Apr 272017

spanking arse english spanking NPP7181020 spanking england

Bad girl April loves her arse spanking on English Spankers! Kodders is a regular member of the Strand production team and now he wants to learn to spank ladies bottoms. We thought the best thing to do would be to get him alongside Sarah with a new model who was not used to being punished and then to train him. Well he did soon get into the swing of things. Once he watched Sarah rip open April’s pantyhose and start to paddle her bottom he was eager for a try himself. He did quite well and so he went onto a more complicated lesson, spanking a lady in the diaper position. Wow, April certainly took to that and so did our two spankers. Good hard paddling in this film and it’s quite rude to. Visit Sarah’s awesome site click here!

Apr 262017

spanking american sarah gregoryNEW TO YEOWCH2 – THE HOT SEXY SARAH GREGORY SPANKED!

hot sexy american babe sarah gregory spanking spanked otkTHE TOTALLY SPANKABLE AMERICAN BRAT SARAH GREGORY

American sarah gregory spankedWHAT AN OUTSTANDING BOTTOM!

Introducing an awesome spanking website to YEOWCH 2 readers. SARAH GREGORY SPANKING is a personal website run by the sexy lady herself and features loads of hot pix and movies from her spanking adventures. These are from her latest shoot and is called “Good Old Fashioned Brotherly Love” where her exasperated brother has to pick her up from a party as she’s had one drink too many and can’t drive home. He’s so pissed off with his hot sister he gives her a good hard hand and hairbrush spanking for being such a brat. As you can see, Sarah is one hot lady and has an outstanding arse which can take a good firm thrashing. Fantastic and very hot spank movie with lots of pussy and ass shots into the bargain. Sarah has created a great personal website for her fans so click the pix or links to check it out asap.


sarah gregory spanking

Apr 262017


spanking samantha woodley hard otk spaned– click here to see Sammy get her ass whupped –


It’s hot enough spanking one sexy ass at a time but TWO?! WOWZERS. I could do that – no problemo. Easy peezy. The more bare bum cheeks the merrier. Especially if they belong to Samantha Woodley and Alison Miller as you can see in the above new update pix from FIRM HAND SPANKING. These are fucking great and a fine example of the quality of spanking stuff FHS are producing for spank fans in their members section. A single monthly sign up to their website is fantastic value as you get access to loads of hot spanking photo’s and movies. Click the pix or link below to see for yourself.


Apr 252017

spanked nursesST ELIZABETH HOSPITAL: Episode 32 “Home Care part 1”

hot women spanked in kinky uniforms

hot nurses spanked otk


I give this new update from SPANKED IN UNIFORM a 11/10 as it features sexy women dressed as hot nurses who end up getting their bottoms spanked. There is just something about a woman in the most worthy of professions having her knickers taken down so she can get a spanking that rubs me up the right way. Here we have the delightful Catherine giving Nicky Montford a “it’s either me or him” punishment and it is terrific and sexy. Click the pix or link below to see more previews and how you can sign up to see a whole load of women spanked in various uniforms. Brilliant website that is updated often. Great value for money.


Apr 242017

belinda lawson firm hand spanking

Sexy Spanking cosplay with FIRM HAND SPANKING starlet Belinda Lawson in a naughty uniform!

The slipper bounces off Belinda Lawson’s bare buttocks, setting them rippling
The jaw-dropping sight of Belinda Lawson’s bare bottom being soundly slippered from multiple angles in Dreams of Spanking is a special treat. Bent over a desk in school uniform, the second part of her latest punishment is all part of a dream – or a nightmare!
“The slipper is my least favorite implement,” she admits. “It stings so bad on bare skin!”

 For a free preview and more awesome FHS updates click here!!

Apr 242017

The Amtrak pulled into the station and announced its arrival with a bellow of compressed steam as it came to a halt and the waiting passengers began to board.

Overhead the sky was winter blue and the air was crisp as I picked up my bag and stepped up onto and into the carriage and made my way to a free seat. At that time of the evening there were few people travelling so there was only a smattering of fellow travellers dotted here and there in my carriage making the journey a pleasant and quiet one as I opened my pack and took out a book to read to while away the miles.

Just as the train was due to leave there was flurry of activity as a young man and woman ran past my window and got on board with moments to spare as the guardsman blew his whistle allowing the train to depart on schedule.

As the locomotive cranked into gear, I glanced up and smiled as they stumbled awkwardly towards the double-facing seat behind me. “That was close.” I said with a smile to the man who was trying to shove his luggage into the overhead rack. He was tall, dark, suntanned and looked about 20 – a regular jock.

He gave me a brief nod and blew out his cheeks. “Yeah. Real rush.” he replied as he slid into his seat as his companion stared at him with a frown on her pretty face. And she was pretty. A shapely lass who looked about a year younger than him with a shock of auburn curly hair that framed her expressive features and which turned to a deep blood red as the shafts of the late evening sun fell across it. She was wearing a denim shirt under a black jacket and a full length crumpled flower-power pleated skirt from where a pair of well worn sneakers peaked. Aye, definitely pretty in my book. She was still trying to shove her pack into the rack above her head with a strength born of frustration and anger. Her boyfriend – or whatever – was sat chin in hand staring out of the window ignoring her.

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Apr 232017


Check out this cool post spanking shot with Amelia Jane from the final 6/6 part of Northern Spankings “Come Here, Amelia Jane!” photo series that has just been uploaded to their huge archive. Amelia Jane must have the most spanked bottom in spankedom! Only available to members click here for more info on this awesome website!

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