Jan 022017

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ENGLISH SPANKERS update. Bonnie gets an over tights and bare ass otk spanking from Miss Sarah in this new spanking movie from ES. A new series for English Spankers featuring young ladies sent to see Miss Sarah Stern because of their bad behaviour or because their partners think they need that extra bit of discipline. Bonnie is the first unfortunate and she will find herself bent over Sarah’s knee being spanked first on her tights and panties and then on the bare bottom. The hardest spanking hand around will soon bring forth some remorse in this young lady Loads of FREE pix of Bonnie being spanked in an exclusive gallery click here!

Jan 022017

northern spanking

Say hello to new girl Rosy Ann!

Blimey, another whizzer update from NORTHERN SPANKING! That’s 3 this week – awesome! “A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosy Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosy is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!”  View a free preview gallery here!

Jan 012017
English Spankers - Punishment of Eve Edgar

English Spankers – Punishment of Eve Edgar

ENGLISH SPANKERS: Eve Edgar has to report for punishment, it has been ordered by her husband and it must be humiliating and of a most severe nature. She is not willing at first to accept the punishment but realises she has no alternative. She is paddled strapped, cropped and caned, the results are plain to see. This is a genuine punishment and is filmed exactly as it happened we have her husband’s permission to use the video. Watch a preview trailer click here.

Spanking Sarah - Punishment for Ashley

Spanking Sarah – Punishment for Ashley

SPANKING SARAH: Busty teen babe Ashley has been expelled from senior school, at home she has been spanked and paddled but now she is in for something more. Her bad attitude calls for serious measures and the birch cane is chosen. This many stranded implement delivers a cruel pain covering the whole of her bottom, a long and painful punishment is delivered and she does not like it. Free preview movie click here.

Redstripe - Betrayed

Redstripe – Betrayed

REDSTRIPE: Sarah’s lover Imogen D’Arcy has told her she wants to leave her for another woman. Sarah she says is too violent for her, always wanting to tie and beat her. Sara cant allow her to leave and so ties her to the bed. Once secured Sarah can do what she likes with poor Imogen and she has some pretty painful ideas including paddles, straps and long whips. Check out a hot preview movie click here.



Dec 312016



Here is the simple story of a cute and guileless husband left temporarily unsupervised by his wife, who falls prey to the wiles of 2 neighborhood bad girls, who no man but a super stud could hope to satisfy. Chet (Butch Simms) at first steadfastly resists the girls’ voluptuous advances, trying to divert them with reasonable arguments, then to reform them with an old fashioned, over the knee spanking each. But the spanking only inflames the buxom vixens and they attack and ravish Chet with renewed enthusiasm. It is really more than one man can resist, and Chet at last gives in to their blandishments and proceeds to make love to them both.

We call this video Sex and Spanking Overload because after the first 18 minutes of good, solid spanking, the action pretty much switches gear to hard driving intercourse, as in deep, hot, throbbing sex. This video contains explicit penetration, plenty of head and lavish amounts of lesbian licks. Here is Gretta Carlson as you may have never seen her before, as avoracious sex kitten, who can’t get enough of her red blooded American Male quarry. We are also delighted to introduce the exciting Rikki Lixx, whose dainty, shapely bottom is one of the pertest to blush for our cameras. Rikki is a fun player, totally uninhibited but sweet and adorable too.

Triple X fans will agree that Sex and Spanking Overload does immense justice to the awesome proportions of Butch Simms, focusing closely on all the most interesting angles in this our stickiest, creamiest and most penetrating foray into explicit eroticism. Lesbian fans will also enjoy the affection displayed between Gretta and Rikki, two darlings with luscious bottoms, tireless lips and bosoms that deserve a zip code of their own. Sex and Spanking Overload (SLV-076) is 50 minutes in length.


If you like your spanking hot and with lots of sizzling sex then this is the movie for you.




Dec 292016

slut spanking

New from now USA based Northern Spanking is this cool little preview gallery called “Slut Monday” with Ginger Sparks. The movie tells the story of a harried office manager having to discipline one of his junior data analysts for taking the concept of dress-down Friday quite a lot too far!  This is a story I have wanted to film for some time and it proved a perfect role for Ginger, her ad-libbed dialogue and timing are superb.  This might well become one of my top ten Northern Spanking films ever!  View a preview here!

Dec 292016


This is the second release this week from the brilliant ENGLISH SPANKERS website. This excellent movie features Top British spanking model CLOVER suffering her first ever birching. Striped naked she is placed into position, the birch has been well prepared overnight in water and is fresh and supple. The strokes are applied evenly and with the required amount of force onto her bare bottom. The birching continues until the twigs are fully used. Clover is your typical English lass with a very full and spankable bum. She’s appeared in a number of spanking movies from ENGLISH SPANKERS and this is another classic. Check the full movie out by following the link below:


EXCLUSIVE High quality HD spanking movies at ENGLISH SPANKERS


Dec 282016

classic spanking

classic spanking movie

classic spanking

classic spanking movie

A real treat for fans of classic spanking movies with the latest addition to the excellent 1st CHOICE CLASSIC SPANKING MOVIES library called “Strict Regime” and features two hot punishment scene’s including the one in the pix above where a cute English brunette gets her big fat arse spanked, paddled and caned by their stern mistress. A really cool movie. Click here for a preview clip!

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