Mar 062015


A nice erotically moody spanking shot with Clover Rock, Nimue Allen and Stephen Lewis in a new NORTHERN SPANKING movie called “Rules of the House.” Clover lifts her skirt as she watches her friend getting spanked otk in a scene from part 2 of 6 in this photo series. Really like this one and NS has over 10 years and hundreds of movies and galleries to check out in their members section, so if you join you get access to some of the best domestic spanking erotica out there. Good to see they’re going to update their main page soon as the one they have now is a bit bland. Click here to visit NORTHERN SPANKING!

Mar 052015



Sexy black tight lovers have a spanking treat with this new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. In the previous episode, Miss Sarah Stern has just handed out a punishment spanking to Bonnie May but she does not think that sufficient remorse was shown. This punishment has been requested by the girls boyfriend and has to be seen to be doing the job. Sarah decides that a session with a leather paddle on her bottom may have more effect, she is right. This young lady gets a real red and painful bottom. Click here for a free gallery!

Mar 042015


Hey gang, back again with a double movie update at TRIPLE A SPANKING and two awesome galleries of pix for you to check out.

Fantasy and Reality: This is a schoolgirl discipline film with a difference. Rosie is waiting for her detention punishment & has no idea what it will be…so she imagines two scenarios: The first is erotic & about as far from reality as possible when she gets turned on imagining that she gets a “good girl” hand spanking & a riding crop used on her intimate parts (well, it was Rosie’s weird fantasy punishment!). Then as she snaps out of that daydream, she fears that it is actually something far worse, & probably closer to what she is about to get… a hard, painful wooden paddling on her bare bottom. This she doesn’t like at all & as she comes back to her present predicament of waiting for her punishment… in walks her teacher with a heavy cane who promises Rosie that she will feel 12 hard strokes which you will see is done in an authentic & traditional no nonsense “matter of fact” way! You’ll see this punishment film develop from Rosie’s strange daydreams & fears to what actually happens over the space of the 17 varied minutes!
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Superstitious Spanker: Another debut, this time for Stevie Rose who is well known to viewers of spanking erotica in America. Stevie forgot to get John’s lucky jacket cleaned before their night out at the Hotel Casino & he felt he couldn’t go gamble because the jacket looked too dirty & creased. He was not best pleased, as Stevie soon found out, so told her this would be no simple OTK hand spanking this time… He had something far more humiliating planned for her as he wanted to ensure she wouldn’t forget this chore in future. She was spanked her on her bare bottom including a leather strapping across her cheeks… but this was far from the full punishment… At the end he told her to assume the “Wheelbarrow Position” – something she had dreaded since he informed her earlier that her “sit spots” were far more vulnerable in this position & he had no intention of missing them to make sure she’d be rather uncomfortable for some time after!  Click here for a free preview!

Mar 012015

belinda-lawson-spanking-1 belinda-lawson-spanking-2

Wow, just look at the thighs on American bad girl Belinda Lawson from FIRM HAND SPANKING in her latest spank movie “Perfect PA” where she ends arse over tit after being caught by her boss drunk. BIG BIG fan of Belinda and her gorgeous ass. More preview pix and a clip along with info on the new movies from Alison Miller and Camilla Scott – click here.

Feb 282015


Now THIS is the kind of domestic spanking situation I used to fantasize about way back before YEOWCH was a twinkle in my eye and was probably one of the main reasons I decided to have a go at writing spanking fiction. Always kinda liked the idea of an older in charge woman telling a younger lover exactly what turned her on – a good bare assed spanking on their double bed! Then afterwards they’d shag each other silly and end up the following morning reading the Times in bed before he went to work as a rocket scientist or something. Anyway, AWESOME photo. From long gone UK spank mag Swish.

Feb 282015

belinda-lawson-spanking-2 belinda-lawson-spanking-3 belinda-lawson-spanking-4

FIRM HAND SPANKING babe Belinda Lawson looks good enough to spank in her new movie where she has to bend over for 12 hard smacks from the paddle over her awesomely tight denim jeans. Dunno about you guys, but seeing a decent sized ass in denim bending over is the spanking business. More here including a free preview clip!