Spanking Naughty Nurse Sally Sparks.

northern spanking

Bonjour again les spankee des gross derriere fans to another whizzo post from your friendly neighbourhood bunged up with the worst flu EVER spanking blogger. Now I know where the term “meth head” comes from as my steaming carcass is brimming over with all sorts of exotic sounding medicines to cure my ills. In other words, if there was a witch doctor in the local phone book I’d be on the blower pronto as I am, to be perfectly blunt, as sick as a fucking poodle. No matter! Onward and upward we go with an awesome NURSE ALERT update from the always cheers me up NORTHERN SPANKING. The above preview pix is from their latest gallery and stars Head Matron Sarah demonstrating to a young NURSE Sally Sparks that a good bare arsed spanking is always the best medicine in the end. And we all agree with that I’m sure. Excellent photo from the first part of a three part gallery series in their huge archive. PLEASE CLICK HERE to visit the brilliant NORTHERN SPANKING website with years of movies and galleries to view and download if you sign up.

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