Oct 162017

erica scott spanking

One of spankdom’s star spanked ladies appears in this cool spanking movie from Triple A Spanking. Watch Erica Scott get her mature butt soundly spanked and tail tawsed by John Osbourne. “Erica Scott & John Osborne were partners who were attending a large National Spanking Party. Erica had asked John to warm her up and give her bottom a nice glow to start off the evening. Everything was going well until she mentioned the name of a man in a moment of pleasure that John had forbidden Erica to associate with. He was beyond disappointed and very angry. The direction of this warm up changed from affection to one of a real punishment as Erica’s panties were pulled down roughly and John started to use the leather straps more forcefully, following through and using wooden implements such as the hairbrush and paddle that he knew Erica really disliked! She was scolded and severely chastised in this very real punishment that Erica later admitted had got inside her headspace, bringing her to remorse and tears!”  View a great gallery of preview pix right here!

Oct 142017

aaa spanking girls bottoms



Oh fer fooks sake. Look at that shit eating grin on the Chief. He’s probably thinking it’s Christmas. That is one “Hey, suckers. Guess how I spend my free time!!” smirk. Jammy bastard. Here he is testing out his AAA SPANKING new girl Joelle Barros by giving her pert arse a taste of the old hand spanking as she writhes and kicks over his lap. Great pix and more can be seen at the link below. Great website with loads to see in the Chief’s members section and excellent value for your dollar.


Oct 022017


New movie at TRIPLE A SPANKING has curvy Sarah Gregory in an awesome Victorian style dress.  Creepy Dolly Spankings: Sarah had a problem with collecting too many dolls in her room, she even dressed up as one and it was decided that this type of behavior had to stop. She had been told multiple times to go outside more and explore the great outdoors in her free time but she just wanted to sit in her room playing with her dolls and toys.

Sarah was asked to start removing the clutter from her vast collection but instead she bought another doll to add to it. This was the final straw for stepdad John, who had the task of spanking this brat over his knee and giving her a further humiliating punishment with her cute panties pulled down. She was given one last night with her creepy collection to reflect on her punishment as the next day her bedroom would be cleared of the many dolls sat there collecting dust! Click here for more!

Oct 012017

aaa spanking

G’day gang, another day another top spanking update! This one is a good ‘un from the excellent AAA SPANKING. I’m so Disappointed: Adriana had been given more independence and the use of John’s convertible on his insurance policy now that she was 21 years old. However, this freedom and his trust were tested when he received a warning from the police about her erratic driving behaviour and the fact that she had an open bottle of liquor in the car. They could find no criminal act but warned her guardian before she returned home when they checked the licence plate of his car. Adriana got back later from cheer practice and refused to admit what had happened which so disappointed John that he felt he had no option but to teach her a lesson about lying and dishonesty the only way he knew how! A series of ever more painful and humiliating strappings and paddlings until Adriana’s tears were streaming down her face, proof that she certainly would try harder to avoid such nasty and severe punishments in future! This is her very first film released with our company and we are sure you will appreciate just what this amazing girl can take! She is sure to become a big hit with members. Click here for more free pix from this movie!

Sep 282017

kami robertson spanked


kami robertson spanked

Bonjour Yeowch spank fans. Look what the spanking postman just delivered to my email box. ANOTHER hot movie from AAA SPANKING featuring one of my favourite models, Kami Robertson. In this one, John settles in his special basement cinema area for a Friday night of Sci-Fi DVDs catching up on looking over the same old story arcs again and again much to the annoyance of his long suffering partner, Kami Robertson. However, as Kami is about to find out, you should never part a geek with his precious Science Fiction fix unless you’re prepared for the consequences and John soon realises that she has removed all his box sets and he gets the truth out of her when she ends up over his knee for some special Friday Night Entertainment of his own that gives him a new found high… spanking Kami’s delicous pert rounded butt! She better get him his DVDs back soon before he gets a real taste for this Special Friday night “in house” entertainment! If you’re a fan of Kami and love watching her get her fabbo bum getting properly spanked then check out this new movie called “Geek Spanking.” CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF KAMI BEING SPANKED OTK

spanking kami robertson on her ass otk


aaa spanking otk


Hang on, I’m a geek. How come I don’t get to do that?!

– The hot babes spanked website. Click the banner for more –

Sep 182017

alice spanking

Fun and games with Alice at TRIPLE A SPANKING in this awesome new movie. Liars get the Hairbrush:Alice had really gone and done it this time. Last week she was bored and saw her little sister playing happily on her own. Alice didn’t like how she was playing so happily so wrecked the living room, pulling up potted plants and spreading earth all over the floor. She then ran to mommy and told lies about who did it! Her poor sister got such a whacking, and she watched it all gleefully. What a wicked little girl! She would have got away with it too but for the nanny cam. Mom just happened to check it as the storage was full and remembered that awful incident the previous week. When she sees the truth she summons Alice to the Living Room for a showdown. Alice has no excuse and mother tells her that “Liars get the hairbrush”. This is a swift OTK bare bottom spanking and a severe, uncompromising hairbrush whacking that leaves Alice gasping in pain clutching her sore red bottom! Trust is important in this family, lying will not be tolerated! . Click here for loads of free pix in a preview gallery!!!

