Mar 042014

Enjoy a couple of quick clips from another MOONGLOW classic spanking movie called “Kelly & Jayne.” Jane, the secretary, and Kelly, the maid, work for CP author Mr. Coleman at his elegant and audacious house. Set in the sixties, his secretary is always 216773.cover.0surprised at the spanking scenes in Bob’s books, but worse he believes in putting into practice what he writes about. The two ladies have a difficult relationship and wind up fighting on several occasions, which gives Bob plenty of opportunity to smack their shapely bottoms. The maid is very pretty in her neat black and white outfit as her bottom is thoroughly reddened while the prim, starchy secretary is absolutely ripe for a sound spanking.

The film ends with both ladies receiving twelve strokes of the cane with their bottoms seen bouncing in the mirror while their faces illustrate the effectiveness of the Bob’s whippy cane. Check out this and many more classic spanking movies on the excellent HOT MOVIES website – click here.

Mar 042014

english spanking lexi (9)

english spanking lexi (16)

Charlie and Lexie are in trouble, they have been stealing money which should have gone to the grandmother, now she is dead and still they are taking the money. Lexie is now alone with the irate home help. She has just had her first ever beating and she is not a happy girl. A cane is produced and she is lectured and it is explained to her that she is to be caned until she can’t take any more. This is her very first caning and there is no holding back. She agrees that punishment is called for and takes every stroke. She screams and shouts but to no avail, the strokes keep coming. Click here to watch a free hot preview clip from this ENGLISH SPANKERS movie!

Mar 022014

punished brats punished brats

Ahoy hoy everyone. Check out this cool new movie from a really neat USA spank site called PUNISHED BRATS. Main claim to fame is that its home to Pixie, one of spankings top models and here she is on the other side of the paddle dishing it out to poor Audrey. With party guests soon to arrive, Pixie couldn’t find a dress she had planned to wear. She was shocked to see Audrey wearing her dress while not wearing panties. Pixie knows how to handle her intrusive roommate, a hard strapping on her bare bottom.

As Pixie straps her roommate’s bare bottom, Audrey promises never to touch Pixie’s belongings without asking. When Pixie is satisfied that Audrey has learned her lesson, she requires that her roommate remove everything that belongs to her, leaving Audrey standing naked and humiliated in the living room! Audrey has an awesome bum!  Click here for more PUNISHED BRATS

Mar 012014

spanking professionals

spanking professionals

G’day possums, brand new month get’s off to an awesome start on YEOWCH with a couple of exclusive pix from the third and final part of NORTHERN SPANKING’S new HD movie “The Spanking Professionals.” Check out 50′s style Scarlot Rose getting a spanking in her retro lingerie in this excellent episode. Really nice movie for those of us who like watching classy women getting spanked. Click here to visit NS. Highly recommended site.

Feb 282014

fun spanking

Naughty double team naked man spanking fun in the latest movie from Pandora Blakes excellent romantic spank site DREAMS OF SPANKING with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey. On a girls night in Caroline and Amelia hire a spanking strippergram, a hunk in uniform called  “Corporal Punishment” whose photo shows off his lovely muscular arms. When he arrives, Amelia is stunned to discover that it’s her new boyfriend Will. He hadn’t told her he was a stripper – and neither of them knew the other liked spanking! Amelia insists that Caroline firmly punish him for keeping secrets from her. And since they’ve already paid, he might as well do his sexy striptease routine. After that the girls can’t resist the temptation to go over his knee and try out the spanking capacity of those strong-looking arms! Click here for more free previews!

Feb 272014


1st choice spanking

classic spanking

classic spanking

classic spanking

Huh. Typical. There’s the randy old bugger flirting with a couple of cute floozies when the girlfriend finds out about their little games. To his – and their – surprise, his lass decides to teach the two slappers a painful lesson by way of a good spanking, paddling and caning! This cool retro movie is the latest update at the excellent 1st Choice Spanking – home to many classic English spanking movies. Click here to watch a preview trailer!

Feb 262014

spanked in uniform

spanked in uniform

Hey guyz, check out this great update at SPANKED IN UNIFORM with hot nurse Scarlett getting her perfect ass soundly spanked by her colleague. Awesome spanking in uniforms and it’s nice to see Mike back in the swing of things. Click here for more free preview pix from this movie and be sure to check out their other great “uniform” spanking series!

Feb 242014

northern spanking

New from Northern Spanking is a neat little two parter called “Dishes” with sophisticated Scarlot Rose in charge of Nimue Allen’s naughty maid with a big bottom in trouble spanking situation. Just as well there’s a carpet beater handy! Cool pix and fun addition to their huge archive of spanking erotica. Click here to check out NORTHERN SPANKING right now!

Feb 222014

cheerleader spanking

cheerleader spanking

AAA SPANKING has a terrific new movie for fans of naughty cheerleaders getting a good spanking in their uniforms. The Cheeky Cheerleader: Lola was feeling a little highly strung before her latest cheergirl practice session. She was already late so coach Osborne had planned to pick her up to speed things along… Lola had been staying at Dave’s place & John let himself in shouting for her to come down but Lola had found a better way to relieve her stress by fingering herself off & just as she was nearing her orgasm, he came into the room to see her… legs splayed wide apart, stroking her wet excited pussy! Lola showed little shame when he asked her to explain the situation & decided that this madame needed a good hard spanking & the hairbrush used across his lap & with her on all fours over the bed, panties down, to humiliate this naughty minx. We are not sure if this punishment had the desired effect on Lola, but it was a hard discipline session that included powerful strokes of the brush & smacks of his hand across her thighs to focus this minx on why she was being punished! Lola Marie looks stunning in this blue cheer uniform, half undressed & splayed out for her spanking: You will not be disappointed!  Click here for more free preview pix and how to watch the whole movie.

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