Dec 172017

japanese spanking

japanese spanking

Sadly, it looks like one of my favourite spanking websites, Cutie Spankee Japan, is no longer being updated. As a HUGE fan of Japanese women being spanked and spanking this leaves only this neat little niche spank site, HAND SPANKING JAPAN, as the last one standing. And an excellent and interesting little website it is too. Totally female/female, they sometimes mix up the traditional mother/daughter, teacher/student or boss/secretary stories with something a bit more unusual – west meets east spanking as in the awesome preview pix above. These are cool. Love the different groove they give out. So if you’re looking for something different for your spanking tastes then check out this little gem of a spank site.


Dec 172017


Any of you lot have a thing for really hairy down below the belly button women being spanked? Well, SPANKING SARAH have just the thing for you in a hot new movie with Satine Spark showing off her hairy bush to the world as she gets spanked by Mr Stern. Young model Satine Spark has come to do a hairy pussy photo shoot for Mr Stern. All is going well until he comes to take pictures of her bottom, he then discovers that she is marked from a previous spanking shoot. He is not happy and tells her the only thing he can do now is to turn the photo shoot into a spanking video, mainly to punish her. She has to agree to this and she gets a real hard spanking, with a surprise ending Click this link for a free hairy spanking gallery!

Dec 162017

hot schoolgirl spankings

spanked in uniform

harry potter spanking

harry potter spanking

HA Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! LOL!!!!!! I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I saw this. Okay, this makes it official. I fucking LOVE this website. For me, spanking is all about having a good laugh and slapping the odd female bottom and then doing other stuff. SPANKED IN UNIFORM is such a fun idea and this latest “Potteresque” new series is just awesomely silly and its great. Mike the spanker has a fantastic sense of humour when coming up with spanking cosplay adventures. Now that’s a beard. LOL. If you’re a spank fan this is one website that is definitely worth joining.


Dec 162017

schoolgirl spanking schoolgirl spanking schoolgirl spanking


Guys, to get straight to the point, this is the best, sexiest, and most fun spanking movie I’ve seen in a long time. John and his girls have made a spanking classic in the mature cosplay schoolgirl spanked niche. 3 Sassy Schoolgirls: Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie & Maddy Marks had been summoned to meet the new English teacher, Mr Osborne, who was assigned punishment duty for these repeat offendors for his very first time. Talk about dropping him in at the deep end! The girls were real brats, proud of their irresponsible behaviour and were even caught comparing their flagrantly non regulation panties to each other when Mr Osborne arrived for their detention punishment. The girls were near on impossible for him to discipline effectively together like this and he had thought about taking them one by one to the basement for a real tearful one on one discipline session but it would be time consuming and he didn’t want to come across as too strong during his first day on the job. So he decided to try and humble the girls by spanking them in front of each other and making them just a little more contrite. However, the girls continued to brat and laugh until it was the turn of Alex and he brought out the bathbrush when his patience wore thin which soon silenced their giggling and sniggering. The final act saw all their bared bottoms placed together when they were finally starting to understand that their continued poor behaviour was unacceptable and he had them kneeling on the couch and had a good look at his handiwork. Mr Osborne asked them to remain silent and contrite whilst he went away to fetch the discipline paperwork which they would sign at the end of their detention. Wanna see more? Then click here for an exclusive gallery and how to watch this great movie.

Dec 152017

northern spanking

Fishnets, big bums and a spanking – yummy! Check out Jenna Jay feeling the heat in the kitchen in this new movie from the randy NORTHERN SPANKING peeps. John has hired a catering firm to take care of an important business lunch and they have sent their least experience waitress – they must know him! John realises this when red wine appears with the fish course and, lacking any other alternative, he smacks poor Jennas bottom and makes her serve the main course with her knickers round her knees! Later, after the meal, Jenna is more thoroughly disciplined, stripped and humiliated. I wonder if the firm will get some repeat business from Mr Osborne? In more news, they’ve just started to do free preview galleries for all their new releases – click here!

Dec 152017

triple a spanking

Another super sexy update from John at TRIPLE A SPANKING. 

Caught Faking It: This is to be 20 year old Mishka’s last ever appearance anywhere on the internet so we saved this humiliation special which featured a twisted home domestic discipline style film with a difference. Mishka was caught out faking an illness once too often so the only way to be sure she was telling the truth was to inform her she’d get a rather humiliating rectal temperature taking if anyone thought she was making things up but of course she would deny this and try to avoid being caught out but the Digital Thermometer never lied with the numerous normal readings. Again, Mishka was given the option this time of owning up and just getting out of bed but she refused and failed the honesty test once more and assumed the position she was accustomed to, on all fours, bottom out for a spanking and strapping across her bared cheeks first thing in the morning! One could almost imagine that it was her intention that she be treated in this way. Such a naughty young lady, we shall miss showing her off so please wish Mishka a “fond farewell” in this naughty rude explicit “Spanking Finale”. More free pix in an exclusive gallery here.

Dec 142017


Clare Fonda’s SPANKED CALL GIRLS has Vernonica Ricci and Koko Kitten being punished by uber strict Madam Snow in their cool new movie where girls spanking girls is the name of the game. American spanking at its sexy best! See more click here guys!


Dec 132017

kami-robertson kami-robertson-1

Kami Robertson looks awesome playing a Japanese cosplay schoolgirl in this spanking movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. “This week we have a classic film or rather two films. We have so many requests to see Kami Robertson in her very early years a s a spanking model we just had to bring you these two film. Kami as a Japanese schoolgirl gets spanked, slippered and caned. This film has it all, the real uniform, white regulation school knickers authentic and very real spanking and the senior cane used on her bare bottom.” A great movie –  View a free preview gallery click here.

Dec 132017


Two awesome updates this week from Northern Spanking with part 2/2 of the introduction of Harley Havik and an old school double team gymslip spanking story with a tight pair of blue panties pulled down over a rather fat bottom – lots of spanked rosy cheeks to check out here!

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