Nov 262014

aleesha fox

TRIPLE A SPANKING presents American babe Aleesha Fox in their brand spanking new movie “Workshy Aleesha.” Aleesha & her mistress, Zoe Page, had an unusual relationship. She was Zoe’s property to do with as she wished. Zoe had arranged several spanking session assignments for Aleesha earlier that day so was keen to find out how much she had earned for them both. So imagine Zoe’s disappointment when she handed over not very much and was asked to show off her bottom. It wasn’t particularly marked suggesting that she had gone lightly, taken less money or even taken a bit for herself! Mistress was rather disappointed with this deceitful behaviour and decided that Aleesha needed a reminder of what it was she was sent out to do. These girls had great chemistry together and it shows in this often humorous and extremely watchable spanking film which saw Zoe use the hairbrush on Aleesha’s amazing bubble butt! Click here for a nice free preview gallery!


Nov 212014


DREAMS OF SPANKING have a brand new naughty girl movie released today and its all rather splendid. Alex and Pandora are in serious trouble. Their friends Maddy and Christy bravely step forward, so headmaster Paul Kennedy canes all four schoolgirls – six of the best, straight on the bare. Click here for more preview pix and a clip!

Nov 192014

tears2-6 tears2-12

PUNISHED BRATS is a spanking website that I really need to promote more of on YEOWCH as it is fucking awesome. PB is a small niche American site that just loves to spank, belt, strap and paddle all the naughty girls in their neighbourhood and the results are spectacular as you can see in these preview pix of Bianca Rose and her well thrashed bum! More at PUNISHED BRATS click here.

Nov 172014


News from John and his girls at TRIPLE A SPANKING: “The Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival 2 – We have 3 short films which kicks off another special “Festival of Kink” here at Triple A Spanking. All 3 of these girls may not be shy and certainly not afraid to show off their most private parts to us, the eye bulging viewers… but they had never been spanked in this position before and soon realized just how embarrassing and vulnerable they would feel as they laid over John’s lap, legs akimbo, with their bottoms high in the air and the blood rushing to their heads. Only now would each girl realize the full extent of what they had let themselves in for… Sensual, erotic with the feel of a very submissive good girl spanking scenario, please congratulate these 3 marvellous ladies who dared to bare all in this most revealing of bare bottom spanking positions!” Take a free preview onsite tour here!


Check out this awesome new Loyalty membership promotion – more spanking for your bucks!

Nov 172014


No one looks better being spanked in stockings and suspenders than English babe Amelia Jane Rutherford. Spanking her arse looks so much fun with those long legs kicking with each hard  spanking. Our dear friend the London Tanner has devised a way of getting innocent young ladies to take off their knickers and willingly go over his knee for a spanking. How does he do this you ask? Well you have to watch the film to find out but it really does work and he does dish out one hell of a spanking to poor Amelia Jane Rutherford. Her bottom is still red and sore. Check out this big free gallery from this movie click here.

Nov 152014

academy_j001 academy_j003

19 with the cane for Jodi Biltimore!



Nipple peeking Stacy Stockton spanking – hee hee.

Whoops, nearly forgot to post about this new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING with two hot American babes getting spanked and caned in their brand new movies. Excellent fun as always and more preview pix and trailer clips can be seen click here.

Nov 152014


“Where women rule and men do the hoovering!”

In my last YEOWCH update post, I said I was chewing on the idea of expanding my network of adult blogs and trying something a little different. Well, here we go: I’ve finally dipped my big toe into the Femdom and Clothed Female Nude Male fetish and am currently joining various sites and setting up the blog. Amazing how many websites there are devoted to these things – far more than general m/f spanking sites – so it’ll be interesting to see how this does visitor wise. So if your thing is female domination check out my new blog at the link above – cheers!

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