Jun 212017

sexy kami robertson spanked otkSPANKED IN PYJAMAS FOR SEXY KAMI ROBERTSON

kami robertson spanked at aaa spanking

english babe kami robertson spanked otk


Worn out. Three updates to YEOWCH today. This one I’m doing just before I hit the sack. No doubt I’ll be dreaming of sexy Kami getting a spanking in her pyjamas and it won’t be by me dammit. Ho hum. Anyway, this just popped into the old spank blogger mailbox and it’s a doozy from AAA SPANKING. This is part 2 of their Pyjama series and stars the always spankable Kami Robertson getting a very sexy bottom blistering whilst in and out of her jim jams. Great bottom. Excellent movie. Check it out by clicking the pix or link below.


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Jun 202017


Spanking one girl would be amazing. Spanking two women would be awesome. Spanking three women would be incredible. Spanking four women would probably put me in hospital. John from TRIPLE A SPANKING is one lucky sunofaseadog in his latest spanking movie “Multiple Detentions” where he gets to do what we’d all love to do. Multiple Detentions (aka The Cheergirl, The Geeks & The Headgirl: Four girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. Two bookworm types (Joelle Barros & Nyssa Nevers) who have committed infractions in the School Library, a slutty cheergirl (Ashley Graham) due yet another discipline session and the Head Girl (Carissa Montgomery) who also has good reason to be there and give a full report on these girls – but she also gets a surprise punishment too for some poor behavior not befitting a girl of her status! This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment. CLICK THIS LINK for an exclusive peek at this new movie!


Jun 162017

spanking pix

John at TRIPLE A SPANKING UK  just sent YEOWCH this awesome pix preview of their great new spanking flick “Spanked or Expelled.” Ashley Graham was constantly in trouble and becoming uncontrollable as no detention or simple punishment was effective in curbing her poor behaviour. She was summoned to meet Principal Carissa Montgomery yet again. However, Ashley faced the prospect of being kicked out of school as well as the promise of a more humiliating spanking punishment with her panties pulled down and shamed into learning that her poor behaviour had many unpleasant consequences. This was what Ashley secretly hated, the thought of being treated like a nauseating little brat not worthy of anyone’s time and given a series of humiliating spankings… watch Miss Montgomery teach her pupil these harsh lessons in discipline or face the real prospect of expulsion!  Click here for an exclusive free gallery!

Jun 152017

cheerleader spanking

cheerleader spanking

AAA SPANKING has a terrific new movie for fans of naughty cheerleaders getting a good spanking in their uniforms. The Cheeky Cheerleader: Lola was feeling a little highly strung before her latest cheergirl practice session. She was already late so coach Osborne had planned to pick her up to speed things along… Lola had been staying at Dave’s place & John let himself in shouting for her to come down but Lola had found a better way to relieve her stress by fingering herself off & just as she was nearing her orgasm, he came into the room to see her… legs splayed wide apart, stroking her wet excited pussy! Lola showed little shame when he asked her to explain the situation & decided that this madame needed a good hard spanking & the hairbrush used across his lap & with her on all fours over the bed, panties down, to humiliate this naughty minx. We are not sure if this punishment had the desired effect on Lola, but it was a hard discipline session that included powerful strokes of the brush & smacks of his hand across her thighs to focus this minx on why she was being punished! Lola Marie looks stunning in this blue cheer uniform, half undressed & splayed out for her spanking: You will not be disappointed!  Click here for more free preview pix and how to watch the whole movie.

Jun 052017

aaa spanking for sarah gregory

BOTTOMS UP for top American bad girl Sarah Gregory who’s visiting the UK to see another naughty girl in the shape of Brit brat Donna Davenport. The result is a pair of ace bottoms soundly spanked and thrashed. Check out more preview pix at the link below. They’re great. AAA SPANKING rocks!


