Oct 022017

spanking dolly


Big into the older woman/younger male types of spanking themes and stuff so #9 is a firm favourite for this fan. Think this photo is from a long defunct UK spanking magazine called Derriere and I just love those fishnet stockings the Stewardess is wearing. Her obvious embarrassment at having to bend over and stick her big mature arse up in the air just adds to the erotic awesomeness of it.

Oct 022017


New movie at TRIPLE A SPANKING has curvy Sarah Gregory in an awesome Victorian style dress.  Creepy Dolly Spankings: Sarah had a problem with collecting too many dolls in her room, she even dressed up as one and it was decided that this type of behavior had to stop. She had been told multiple times to go outside more and explore the great outdoors in her free time but she just wanted to sit in her room playing with her dolls and toys.

Sarah was asked to start removing the clutter from her vast collection but instead she bought another doll to add to it. This was the final straw for stepdad John, who had the task of spanking this brat over his knee and giving her a further humiliating punishment with her cute panties pulled down. She was given one last night with her creepy collection to reflect on her punishment as the next day her bedroom would be cleared of the many dolls sat there collecting dust! Click here for more!

Oct 012017

aaa spanking

G’day gang, another day another top spanking update! This one is a good ‘un from the excellent AAA SPANKING. I’m so Disappointed: Adriana had been given more independence and the use of John’s convertible on his insurance policy now that she was 21 years old. However, this freedom and his trust were tested when he received a warning from the police about her erratic driving behaviour and the fact that she had an open bottle of liquor in the car. They could find no criminal act but warned her guardian before she returned home when they checked the licence plate of his car. Adriana got back later from cheer practice and refused to admit what had happened which so disappointed John that he felt he had no option but to teach her a lesson about lying and dishonesty the only way he knew how! A series of ever more painful and humiliating strappings and paddlings until Adriana’s tears were streaming down her face, proof that she certainly would try harder to avoid such nasty and severe punishments in future! This is her very first film released with our company and we are sure you will appreciate just what this amazing girl can take! She is sure to become a big hit with members. Click here for more free pix from this movie!

Sep 302017


Katherine Askew – New model at Firm Hand Spanking.

Wowzers, what an awesome update this week from top American spank website Firm Hand Spanking with 3 new movies featuring new girl Katherine Askew, Melanie Taylor & Danni Daniels and well caned Karen Hughes! Be sure to check them out here!

Sep 292017

Here we go with some new awesome pix from Firm Hand Spanking USA. Check them out!!!

Initiation goes wrong and Laurel Brooks pays for it with a15-swat paddling!
Bent over in skin-tight jeans, Laurel Brooks grits her teeth as Sorority Sister Alison Miller measures the swing to her jutting bottom with a long wooden paddle. 15 swats called out loud and clear is the penalty for being caught with live chickens for a college prank during class. It’s one serious ass-busting: Reaction Cam replays show Laurel’s face!
35 with a stinging leather strap, but Belinda provokes Earl Grey into 15 extra!
Is Belinda Lawson crazy? Her curvy bare buttocks ripple and bounce with 35 strokes from a smarting strap swung by Earl Grey. But she wants more and provokes him for an extra 15 hard licks on her reddened bare skin in Military Discipline: Asking for It. Slow-motion cheek jiggling replays plus behind the scenes chat about hating the slipper.
Rapid fire leather paddle spanking gives Alison Miller’s bare bottom the burn
Going to a gaming convention instead of looking for a job costs Alison Miller’s bubble butt a rapid-fire spanking with Patrick Bateman’s leather paddle – and he spanks hard and fast! Those buns are soon bouncing red in Gamer Addiction as he fires her up for disobeying his orders. It’s a challenge that tests her bottom and his swing!

Awesome stuff – click here for preview clips from these movies!

Sep 282017

23 year old Simpa is the latest naughty girl to join real life spankings. She is a charming, very sweet and cute young miss but she is in dire need of strict discipline applied to her lovely little bum. Her boyfriend Dave sends her to us if she has been naughty. She likes to shop and she spends way too much everytime. She also flirts and her manners leave something to be desired sometimes. Strict discipline and regular sore bottoms will cure her of that 🙂


Blimey, didn’t occur to me until I was surfing around my links that REAL LIFE SPANKINGS is actually the sister site to SPANKED IN UNIFORM – a site that I’m very partial too. RLS is excellent and has a large selection of very spankable ladies getting er spanked. Has a lovely sense of  amateurish realism in the best possible way with real spankings dealt out to real people. One of those real people being the sexy Simpa who has a number of exclusive movies for you to check out on her page. As with everything these days, you get what you pay for and REAL LIFE SPANKINGS is worth every penny. Excellent site.


Sep 282017

kami robertson spanked


kami robertson spanked

Bonjour Yeowch spank fans. Look what the spanking postman just delivered to my email box. ANOTHER hot movie from AAA SPANKING featuring one of my favourite models, Kami Robertson. In this one, John settles in his special basement cinema area for a Friday night of Sci-Fi DVDs catching up on looking over the same old story arcs again and again much to the annoyance of his long suffering partner, Kami Robertson. However, as Kami is about to find out, you should never part a geek with his precious Science Fiction fix unless you’re prepared for the consequences and John soon realises that she has removed all his box sets and he gets the truth out of her when she ends up over his knee for some special Friday Night Entertainment of his own that gives him a new found high… spanking Kami’s delicous pert rounded butt! She better get him his DVDs back soon before he gets a real taste for this Special Friday night “in house” entertainment! If you’re a fan of Kami and love watching her get her fabbo bum getting properly spanked then check out this new movie called “Geek Spanking.” CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF KAMI BEING SPANKED OTK

spanking kami robertson on her ass otk


aaa spanking otk


Hang on, I’m a geek. How come I don’t get to do that?!

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