May 072015


Bloomers!! Love this new movie from Triple A Spanking USA already! What Rosie wants: Rosie wanted to be spanked and punished in a variety of positions of her choosing. Knowing Rosie, we knew that this would be interesting and you will not be disappointed. She started off getting spanked upside down in a cute pair of white open crotch bloomers… she suspended herself from a high bar using her arms and legs wrapped around it for support. This was a precarious position but her core strength and agility won out against John’s hand as he reddened her bottom up nicely. This was only the warm up as Rosie next asked to be spread on a spanking bench and caned hard with fast and furious strokes mixed with some very thuddy ones which really got the endorphins flowing. Her third installment was on a St Andrews Cross that she had seen. She was tied to it and given two of the meanest heaviest straps in our arsenal. One was a rarely used double thick, double stitched leather strap with a lot of impact and the other was a never before used large rubber strap from Caniac that no girl had dared take on… until now! Anyone who knows how horrible heavy rubber is will understand that you do not need much of a swing for this to hurt. John took large swings of it anyway and Rosie was just up to the task! Finally she was impressed by our addition of a brand new dense oak wooden spoon (very ouchy!). This final request was for a kitchen scene and where this awesome video ended with her getting countless swats and whacks with this implement. In all, there are 24 minutes of non stop hard hitting punishment action for you to view and this video features special “slo-mo” scenes as well as bonus footage at the end!  View a gallery of exclusive pix here!

May 052015


Here’s one for the UK spank mag collector – PHOENIX #1. Very hard to find these days. PHOENIX was one I used to buy every other month as it was published bi-monthly and lasted for about 40 issues. I liked it because it was one of those rare spanking magazines that featured sex in their stories and had a bit of fun with it. Good magazine.

May 032015

slut spanking

New from now USA based Northern Spanking is this cool little preview gallery called “Slut Monday” with Ginger Sparks. The movie tells the story of a harried office manager having to discipline one of his junior data analysts for taking the concept of dress-down Friday quite a lot too far!  This is a story I have wanted to film for some time and it proved a perfect role for Ginger, her ad-libbed dialogue and timing are superb.  This might well become one of my top ten Northern Spanking films ever!  View a preview here!

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