Sep 092017


Melody’s Big Mistake: John was visiting his twin brother, Jack, whilst on a long overseas trip… Jack wasn’t too well and had said some worrying things to tell John about his new home help nurse, Melody. John was tired so took a nap on the couch but was rudely awoken a little later with the home help nurse, Melody, trying to take his temperature rectally. Now John knew what his brother was worried about, she was obsessed with this medical procedure! Melody didn’t realize her mistake, thinking it was Jack until John pulled her over his lap and gave her a damned good spanking. Jack never did that! He wasn’t happy at all and used a couple of brushes on Melody’s cute, pert bouncing bare bottom. She protested but John threatened to take her temperature “that way” too if she didn’t accept her discipline punishment… by the time it was over, Melody’s ass was an angry shameful red. This video will appeal to those that like to see a hard hand, hair & bath brush spanking of a girl in a delightful retro style nursing uniform! Click here for more pix!

Sep 012017

spanking ashley graham

spanking ashley graham

For fans of brassy bratty mature women with big tits getting spanked, AAA SPANKING’s latest movie epic features the jiggly arse and bouncing boobies of Ashley Graham who wants and deserves nothing more than a good old fashioned cock and bull OTK SPANKING. Awesome babe and this is another classic from one of the UK’s top spanking websites. Now updated weekly with top arses spanked! To see more of Miss Graham’s spanking PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Click here to visit AAA SPANKING

Aug 192017
cheerleader spanking


Sarah Gregory was the last of the girls to be disciplined for the recent vandalism of the school basement classrooms. She was sent from Cheer Practice to face her punishment with Mr Osborne who was really not impressed with this very sassy & impertinent young madam’s attitude. When he started to spank her, he discovered that she was visibly excited and quite wet between her legs. He was shocked and upset that she was rather enjoying this punishment so he devised a more humiliating discipline session which involved using a nasty wooden ruler across her hands which she didn’t like one little bit followed by her mouth being gagged so that this noisy rude schoolgirl could not answer back. She was placed on a punishment bench then strapped and paddled hard. He tested her exposed bare vagina for more signs of excitement and continued to punish her until he was satisfied that this no longer turned her on! Lovers of Sarah Gregory will enjoy this different but pervy schoolgirl punishment fantasy! This is HOT!

More free pix – click here.

maid spanking


Mr Osborne had a special evening meal planned for close friends and he left his trusted maid, Joelle Barros, to set the dining table with the finest silver, china and crystal dinner service. With time running out he came to check up on her progress and was far from impressed with her tardiness. Joelle was employed as his corporate “eye candy” and she was paid way more than normal maids because he got to punish her in his unique way when she did something wrong! It was part of her very special contract! Joelle’s eyes were raised in disbelief when he told her to assume the position over his knee for a short sharp shock OTK spanking on her bared bottom. He didn’t have much time but insisted that this would speed her up especially as he insisted that she’d continue preparing the table with her skirt hiked up in shame afterwards, the sooner she took her spanking the sooner her bottom would heal before the party guests arrived!

More free pix – click here.

aaa spanking


Miss Gregory had requested that Casey Calvert turn up after school lessons for some “Special Detention” since she had heard this schoolgirl had some sort of crush on her. She wanted to make sure any anticipation or foolish excitement that Casey had of meeting her in private would be dashed when she would give her a stern telling off and a spanking over her knee. Casey didn’t seem to mind the spanking at first and Miss Gregory was a little worried that she was getting off to this rather than feeling a little awkward… so she mentioned “The Wheelbarrow Club” and Casey’s eyes dropped in shame as she was being told she’d be initiated into that infamous little club that no girl would admit to being a member of. Miss Gregory placed her in that position and added further humiliation by cutting open the poor girl’s panties with some scissors before continuing to spank Casey in that revealing and very embarrassing position! Casey should have been careful for what she wished for as this personal meeting and detention didn’t quite go to plan as she had once anticipated!

Check out this awesome free gallery – click here.

lola marie spanking


Lola Marie knew she had a bedtime punishment coming and decided to hide the promised 3 tailed strap she was getting. This foolish notion only made things worse as the strapping turned into a more severe bedtime punishment with the aid of a couple of hairbrushes as well as the dreaded strap which had been quickly found! You will watch her receive dozens of strokes of the mean leather implement with some solid use of 2 types of hairbrush that kept this very naughty girl in check! A beautiful young woman in cute pyjamas punished at bedtime is what we love filming in this latest no nonsense spanking film.

More free Lola Marie pix – click here.

Phew! What an awesome update by John and his gang at the brilliant and fun AAA SPANKING. Be sure to click the links for each preview gallery. Join this great UK spanking website and gain access to loads of photo galleries and red hot spanking movies.

Aug 182017

aaa spanking otk at yeowch spanking blog

“GIMME AN YEOWCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Pert. That’s what I’d call this young girls bum. Pert. No wonder the Chief is thoroughly enjoying himself giving it a good spanking and tanning with a gym shoe. Luck. Some guys have way to much of the fucker. Mishka is one cute madam who appears quite happy to let us all see her naughty bits as she puts on a good show for her new fans. AAA Spankings have found another winner and you can see more previews at the link below. Remember, much more to see if you sign up as a member in their excellent archive – especially now they have some outstanding value for money deals. One of the better spank sites on the Internets. Check it out.


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