SPANK USA at Firm Hand Spanking.

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Strapped hard for messing up a flight booking – Alison Miller pays the price!
Who said: “I deserve this spanking so give it all you’ve got” and “I deserve more, sir.”? Yep, Alison Miller in the finale of Secretary as she bares her bootylicious bottom for 36 licks with a tawse delivered hard by Patrick Bateman, witnessed by Stacy Stockton!
A behind-the-scenes exclusive with Stacy Stockton and Alison Miller
An exclusive peek behind the scenes as Stacy Stockton spills the beans to Alison Miller on being spanked. Asked why she came back to shoot again, Stacy admits: I like to challenge myself. This time I really wanted to bring it!” See it in Candid Confessions.
Smoking a joint leaves Jodi Biltmore’s bottom sore after 54 with a wooden ruler
The red marks on her quivering pale bottom teach pretty Jodi Biltmore not to smoke a joint at Reform Academy. School uniform skirt up, panties down, 54 whacks with a wooden ruler leave her butt cheeks sore. Eric Strickman delivers discipline: “Yes sir!”
700-smack ‘maintenance’ spanking leaves Katherine St James red and sore!
How many spanks can you give in three minutes, timed with an egg-timer? Katherine St James finds out in Brotherly Love when Kyle administers a ‘maintenance spanking. The answer is 350. Ouch! Then pull down her panties for another three minutes, total 700!

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