Spanking Sarah Caning the Naughty Maid.

spanking sarah spanked


Awesome new movie from SPANKING SARAH with two hot mature women and their big fat arses getting spanked and caned. Love the sexy lingerie and old style corset Sarah is wearing and those stockings and suspenders are wicked! As Sarah says: It’s real fun having a maid, especially the punishing them bit. I am fortunate with my present maid she loves to be spanked and disciplined so I take advantage. I decided to cane her but told her I did not know much about how to do it, she offered to cane me to show me, I let her. Then it was my turn to cane her lovely bottom and you can guess what a whacking she got. Loads of real hard strokes from my very strong arm, I certainly made her sorry for caning me, I must admit I did quite like it though she is the very first girl to have caned me I think. More hot preview pix here

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