May 022017

lesbian spanking

Sarah and Imogen play girly lesbian lovers in this erotic new spank movie from REDSTRIPE SPANKING UK with Imogen getting her mature arse caned hard. Imogen has finally has to give in to her Lover Sarah. She has been beaten and abused in all manner of ways but now she has no alternative but to do as she is told. A punishment stool is produced and Imogen told to bend over it. What follows is a severe and painful caning using a heavy dragon cane that has just one job to do, to inflict pain to the bare bottom presented to it. It does that as is quite obvious. View more pix from this spanking movie in a free gallery here!

May 022017

english ass spanking

Now THAT is a well spanked ass! A Bronx “Tail”: It would seem you can not always take The Bronx out of the girl when Joelle was on a special school vocational study well away from the NYC suburbs that she so loathed, she was even given a smart new uniform to better represent herself and make her folks proud of her. Oh she did that alright, by shortening the dress to a very unacceptable standard. This was something that her long suffering and well meaning stepfather, Robert, had struggled with and he felt ashamed to be accompanying her when he had seen what she had done to the uniform! The only way he knew how to manage this naughty girl was to ensure she’d remember more of his old fashioned values that she seemed to have quickly forgotten from The Bronx. He felt compelled to remind her that her actions had consequences as Joelle received a rather long and humiliating spanking punishment across her bare bottom with his hand and a hairbrush to teach her respect and decorum! More free Triple A Spanking pix preview gallery click here!

May 012017


spanking otk amelia jane rutherford

spank otk amelia jane rutherfords bottomAMELIA JANE TAKES 33 STROKES OF HIS LEATHER BELT

It’s cold outside this November day but here’s something to put a bit of fire into the old pencil. An awesome update from FIRM HAND SPANKING featuring THREE of my favourite spanked ladies. Amelia Jane Rutherford, Melanie Taylor and the deliciously spankable Kelly Morgan. How’s that for a fantastic spanking orgy of hot pix goodness?! As ever they are top quality movies and are an absolute must see if you love all things American spanking with super cute gals with fabulous bottoms just waiting to be thrashed. Make mine a stiff pint pronto, Tonto. Click the various links or pix to go check out these superb new movies. FIRM HAND SPANKING really is on a roll lately with their fantastic content.




spank melanie taylor



spanking kelly morganKELLY MORGAN SPANKED OTK – AWESOME!!!

spank kelly morgan naked ass

spank otk kelly morgan– CLICK HERE to see KELLY MORGAN’S NEW SPANK MOVIE –

OK, that’s it. I’m going to go have a stiff drink and a lie down. This post has worn me out.

Hope you enjoyed these fantastic pix. I know I did.


May 012017

It was Friday night and the big city blues were in full swing. Amidst the swirl of alcohol and misty tobacco I was with a few of the (motley) crew from lower south side getting totally blitzed on cheap vodka and snakebites as we sat listening to the sound of rebellion coming from the Fat Larry jukebox.

Call me Joe by the way. At last count I’m 25 going on 40. Looks wise I’m tall, dark but nothing special at all. Anyway, I looked better in the shadows. In the shadows is what I do best these days. Give me a dark corner away from the bright city lights any time. Nothing beats living and riding on the cutting edge of twilight as day turns to dusk. No rules – No responsibility is my motto. Look after number one. Friday night was the night to hang loose with the band and watch the underworld come to life whilst listening to jumping jack flash having a gas gas gas.

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Apr 302017

adriana evans adriana evans adriana evans

Now this is how you spank a naughty girl hard! Love this movie from Sarah Gregory Spanking USA with the lovely Adriana Evans getting her fat arse spanked till its apple red and sore! Adriana Evans plays a stripper in Sarah Gregory Spanking, she is dancing for John Osborne when she tries to steal his wallet. When he threatens to tell the management and get her fired she quickly agrees to a punishment from him. John gives the naughty stripper a hard spanking over his knee and also in the humiliating wheelbarrow position.  Click here for a free preview!

Apr 302017

maddie jodhpurs spanking


Major wank material here with hot American gal Maddie getting her juicy arse thrashed in a pair of tight jodhpurs with her own riding crop.Maddy has just gotten back from her morning ride. When greeted at the door by her boyfriend, Paul, her heart sinks when she sees he’s holding her riding helmet. The helmet without which she is forbidden from riding, the one she has promised him before that she absolutely will not forget. Well, last time she was given a spanking and a warning of what would happen if she put her safety at risk again. So it’s not just a smacked bottom on the seat of her tight jodhpurs this time, Maddy is going to be horsewhipped, with her own riding crop to remind of her responsibility and of how much she is cared about. . Check out an exclusive free gallery of photo’s right here!!!!

Apr 302017

ass spanking alison miller

Wow, not so much the hot red head these days I guess for sultry FIRM HAND SPANKING USA babette Alison Miller and her awesome bubble butt ass. Here she is in her new movie getting her outstanding backside soundly walloped with a hairbrush that has he squealing like the big girl she is. Watch her ass turn bright red – click here for a free preview clip as well as more great updates on the worlds best ass spanking website!

Apr 302017

spanking-party-1 spanking-party-2

Hot big assed mature babes spanking action from ENGLISH SPANKERS today with naughty girl Ella Hughes at the mercy of two paddled wielding milfs in Sarah Bright and Ashleigh. “After Ashleigh has been punished the truth of the situation comes out, the real culprit is Ella and so now she will get the worst punishment she could imagine. Both Sarah and Ashleigh take leather paddles to her bare bottom and give her an hard paddling. Nothing is held back here she takes the hard paddle time after time on her bottom. The punishment does not end till she has tears in her eyes.” Oooooo! Click here for a free gallery preview guys!

***More hot previews coming soon so bookmark YEOWCH!***

Apr 292017

bottom_g001 bottom_g002

Whooooooooooo!! GREAT update from Firm Hand Spanking USA with 3 awesome movies starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alison Miller and Belinda Lawson. Check out all the free pix below and click here for more preview clips!


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