Dec 162016


This one is all about the hair. A mane of fiery red with maybe a temper to match. What better way to cool that temper than making her other end as red as the hair on her head. Then there’s her spectacles. Sensible spectacles. A curious mix of the cute, the hot, the studious and the dangerous. Hot red hair is cool. She knows that you know that as she waits for her OTK spanking. She knows that you want to see more..

>>More of this HOT RED HEAD at GIRL SPANKS GIRL – click here<<


Dec 152016

danielle hunt spanks spanked spanking otkHOT SPANKING AT MIKE’S 50’s DINER: Episode 2. “St Catherine’s Girl Spanked.”

spanking babes ass in uniform

sexy danielle hunt spanked spanking spank otkHARD F/F BOTTOM SMACKING AT SPANKED IN UNFORM

These lot need to slow the fuck down. Seriously! They’re putting out new updates so fast I can hardly keep up with them. Which is a totally good thing of course if yer waiting for the latest hot episode from SPANKED IN UNIFORM, the brilliant Dutch (!!) website dedicated to sexy euro babes getting their marshmallows soundly spanked. This newest info and pix are from their new retro serial “Mike’s 50’s Diner” which as you can see has a nice Americana vibe and features the hot Danielle Hunt taking matters into her own hands and spanking a naughty young miss in her school uniform otk. Seriously silly, sensationally sexy and always bum hot and you can check out more by clicking the pix or link below. Worth it as SIN is one of the Internets top spanking themed websites.


Dec 152016

northern spanking

Bonjour again les spankee des gross derriere fans to another whizzo post from your friendly neighbourhood bunged up with the worst flu EVER spanking blogger. Now I know where the term “meth head” comes from as my steaming carcass is brimming over with all sorts of exotic sounding medicines to cure my ills. In other words, if there was a witch doctor in the local phone book I’d be on the blower pronto as I am, to be perfectly blunt, as sick as a fucking poodle. No matter! Onward and upward we go with an awesome NURSE ALERT update from the always cheers me up NORTHERN SPANKING. The above preview pix is from their latest gallery and stars Head Matron Sarah demonstrating to a young NURSE Sally Sparks that a good bare arsed spanking is always the best medicine in the end. And we all agree with that I’m sure. Excellent photo from the first part of a three part gallery series in their huge archive. PLEASE CLICK HERE to visit the brilliant NORTHERN SPANKING website with years of movies and galleries to view and download if you sign up.

Dec 142016

aaa spanking ass

AAA SPANKING new movie alert! OTK Spanking of Joey Delilah: This was the very 1st film we made when Triple A attended the 2013 Shadowlane Party. Two lovely “Texan gals” were contacted in advance and we caught up with them both on the opening nights to arrange a time and place in amongst all the serious play that went on at such events! Joey, featured in this film, was our 1st Texan lady to appear at our site and had a “mighty purrty” bottom. She had never been to a large event like this so was enjoying all the attention of getting her bottom spanked on a regular basis for being naughty, something she proudly showed us before we got down to business, bringing back all the red bottom marks from the previous night back with a good solid OTK hand spanking and hairbrush punishment. Meeting Joey was a genuine pleasure from a real player who could take the punishment she was given without too much talking back or bratting which she had admitted she was often guilty of and was learning quickly what happened every time she got real sassy! Click here for an awesome free gallery from this movie!

Dec 132016

spanked in uniform

spanked in uniform

Hey guyz, check out this great update at SPANKED IN UNIFORM with hot nurse Scarlett getting her perfect ass soundly spanked by her colleague. Awesome spanking in uniforms and it’s nice to see Mike back in the swing of things. Click here for more free preview pix from this movie and be sure to check out their other great “uniform” spanking series!

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