Sep 092014

spanked in uniform

spanked in uniform

Episode 10

Close The Curtains!

Starring: Amelia Jane Rutherford


Fantastic update today from SPANKED IN UNIFORM. One of the Agency’s most sexy and popular maids was sent to Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Amelia, as usual, did her best. There was however one problem. When Amelia did her striptease and sexy dance, she forgot to close the curtains and the neighbours called the police. No charges were filed but for that reckless behaviour I had to punish Amelia. I used the carpetbeater as she loves hand spanking too much and it was a punishment.

More awesome pix of Amelia Jane in uniform click here!

Sep 042014

firm hand spanking


“OH YEAH!!” as a certain raccoon would say at this awesome new movie series from FIRM HAND SPANKING featuring the amazing red head Alison Miller. Coloring her hair red makes Mr Anderson reluctant for Alison Miller to join a student visit to Europe. A sound spanking outside over his knee in Seniors Gone Wild makes her bubble butt wobble for 182 smacks! Monica Bouget makes a welcome return too.  Check out more hot preview clips and pix here!

Aug 312014

english ass spanking

Now THAT is a well spanked ass! A Bronx “Tail”: It would seem you can not always take The Bronx out of the girl when Joelle was on a special school vocational study well away from the NYC suburbs that she so loathed, she was even given a smart new uniform to better represent herself and make her folks proud of her. Oh she did that alright, by shortening the dress to a very unacceptable standard. This was something that her long suffering and well meaning stepfather, Robert, had struggled with and he felt ashamed to be accompanying her when he had seen what she had done to the uniform! The only way he knew how to manage this naughty girl was to ensure she’d remember more of his old fashioned values that she seemed to have quickly forgotten from The Bronx. He felt compelled to remind her that her actions had consequences as Joelle received a rather long and humiliating spanking punishment across her bare bottom with his hand and a hairbrush to teach her respect and decorum! More free Triple A Spanking pix preview gallery click here!

Aug 282014



Top American spank website presents English rose Amelia Jane Rutherford in a cool new movie. Stunning model Amelia Rutherford wins a lucrative new fragrance contract in Rogue Model, so her agent Christian Fennington celebrates by giving her a final bare spanking! At last, she can relax and smile through the pain of 200 smacks over his knee: perfect! Check out more previews here from their latest update!

Aug 272014

spanking pix spanking-lesbians-2 spanking pix

Nice. Nubile nude spankings from the latest ENGLISH SPANKERS movie update. Poor Ella Hughes is firmly in the grasp of her college tutor who is now resorting to blackmail to get her wicked hands on this lovely young body. When Ella resists  the come on she is made to strip naked and then to bend over for a fearsome session with the strap, taws and paddle. The tutor uses all her strength to inflict the maximum pain to this porr girls tender bottom, the results are plain to see. Awesome.  Watch a FREE PREVIEW here guys!

Aug 252014

amelia jane rutherford amelia jane rutherford


Grrrrrrrrrr, long legs, tight ass, a short skirt and a cheerleader spanked in the latest movie at TRIPLE A SPANKING UK. And bloody awesome it is as well! Amelia’s Swearing Owl: Head Cheerleader Amelia Jane Rutherford was summoned to meet the team’s owner, Mr Osborne, who was far from pleased with the disruption caused to recent cheer practices with her new plushie toy… a seemingly innocent looking owl that swore and said very rude things when pushed in its’ tummy. He was deeply offended that some of his God fearing girls might be upset at such a filthy, foul mouthed toy as it had been passed around the changing rooms much to Amelia’s amusement. The only way for her to learn that this was very wrong was for a short sharp shock punishment which involved a painful hand spanking and a humiliating panties down hairbrush discipline session on her bared cheeks. If the potty mouthed owl doesn’t raise your blood pressure, then the sight of Amelia dressed in this tight cheer costume, panties down, will surely do it! More previews here gang!

Aug 222014

spanked in uniform

Episode Seven: The Sports Centre Interview

Starring: Amelia Jane Rutherford.

amelia jane spanked 2

Awesome new spanking movie guys – check it out asap! The SIU team was honoured to participate in an international Badminton tournament and they beat the Russians 26-12. After that match Amelia Jane rutherford was interviewed on national TV in the program Sports Centre. She revealed that their Coach is an Ogre and that he spanks the girls!. You can imagine what happened to her bottom when Coach Mike caught up with her. Not only did she receive a jolly good spanking but she also had to sit for 1 hour on the dreaded Punishment Stool.

spanked in uniform


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