Oct 172014

english spankers

ENGLISH SPANKERS “The Strap and Paddle for Two.” Au Pairs Jess and Amelia Jane are now awaiting the promised continuation of their punishment for drinking and neglecting the children. Mrs. Stern produces a nasty leather strap and after a few exploratory spanking whacks on various hands she proceeds to leather poor Jess’s bottom till it is black and blue. The poor girl is close to tears before the beating stops and Amelia looks on horrified at the treatment given to her friend.  More free gallery pix click here!

Oct 132014


Vintage lingerie and erotic lesbians spank fun and games with Pandora Blake and Adele Haze in this awesome romantic photoset from the excellent DREAMS OF SPANKING. Now, if you ever really wanted to know what sort of spanking erotica I like then this is pretty much it but with a male spanker – though I do like girl/girl stuff as well. Love Pandora and her fabulous arse in this. More pix here!

Oct 112014

spanked in uniform spanked in uniform

The Masonfield Prison for Women:

Episode Seven

The Shoes

Starring: Leandra

Woohoo, one of my favourite girls from SPANKED IN UNIFORM is back in a brand new episode from their Women punished in prison series. Leandra is a cute Dutch girl who loves getting her pert bum spanked and here is Head Warden Mike doing the spanking. Great website for fans of sexy babes in uniforms. More from Leandra and her prison uniform spanking here!

Oct 092014

firm hand spanking

Yikes, how did I miss this one from top USA FIRM HAND SPANKING when it came out the back end of September?! What an awesome pair of bumcheeks on Amber Davies which get even better as they get spanked. Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies drinks alcohol and she’s not 21! Stacy  Stockton spanks her bare bottom 186 times in Sorority Sisters. When that bubble butt is bared, tears start but Stacy carries on. Slow-mo special plus Amber behind-the-scenes! View a gallery of free pix as well as a hot preview clip from this cool spanking movie here!

Oct 082014

northern spanking

Say hello to new girl Rosy Ann!

Blimey, another whizzer update from NORTHERN SPANKING! That’s 3 this week – awesome! “A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosy Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosy is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!”  View a free preview gallery here!

Oct 072014

jadie reece

Hey everyone, happy spank day to one and all. Here’s a smashing photo from part 3/4 of a gallery series called “Interview Techniques” at NORTHERN SPANKING with buxom blonde Jadie Reece getting her awesome arse spanked in various ways by Stephen Lewis – lucky sod. No special preview gallery for this one alas as it only went “live” a couple of hours ago for their subz but do enjoy this one above. Great spanking website – click here to check it out!

Oct 062014

Hey gang, welcome to another report on all things to do with my blogs on the YEOWCH network. Think it’s a fun way to let those of you who visit my sites know how things are going and what sort of whizzo wheezes are in the works.

First up, many thanks to those of you who have taken out single or recurring subz to any of the spanking websites I promote here on my main blog along with Englishspankingblog.com and barebottomspankings.com. Not only are you supporting those producers in being able to continue to keep making great spanking content but also support YEOWCH as well via the affiliate system run by ccbill. Doing these blogs is a labour of love but there are costs involved in order to run and maintain them so your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

vlc00007 (2)

Visitor numbers are growing which is awesome with thousands of page views every day and healthy return visits from bookmarks. Google is finally showing the blogs some serious SEO love after yo-yo-ing up and down for the first couple of years. Whilst this is cool, it has brought a couple of issues like a ton of fucking spam to deal with – one of the reasons I have comments off sadly – as well as frequent attempts to hack the blogs. Pain in the arse but there you go. Main task these days is to keep tabs on what’s going on in the spanking world, join new producers that I like, and update each blog regularly with fresh new free content for you to check out.

The success of my spanking blogs has made me seriously consider moving into related niches such as femdom, spanked men, cosplay, uniform and the like. Maybe a blog for each linked through my main blog which will help them grow and get noticed. A number of people have told me to do a blog devoted to strict women and submissive men which will be a challenge lol. We’ll see. YEOWCH on blogger is still chugging along though I don’t post there as often as I should. Main problem is finding stuff to post about as copyright has become much more of an issue for bloggers and I’ve had to deal with it a few times.

And that’s about it. It’s amazing to think I’ve been spank blogging for over 20 years now and nearly 10 doing YEOWCH itself. So many of the old places are long gone and I’m still here lol. Anyway, thanks for being there in your thousands each day and giving me the buzz each time I log on.


Oct 052014


Lotties Punishment. She has been sent to her room. She knows why: she is going to get a good hiding. Not just a smacking this time. She has become quite used to the heat and the stinging soreness in her freshly smacked bottom. In fact, she has come to like it. Just as well, it happens every other day. The tingling spreads between her legs. It makes her knickers wet. Afterwards, she touches herself. She comes in her knickers, swelling on the sensation of his hard hand on her soft little bottom as he holds her firmly over his lap. The hardness she can feel there, pressing into her tummy. Does he know that she presses herself into that hardness? Does he know she masturbates in her knickers after he has punished her? This time she is going to get a leathering, he has told her. She has no choice, while she is living under his roof, he says as he makes her take her dress off. He has never done that before… View an exclusive free gallery click here.

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