A Good Old Fashioned Arse Spanking.

arse spanking

Now THIS is what I like! No hanging around. BAM! Spanking OTK. Alex was very contrite from start to finish of this wonderfully traditional OTK spanking film. This was because she had already been severely scolded and was promised a spanking which was where this film begun as she had been told to wait in her room for John to complete her punishment. He arrived to find her waiting as agreed and in no time she took her position over his knee as he dished out one of the hardest OTK spankings he had ever given to her bare exposed bottom. Her delicate panties were removed for the final part of this discipline session as he knew how humiliating it was for her to be spanked in this fashion. This was the only way she would learn her lesson so that she might avoid future humbling punishments. Continuing with the traditional theme of this spanking, Alex was told to do some extensive cornertime to reflect on the whole process she had just taken with surprising dignity which John had recognized as he gave her a warm reassuring hug which showed that she would receive extensive aftercare following her cortnertime. Fans of traditional OTK scenes will love this full HD movie!  More free pix in this awesome TRIPLE A gallery here!

An All Hallows Eve Spanking.

Better late than never and what better way to get back posting than to show you the latest preview from Northern Spanking USA in time for Halloween. Alex & Linny find themselves in England for Halloween and inflict the full force of the American tradition on the unsuspecting neighbours and neighbourhood of their British guardian. Under threat of arrest for malicious damage, vandalism, and incitement to riot, not to mention putting Mr Kennedy’s dinner to a more violent purpose, the girls are to be severely punished, in a traditional British way. Click here for the free pix gallery!

Spanking Cousins


NORTHERN SPANKING have just uploaded a brand new exclusive free preview gallery for you guys to check out. Sarah has not made herself popular while staying with her cousin Alex. Having ratted Alex out for seeing her boyfriend, Sarah is genuinely shocked to see the results of the spanking Alex got for lying. However, she is not about to submit to Alex’sdemand that Sarah, too, should get her bottom smacked. Until, that is, Alex pulls out the trump card… This is Alex’s first writing credit for Northern Spanking. I am really excited about the new ideas she will bring and the plotlines that are already recorded in her little book of wicked ideas!  Click this link for the gallery!

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