Sep 012016

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For fans of Nurses Spanked in Uniform erotica, here’s an absolute fucking classic from the awesome NORTHERN SPANKING archives featuring the totally dreamy Dublin O’Brien as a sexy nurse about to get a real hand spanking. These are from 2005 and are just brilliant fun to check out. Thanks to the guys at NS for allowing me to post these. Much more in their members section. Sign up for a sub and spend hours checking out the very best in UK spanking.


Sep 012016

naughty nurses naughty nurses

Women spanked in uniform is always sexy fun and here’s a fine example from Sarah Bright’s excellent ENGLISH SPANKERS website. Is Amy cut out to be a nurse? That is the question she has to answer. She is untidy, late for duty and not very good with her patients. Matron just can’t take any more of this and has called her in for a serious talk and a session of behavior modification punishments. She hopes that by inflicting some pain into the nurses bottom she may help her to revise her attitude. A stout leather paddle is procured and used on the hands and bare bottom of this nurse. Now will this do the job?.. For a free gallery of hot pix previews – click here!

Aug 312016

uk-spank uk-spank-1

DOUBLE TEAM spanks at TRIPLE A SPANKING! They Never Learn: Sophie & Jasmine are routinely punished in John’s house as they never seem to learn their lessons. Consequently their bottoms need only the lightest warming up and the cheeks return to a full blown shameful fire engine red! The girls attempted to go to a Fancy Dress Ball in some cheap slutty costumes that just plain annoyed John so much that they knew what was coming next! Their short skirts revealed 2 naughty red bottoms which soon became dark and swollen at the1st signs of their spanking… Sophie felt it especially as she had been punished the most recently and she gasped out loud in this short sharp shock punishment as both girls were spanked so they couldn’t sit down or dare go out in such revealing costumes as they’d show off the shame of their most recent discipline session. What a way this was to ground his girls! Witness the last ever pairing of naughty Jasmine & Sophie in their exclusive spanking finale!  A FREE gallery from this HD movie click here!

Aug 312016

hard spankingi for girls in uniform

MIKE’S 50’s DINER: Episode 4 “Part Time Waitress.”

Ha ha, I’ll say one thing for Mike who owns and stars in his excellent SPANKED IN UNIFORM website, he sure knows how to press the right buttons and put on a show. He’s got the right idea by making his girls dress up in various kinky outfits and then giving them a spanking or whatever. Simple idea. Great website. Here he is playing the Chef at his American style 50’s Diner showing his two new waitresses the error of their ways. Lots of spanking and other stuff to see. Love it. Spanking should be a laugh and fun and SPANKED IN UNIFORM is that and more. Check it out by clicking the links –  excellent value for money as a membership gets you access to loads of movies and galleries.

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Aug 302016

pandora blake spanks

Damn, love a girl in a girdle. Check out this new movie from the excellent DREAMS OF SPANKING and its owner Pandora Blake getting her big arse soundly thrashed in various ways and means for our entertainment. Retro spanking lingerie for the win in my book. See more free pix here and an exclusive preview clip. Great to see PB back!!

Aug 302016

sascha harvey spanked outdoorsBIG BOUNCY BBW SPANKING

Punishing the more mature arse!

sascha harvey scottish spanking bbw babeBUM WALLOPING FUN AT NORTHERN SPANKING!

Blimey, three updates at NORTHERN SPANKING this week so I figure I’d better post my favourite. This one is fun and has the more mature and full bum of Sascha Harvey getting spanked in the great outdoors. I’m not one for skinny wimen with boney butts so this is great for me – imho the best arses to spank are those that are a little more rotund, mature and marshmallow like in their pancakability. And Sascha has a great one. Hope ya like these cool pix from a terrific spanking website. Click them or the links to visit the site.


Aug 302016


NORTHERN SPANKING update: The second in a short series of films imagining the kind of young offenders institutions that did once exist in the UK with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates. This one sees the return of a seasoned offender Jenna Jay and to have her bottom strapped by Kennedy, The Supervisor. Free Gallery click here.

Aug 292016

alison miller spanking

Okay, this rustles my jimmies and no mistake. Alison Miller shows off her best side with a terrific movie from FIRM HAND SPANKING where she gets her awesome bubble butt arse soundly spanked and paddled in a tight pair of denim jeans. Denim spanked babes for the fucking win guys! Click here for more pix and a preview clip from Alison’s new movie!

Aug 292016

Now this is an interesting spanking photo. Features the delightfully ditzy Luna Winter getting her amazing bottom spanked and slapped as per usual – but you have to agree, it’s those denim shorts that makes this one special. This is the only one I’ve ever seen from this series and if anyone knows where I can find the rest – give me a shout. Excellent spanking stuff.

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