Naughty Spanking for lovely Isobel Wren.


Oooo, here’s a kinky bit of spanking for ya from Triple A Spanking. Isobel’s Wheelbarrow Spanking: Isobel knew about the “Wheelbarrow Club” and had seen some videos so had some idea of what this special membership meant! She was a little nervous at being in such a submissive and revealing position… which she confirmed how it felt like being unable to anticipate or imagine her spankings and how she must look from the rear angle. This, as we have always said, is part of the attraction and why we do this position so well as we “get it” and pass that knowledge on to our ladies. Isobel was naturally submissive and this was one to tick off her “Bucket List” having never done anything quite like this before. After we ensured that Isobel was comfortably positioned, her spanking began, lightly at first, gauging how she would respond with the blood rushing to her head. Then her spankings got harder and more stinging as her pert bottom was open to having her vulnerable “sit spots” spanked and turned red in front of our eyes for the very first time. She got what she wanted, more new headspace sensations as her bottom was spanked, caressed and played with. Welcome Isobel, to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club. Click here for a free preview!

Boys are Trouble for Shannon!

“A Hard Spanking for Shannon”

Sexy pupil Shannon has been caught doing rude things with the boys of the upper 6th form at school. After a stern telling off from the Headmaster she is spanked hard on her tight school knickers and then on the large bare bottom. A great new fun adult schoolgirl spanking movie from Sexy Sarah and her chums. CLICK HERE to check it out along with oodles of top quality English spanking stuff!!


Hard Shadowlane Caning for Zoe Montana.


english ass spanking


zoe montana spanking

Fucking “YEOWCH!!!” Yikes, the new movie update at John Osbourne’s excellent TRIPLE A SPANKING is one for those of you who prefer your spanking fetish on the hardcore side. 24 Stroke Cold Caning of Zoe Montana: John had a blast playing with Zoe Montana at the last Shadowlane Party and this film collaboration took place when they agreed on what she wanted… a good hard cold caning session for which he just happened to have a heavy 14mm Dragon Cane to do the job. Zoe requested that the cold caning should be on her thighs too and they arrived at a round number of 24 strokes delivered hard and cold. This film introduces Zoe to the site followed by the canings which took place in groups of six. After each stroke, Zoe wanted to process that feeling and in this film, for the very first time, mood music was produced with background tension music too with various camera angles, split screens and a few “slo-mo” impact shots as her bottom and thighs showed signs of the cold caning. As Zoe anticipated and processed the strokes John changed this a little by randomly chosing a spot without tapping to aim beforehand, making this particularly edgy for Zoe who admitted it got more intense! This film also includes the scenes of aftercare, with lotion carefully rubbed into her sore welts as well as plenty of hugs. This is a totally unique and amazing film that admirers of Zoe Montana and good hard caning techniques will enjoy immensely. CLICK HERE for a whole free gallery of movie preview pix!!

YEOWCH Spanking


One hot paddled bottom for Spanking Sarah!

From  SPANKING SARAH is the last episode in their mature Unladylike Manor series called “The Last Punishment” with Sarah getting a really hard bare arse spanking and paddling from Mr Stern. One of my favourite websites REAL LIFE SPANKING have a new female spanking female movie out with Dutch babes Cori and Rani smacking each others bottoms silly.  Nifty UK producers SPANKED CHEEKS UK have a new update with a movie called “Breaking Curfew part 2” which spanking-cheeks1looks pretty good for fans of mature women in uniform and sexy stockings getting punished.

Top USA spankers FIRM HAND SPANKING have just uploaded their latest trio of spank films to their spank house with the well spanked bottoms belonging to hot babes Adrienne Black, Katherine St James and new girl, Tiffany Bennett.

Finally, NORTHERN SPANKING have the last part in their series called “Taking Advantage” ready to rock and roll and has bratty American brat Aleesha Fox in trouble and taking an over the desk nude strapping from her kinky blonde boss, Jade Reece. Love Aleesha’s tits and the lezzie kissy kissy bit at the end! Phew wot a sizzler!


Firm hand spanking for Adrienne Black.

Bad Girls Punished at Firm Hand Spanking USA.

Top American spank site have an awesome new update with some of the hottest spanked ladies in the business getting their perfect bums slapped and walloped for our entertainment – including Belinda Lawson and Alison Miller. Check out these exclusive clickable pix gallery above and click here for free video clip previews!!!

16 Strokes Across Her Bubble Butt.

lily white spanking

Check out bubble butt brat Lily White bent over for 16 strokes of the cane delivered by bossy FIRM HAND SPANKING bitch Alison Miller. A cool discipline movie update from this top notch spanking website. Click this link for a free preview clip and two  more awesome movies!

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