018

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36 strokes with a yard stick make Camilla Scott’s bottom burn like fire
Quitting university to work for an adult magazine isn’t a good plan for Camilla Scott in Asking For It. Admitting it to Earl Grey, she obediently grabs her ankles for 36 strokes with a wooden yard stick, burning her bare bottom and changing her decision real fast!
Going to a bar with her bare bottom on show means a spanking for Stacy
Stacy Stockton dresses to thrill as she heads off to a bar in a bottom revealing skirt! Husband Jonny is not happy at her assets on show in Truly Madly Deeply. Will 100 smacks with a leather paddle on those jiggling bare cheeks make Stacy think again?
Key trial witness Amelia Rutherford paddled for making phone calls
Amelia Rutherford doesn’t listen to detective Earl Grey’s rules to keep her in the Safe House and avoid contacting even her brother during a trial where she’s a key witness. On her phone again, she’s swiftly bent over for 12 swats of a wooden paddle on jeans.
Feb 032018

firm hand spanking amelia jane rutherford

birching amelia jane rutherford

spanking victorian ass

FIRM HAND CLASSICS: “What the Dickens!” – click here for preview clip.

Here’s one of my favourite movies from FIRM HAND SPANKING with an awesome Victorian theme and starring the hugely spankable Amelia Jane Rutherford getting a hard birching.

Jutting bare bottom perfectly presented, Amelia Rutherford returns with Nikki Flynn in the classic period series What the Dickens? Amelia is birched for flaunting her body: Christian Fennington soon has her yelping from the sting as the springy rods bite into her cheeks. Nikki looks on nervously, as she knows it’s her turn next. Perfect pairing!

Jan 282018

spanking amelia amelia jane spanked hand spanking amelia jane

English rose Amelia Jane Rutherford finds her hoitey toitey self arse over tit in her awesome new movie from Firm Hand Spanking USA. Skirt up and knickers down for a gym shoe bum walloping makes her cute ass all hot, red and sore and is a must see for fans of the delightful Amelia Jane. Check out more exclusive pix and preview clip here!

Jan 242018

amelia jane spanking nude

FANTASTIC action shot from NORTHERN SPANKINGS latest gallery update featuring the one and only Amelia Jane Rutherford in a sexy breaking the 4th wall pose for her many fans around the spanking world. An instant classic imho and the whole gallery can be viewed in their excellent and huge archive – CLICK HERE for how to check it out.

Jan 202018

english spankers

amelia jane rutherford

Are you a spanking fan of nude canings? Then this new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS is a must see as it stars the awesome Amelia Jane Rutherford in all her naked glory getting her perfect arse caned by Sarah. Amelia Jane Rutherford is not getting on too well with her new job in the massage parlour, she still has not quite realised what  her job entails. Now she is in more trouble, she refused to let a client cane her and so she has to be taught how to take a good caning. The madam is eager to teach her and wakes her early in the morning brandishing a wicked cane. Once in position poor Amelia’s bottom really does suffer some swishing pain from the strong arm of the madam. Click here for a hot preview clip!

Jan 132018


Amelia Jane Rutherford

Hey guys, hope you are all having a spanking good day and what way to make it even better is to check out the latest movies from top American spank site Firm Hand Spanking. New girl Anna Grant joins awesome red head Alison Miller and Amelia Jane Rutherford in her own spanking series – more preview clips here!

Jan 112018

amelia jane rutherford

Two hot women going at it in this cool new movie from Sarah Bright. Sophie is having  a friendly chat with Amelia Jane Rutherford at the house of correction, a sort of reassuring welcome. She tells her about the harsh punishments that are handed out here and offers to demonstrate so that Amelia is not shocked when it happens to her. The spanking turns into a real hard nasty bitch type punishment that does not please Amelia and leaves her with a red and sore bottom.  Click here for a free preview!

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