Apr 182016

english spankers mature spank2 english spankers

Terrific new update at Sarah Brights excellent English Spankers with a hot ass spanking for fans of more mature ladies getting spanked and punished. When the man from the ministry calls a lady does not expect to find herself over his knees with her panties down having her bare bottom well spanked and paddled. That though is exactly what happened when the inspector from the drivers agency called to see Suzanne. She was well out of line and he did give her a number of choices before she decided to take this very painful punishment. Could it be that she would enjoy it a little too much.  Click here to check out this excellent themed website.

Apr 112016

real life spankings

Alright, stand back. No one come any closer OKAY?! I’ve got first dibs on Real Life Spankings awesome Scarlett and her well tanned cute little bod – and bottom. She is my absolute favourite gal at Spanked in Uniform and Real Life Spankings network run by cool dude Greg from Holland. Recommend checking out this hot website so click the link right here!

Apr 102016

alison miller spankings alison miller ass spanked alison miller spanked


Here we go with another cool update from top American spank site Firm Hand Spanking and three super hot new movies for you guys to check out. Main one is Alison Miller getting her firm ass soundly paddled in the bare, Lilian White enduring a harsh hairbrush swatting across her red butt and finally, the awesome Belinda Lawson on the receiving end of a hard tawsing with her ass on display and wearing a sexy pair of stockings! Lovely stuff and, as ever, actual preview clips can be seen when you click this safe link!!

Apr 062016

spanking black ass

New from Northern Spanking USA is this cute girl on girl update called “A Good Friend” and here on yer favourite spank blog we have an awesome preview gallery for you to check out! “Alex likes to look out for her little sister, so when she finds out that her best friend, Cupcake, has been seeing her boyfriend behind her back, she is very upset. Confronting Cupcake on her behavior, Alex knows there is only one solution, a very sore bottom indeed for her little sister’s bad friend.” NS is an awesome site with over 10 years of classic UK spank movies and galleries to check out.  Click here for some cool free pix!

Apr 042016

american ass spanking spanking american redhead american brat spanking

Boo fucking hoo for sassy American brat Jamie Lynn who is the spanked star of the latest update from niche hardcore spanking website Bun Beating Fun. Watch Greg spank the tar out of this naughty red head turning her ass an even brighter shade than the hair on her cute head. BBF is an awesome little spank site dedicated to no holds barred bare ass spanking and you really should check it out sometime. Here’s a gallery of free pix of Jamie Lynn –  click here!

Apr 012016


Another week and another cool update from one of America’s top spanking websites. Check out Lilian White, Alison Miller and navy babe Belinda Lawson getting their peachy butts soundly walloped in these new movies. Click here for free preview clips!

Mar 302016


Hey everyone, just another wee update from your intrepid spank blogger on all things doing with my Yeowch blog as it’s that time of year when stuff happens and decisions have to be made. Good news, happy to say that server and domains have been renewed for another year until March 2017 and just wanted to thank those of you who have taken out spank website subscriptions via this site as the affiliate cut goes towards the costs to run Yeowch. As I keep saying, I do this for fun and hope that comes across in what I do.

Other big news is that Yeowch is now basically run from the USA. New laws here in the UK have made such a change inevitable for anyone blogging about spanking here. Pain in the arse but there you go. A good buddy now does all the grind and I just send him info and copy of what I want posted and when. Pretty simple and works. Thanks to Slappy!
So, hopefully, we’ve got another year of doing this. Hope very much that you enjoy the free content you find here and in the future I hope to add some more unique stuff to the mix.

Have a good one and thanks for the visit!

Mar 262016

hot pants spanking ass

Here we go with another great Northern Spanking update with sexy American babe Adrianna sporting a pair of tight hot pants for us all to enjoy as she gets her big firm fruity ass soundly spanked. “Kennedy the unscrupulous but effective private detective has found his latest runaway in record time. Rather than hand her over to her poor parents, whom he feels deserve the break, he finds a way to vastly increase his fee and give the sexy little minx the many spankings she undoubtedly deserves and which he will thoroughly enjoy!” Some great spanking photo’s in this one –  Click here for an exclusive free gallery of preview pix!

Mar 242016

firm hand spanking celebrity_a002 firm hand spanking

SEXY NEW GIRL Lilian White dazzles in a great new movie at top American spank house Firm Hand Spanking. 

More awesome previews with the latest movies starring Alison Miller and stacked English babe Belinda Lawson who’s on the receiving end of a hard thrashing in her cosplay schoolgirl outfit. Check out these free preview clips here!

Mar 172016

belinda lawson belinda lawson spanked firm hand spanking belinda lawson

Lovers of big girls spanked in uniform will love this latest new movie from Firm Hand Spanking USA with the lovely Belinda Lawson on the receiving end of a traditional otk spanking to make sure she’s punished in the proper fashion. This is the first in a new spanking series and am really looking forward to the next episode. Click here for a preview clip and two more new spanking movies with Dani Daniels and Alison Miller.

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