Jul 282017

amelia jane rutherford spanked


amelia jane rutherford spanking new movie


HOT NEW SPANKING SERIES! English rose Amelia Rutherford is soundly spanked by Richard Anderson in Marriage Guidance A special treat as Amelia-Jane Rutherford starts a brand-new series with screen husband Richard Anderson! They’re back from Marriage Guidance and Amelia doesn’t admit that some of their issues could be due to her behavior. Hmmmm. Perhaps a sound, bare spanking with hand and slipper? For fans of traditional otk spanking and hot sexy lingerie this is a great movie to check out. Amelia Jane is one of the top spankee’s in the business today and loves being spanked and punished as she’s a great little actress with an outstanding ass. Click the links to see a preview of her super new movie as well as other top spanking content at FIRM HAND SPANKING.

firm hand spanking with amelia jane rutherford


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Jul 272017

johdpurs spanking1

Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford in tight jodhpurs!

johdpurs spanking2

Nearly as good as seeing a nice big set of girly bumcheeks packed into a pair of tight denim jeans is seeing a nice big set of girly bumcheeks packed into a pair of tight jodhpurs! PANDORA BLAKE and her DREAMS OF SPANKING are of like mind in their latest movie with Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford getting the riding crop over their equestrian pair of pants. Very sexy. Like this one a lot – for more preview pix and a clip CLICK HERE!

Jul 272017

cheerleader spankikng sex

Guys, check out this great new movie update from AAA SPANKING. The Thieving Cheerleader: Please welcome our latest addition to our site, hot new girl, Lily Swan, dressed in her cute cheerleading costume. She was summoned to meet her English coach, Mr Osborne. Only that wasn’t her costume, she had forgotten hers for Cheer Practice… she had selfishly stolen one of the other girls outfits but this caused a lot of upset as the girl that she had taken the costume off was in a flood of tears, scared stiff that she would be punished! Lily had forgotten that Rebecca’s costume had her name sewn in to it so it was obvious that Lily had used Rebecca’s costume instead. In brief, Lily was not in the least bit remorseful until Mr Osborne gave her an ultimatum: Accept the punishment & return the uniform, teaching her the consequences of her actions… or get kicked out of the best cheerleading troupe in that area instantly! She reluctantly chose the 1st humiliating option, resulting in her tight fit toned buttocks spanked and strapped long & hard as she wriggled & bucked wildly from this painful discipline session. Lily then had to go to Rebecca as agreed, all humbled… & genuinely apologize for what she had done, showing Rebecca her bottom to prove that she had been thoroughly punished.  More free gallery preview pix here.

Jul 262017

sexy girls spanked in uniform

yeowch spanking blog uniform spanking

Yay! The latest update at the awesome SPANKED IN UNIFORM features my favourite girl from their site – Leandra. Love her naughty little smile as she gets her perfect arse spanked good and hard when wearing various kinky uniforms like her waitress one in the above preview pix. These are from the latest episode in their “Mike’s 50’s Diner” series and is fantastic. Great movie and a great website.


Jul 262017

yeowch spanking blogs

english spanking erotica at yeowch spanking blog


erotic english spanking yeowch spank blogs

Latest update from SARAH’S excellent spanking website has the stern er Mr Stern interviewing new girl Zara who’s a bit unsure if she wants to try this spanking lark. Being of silver tongue and firm spanking hand, Mr Stern persuades her to give it a try and in no time at all he has her removing her knickers and going over his lap for a good  old spanked bottom otk. Zara is a smasher and you can see more preview pix of her first spanking at the link below.


Jul 252017

Say hello to Trixie from the brilliant KANE Magazine here in the UK.

Very cute and bubbly with a terrific bum, Trixie appeared in a number of fantastic KANE movies and photo shoots during the 80’s/90’s. From memory, she was also in various editions of  BLUSHES and UNIFORM GIRLS. Bloody hell, those take me back to the good old days when the top shelf used to be full of spanking magazines. No longer the case these days sadly…

Jul 242017


Check out this awesome cover from 80’s UK spank mag Justice. Got to admit I was never a fan of the mag as it was pretty hardcore punishment themed and the stories honestly bored the fuck out of me. But every now and again they had some cool photostories like the French maid one above. Enjoy a trip back in time. Geez, where did all those UK spank mags go?

Jul 242017

hot japanese babes spanked and punished


My love of all things female bottom spanking is only matched by my love for Japanese women and culture. So when my two favourite thangs meet it’s like heaven on earth. There is just something about Japanese women being spanked which turns me on like nothing else. Maybe it’s their perceived submissive nature which adds an obvious spice and allure to them being spanked and punished. Check out the photo above – how fucking cool is that?! Outstanding.

Jul 232017



Alrighty everyone, I may be the “biggest chicken shit, no one goes within a light fucking year of my perfectly toned lilly white bum, you want to give me a spanking – get the fuck outta town, dude?!!!!” sort of guy but never let it be said your friendly neighbourhood webmaster isn’t willing to take a voyage on that other boat now and again. Soooooooo, I gets an email the other day from Sarah of Spanking Sarah fame going “HEY YEOWCH, CHECK OUT MY NEW SITE. I’M A TOTAL FEMDOM BITCH ON IT AND MEN ARE WIMPS!” Blimey, sez I. So I go and take a look. “YIKES!” Hairy arses, dangling dongers and swinging ball sacks everywhere. OH-KAY. Not my thing but it might be your thing – so go take a look. Sarah is great btw AND MEAN!!! Heh – click here for a sneak peek.

ps: Funnily enough, I’ve been thinking of doing a femdom blog recently – wheeeeeeeee.

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