Sexy Cheerleader and Naughty Nurses Spanked in Uniform.

cheerleader spanking

Whoa guys, the latest update from the fandabbyspankingdozey SPANKED in UNIFORM is a double bill movie whammy featuring some of their most popular girls getting their bottoms spanked and thrashed for our entertainment! First up is the latest soap spank episode in their “School of Dance” series featuring stunning blonde Leandra and Alex Reynolds in hot sexy cheerleading outfits with Leandra getting a sharp otk spanking from her best friend over her knickers and bare butt! Awesome and a must see for fans of big girls in tight white panties.

hot nurse fucked and spanked

nurse aleesha fox spanking

The second movie in this double bill update stars voluptious babes Aleesha Fox and Danielle Hunt as a pair of kinky nurses in uniforms a couple of sizes too small which shows off their best feature – their big fat arses – to maximum effect! WOW! Major numero uno fantasy ahoy as anything to do with Nurses and spanking is a big hit with yours truly. Watch as Danielle gives sassy Aleesha a good bottom spanking until her bum is hot red and sore – love the jiggly bits – and who both end up getting spanked and caned by mean Dr Mike. The lucky sonofabitch. Great stuff and a brilliant update. Can’t recommend SPANKED IN UNIFORM enough. Wanna check it out? Then PLEASE CLICK HERE – it’s worth it.

spanked in uniform

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