Aleesha Fox in Sexy French Maid Spanking.

english spankers

COSPLAY Spanking with Aleesha.

Make ’em dress up in sexy uniforms I say! Here taking that sage spanking advice is Sarah Bright who is putting new girl Aleesha Fox through her paces as her new employee at the Sexy Cleaning Company. That kinky French maid outfit goes a long way and makes spanking her ass a whole lot more fun. Check out this hot preview trailer for this movie here.

Spanking Return of Aleesha Fox!

aleesha fox aleesha-fox-spanking-1

Hot spanking and caned ass action in this new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS! Aleesha Fox has decided to return to the spanking and CP game, she really misses it! She has asked us to help her reacclimatize and so Sarah has given her a good spanking. Now comes the cane. Does she want to go this far after so long? Well, she has to try and so bends over and waits for the hard caning she knows she will get. The first strokes are the worst but this is going to be a long swishy session. Click here for an awesome free gallery of photos!

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