Jun 022017

alice michaels

More awesome spanking fun at Triple A Spanking today with the winsome Alice Michaels under the hand. Pink Socks Pink Bottom: Beautiful teen petite model, Alice Michaels, is back in this hard hitting OTK spanking and strapping video. Alice turned up for her photo shoot ignoring any wardrobe requests and arrived up in a mismatched outfit including some hideous pink thigh high socks. The photographer could just about accept this misdemeanor but when he saw that her bottom looked marked from a recent spanking by her boyfriend this was the last straw and this gave him an idea. He decided to see how much more she could take since he had a fetish shoot later that day and this would be perfect practice. Alice was spanked over his lap, over her panties at first and when she continued to be sassy her panties were pulled down and she was given a good hard, old fashioned bare bottom spanking. He used a hairbrush which she found really painful and finished off properly marking naughty Alice’s bottom with a leather strap to remind her not to let down those that hire her for assignments! Click here for a free gallery preview!

Jun 022017

schoolgirl spankings

Here we go with another posting update and a cute cosplay movie from John and his erotic Triple A Spanking USA website.Rosie Ann faced her most humiliating detention punishment to date when her potty mouth got her into trouble. Mr Osborne wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her “F Bombs” and shut her up immediately by ballgagging her. This shocked schoolgirl then went through the rest of her punishment muted except for the muffled sounds of her cries of pain. He punished her for the other misdemeanors such as smoking, for which she received a hard and painful wooden ruler first on on her hands then later on her bare bottom! A hard OTK bare bottom spanking and a double thick heavy leather strap ensured this foul mouthed young lady learnt her lesson thoroughly in her after school detention. This was by far Rosie Ann’s most humiliating spanking punishment to date! . Click here for an exclusive sneek peek!!

May 282017

bed bed2

This new movie from Triple A Spanking USA is the most fun flick I’ve seen in a while. Three awesome girls and their oh so spankable bums having a great time. Bedtime Brats: Sometimes we just want another excuse to punish 3 very cute, sexy, bratty girls. This all star line up featured Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie & Casey Calvert, wearing the cutest PJs imaginable. These naughty brats were waiting for their punishment together on the bed. They didn’t have very long to wait! Each girl had her PJ bottoms pulled down and her bare bottom spanked then strapped with various leather implements. They were sassy little minxes and the Housemaster relished the challenge of spanking them, especially when they were lined up over the bed, cheek to cheek, to receive yet more punishments. In this delightfully sexy spanking video, who could resist such inviting targets? Click here for a free preview gallery!

May 172017

uk spanking ass hot spanking uk spanking uk


Wheeeeeeeee! Look at the bum’s on these very spankable ladies in the brand spanking new movie from John at Triple A Spanking. Sexy Spanking Friends: Christy and Casey were more than just good friends, they were spanking friends. They never had a problem helping each other out if they wanted a sensual paddling or ass smacking with some fun erotic play. They knew that they both looked good in their stockings and sexy lingerie so it wasn’t long before Casey couldn’t keep her hands off Christie’s voluptuous full spankable bottom! They had both been spanked earlier and now, with just a beautiful glow remaining on their bottoms, they teased out the red color once again. They both took turns to spank and use a couple of their favorite toys on their bare behinds. Afterward, the girls rubbed lotion lovingly onto their glowing cheeks. This video also contains some fantastic close up angles of the girls bottoms in a bonus rear cam view at the end. It is a very sexy and sensual all girl spanking experience. Fucking LOVE the sexy lingerie and sexy girl on girl spankings.  Click here for more free previews!


May 152017

yeowch spanking blog

aaa spanking nyssa nevers

aaa spanking nyssa nevers

VERY nice. A little sexy lingerie goes a long way in making a spanking much more erotically fun and here we have the exceptionally naughty Nyssa Nevers in her best stockings and suspenders getting her firm pert arse soundly spanked by AAA Spankings Head Honcho the Chief. Love his spanking website which has loads of sexy babes getting spanked in various scenarios. Check out more hot preview pix at the link below as well as AAA SPANKING’s special subscription offer!


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