May 272014

aaa spanking aaa spanking


Latest update: Curtains Closed, Bottoms Bared: John never liked having his girls round his place during schooltime, his apartment was too small and he was always busy. He didn’t need school hassling him with a long list of their continual poor behaviour and rule infractions so when they brazenly walked past him, giggling & texting whilst already being late for school, he felt he had no further option. John stopped the girls and closed the curtains, creating real privacy to spank some sense into this terrible twosome! They protested but it was far too late for crocodile tears as each girl was spanked in front of the other, first with their panties showing, then a harder more intense spanking on both their bare bottoms. In a final act of planned enbarrassment for the girls, John placed them in front of the open window, bottoms showing for all the world to see just what naughty young madams they had been! This is the last ever film featuring Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen together! More here.

May 262014

northern spanking


northern spanking


One of the cool things about being a member of the excellent NORTHERN SPANKING is being able to browse their huge 11 year archive of spanking goodies and come across classic galleries such as this one from December 2006. Thanks to the guys at NS for kind permission in allowing YEOWCH to post these awesome pix of Sam Johnson about to get a spanking in her denim jeans. Check out tthis great site here.

May 252014

schoolgirl spanking cosplay

St. Catherines

Private School For Girls

Episode 73

The Mouse

Starring: New Girl Christa.

Christa thought it was a great idea to bring her pet mouse Anna to school. Her teacher saw it and sent her straight to the Headmaster who explained the schoolrules to her again. No pets allowed! He then took her across His knee and gave her a good spanking and told her to take the mouse home and return immediately!. No mouse was harmed in the making of this video. Another awesome new spanking movie from SPANKED IN UNIFORM - more free previews here.

May 222014


1st choice spanking 1st choice spanking classic spanking classic spanking movie classic spanking movie classic spanking movie


NEW up at top UK spank site 1st CHOICE CLASSIC SPANKING is a rather groovy little movie called “Horses for Courses” and stars one of my fav ladies in bubble butt blonde Sam Johnson who is on the receiving end of a hot nude paddling and caning. Not sure who the other woman is but eee by gum she doesn’t half have a decent pair of first class knockers and can take a good spanking ! Awesome. Catch a great preview clip on their website here

May 222014

japanese hand spanking


Looking for something a little different with your spanking fetish? Then check out this cute little girl spanking girl niche site from Japan where hot Tokyo babes have a lot of spanking fun and games. The above is a preview photo from one of their uniform movies called “Revenge of the Pets” and gives you a taste of the quality spankings they go in for. More at HAND SPANKING JAPAN here.

May 212014

spanking sarah


From Sarah: “This is a new departure for me, I get to show the soft and loving side of my nature, well not quite but there are steps in that direction. Jadie is my girlfriend and when she is out late i worry about her. When she finally does come home I have to question her and then punish her for cheating on me. I start off with a real hard spanking on her bare bottom but this just seems to make her pussy wet and her excited. What to do? ” A really nice spanking movie from Sarah and her pals – watch a preview trailer here.

May 192014

english spankers

COSPLAY Spanking with Aleesha.

Make ‘em dress up in sexy uniforms I say! Here taking that sage spanking advice is Sarah Bright who is putting new girl Aleesha Fox through her paces as her new employee at the Sexy Cleaning Company. That kinky French maid outfit goes a long way and makes spanking her ass a whole lot more fun. Check out this hot preview trailer for this movie here.

May 182014

spanking otk spanking otk

BOTTOMS BLAZING with Leia Ann Woods.

An American spanker abroad with cute Sarah Gregory dishing out an old fashioned English spanking to naughty London babe Leia Ann Woods. Sarah and Leia Ann are roommates. Leia is visiting from England and uses Sarah’s cell phone to make some long distance calls without Sarah knowing. When Sarah gets a bill for $500 from her mobile company, to say she is pissed off is an understatement. Not only will Leia pay back the money, she will also pay Sarah back by taking a hard spanking and caning. Check out the awesome preview pix above and for more from this gallery click here.

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