Smiling through the Pain of a Strapping.

When ya know it’s going to sting like hell despite looking forward to it

There are photos about spanking then there are fucking outstanding photos about spanking that stand out from the rest. These, for me, are fine examples of those..

Take the portrait. The “oh my GOD!!” screwed up expression on her pretty face. Look closer. Look at that smile. She knows what’s coming and she knows she’s going to love every second of feeling his strap across her bare upturned backside as she lays across his desk.

Then there’s the uniform. The neat way her tartan skirt is folded up to give us a grandstand view of her very full buttocks. Pussy peeking to the fore. And the sexy polka dot lingerie. The garter is perfect. Why did she wear that? Because she knew it was sexy too. If a man is going to slap your ass you may as well make sure he enjoys the view….

Outstanding in every aspect. For erotic action pose, I don’t think any other fetish can hold a candle to ours…

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