Jan 052015

pixie pixie-spanking

Into 2015 with a spanking memory classic from PUNISHED BRATS USA and one of their – and mine- favourite girls in cute blonde babe Pixie. Reminds me of your typical girl next door gone bad and in need of a good spanking young lady and with an awesome ass to spank. Sadly Pixie has pretty much retired from being spanked on camera so this is a good time to check out this great spankee! PUNISHED BRATS click here.

Jan 022015

alison miller ass 2 alison miller spanked alison Miller spanking

Guys, what a great way to start the YEOWCH spanking year than with a new movie with Alison Miller from FIRM HAND SPANKING USA – always one of my favourite spanked gals. Here she is getting her awesome arse spanked hard with a ping pong paddle. Love her tight shorts. Sign up to FHS and gain access to great spanking movies and galleries featuring some of the hottest spank stars like Alison Miller, Samantha Woodley, Belinda Lawson and many more. Click here for a free preview of their latest movies!

Dec 272014

american-ass-spanking american-ass-spanking-1

Guys, the things spanking people get up to during Christmas! Like John and Sarah at TRIPLE A SPANKING in their new movie Sassy Shenanigans: It was Christmas Eve, Sarah and John were staying with friends for a holiday vacation in Vegas! Once again she gave her man reason to get upset with her tardiness and attitude when he made a reasonable request for her to hurry up for the evening meal. Most of their friends were already downstairs waiting and John excused their lateness by phone so he could give his beautiful lady an intimate and naughty “good girl” spanking there and then! Sometimes he liked that bad little inner girl showing up and he couldn’t help but play with and spank her as couples do when they are in love. You will see lots of intimacy, excitement and very erotic spanking positions you might expect from this pair behind closed doors in a special homage to what spanko couples get up at this time of year. Merry Christmas! Click here for a FREE gallery of pix!

Dec 222014

ella-hughes-caning-1 ella-hughes-caning-2

New girl Ella Hughes tastes the nasty cane in SPANKING SARAH’s cool new movie available onsite. “Ella Hughes is now pretty established in the spanking world but as usual I have the very first films of this beautiful new comer. This is the last part of my initial interview with her, I have previously spanked her and strapped her and now she is to get the thing she most fears, the cane. She has her doubts about this nasty toy but bends over with her pert bottom in the air. Now it is her first time but she will get the cane in exactly the same way that I always cane, hard!” Ooooo!! Click here for a free preview gallery of the lovely Ella!

Dec 192014

denim spanking

SARAH GREGORY SPANKING update: Denim ass spanking otk for new girl Angel. “You know why you’re here, don’t you? Don’t ever do this again! You put yourself at risk, others, and you upset me.” John says to his submissive as this video opens. Angel and John are in a D/s relationship. The premise of this video is Angel has misbehaved and she is waiting for her dom to punish her. We as the viewers don’t know exactly what it is that she is being punished for except that she has put herself and others at risk. Her punishment includes, hand spanking, HARD strapping, and a caning. She will not soon forget this difficult lesson. Click here for a whole free gallery from this new series!

Dec 152014


SPANKING SARAH Update: Satine Spark had to endure a spanking because she came to make a hairy pussy sex and glamour film with marks on her bottom. After the spanking she said she may like to make a spanking film and that is why Sarah Stern is about to give this naughty young beauty the paddling of her life. She is naked as she bends over to take the full hard paddling on her bottom with the nastiest paddles Sarah can findClick this link for a free gallery of Satine Sparks pix from this movie!

Dec 122014


NEW HD mature schoolgirl cosplay from NORTHERN SPANKING with Jenna Jay and Rosie Ann. Rosy Ann finds herself in detention for the third time in a term. As Jenna, with whom Rosy was caught fighting, has just found out, in the third detention, your knickers are taken down and your bottom is introduced to the tawse. Rosy is not looking forward to her fourth detention. Click here for an exclusive free preview!

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