May 132016


Oh boy. Oh wow. Oh bloody hell. This is perfection right there for me. Ding dong hello Dolly. Now I’m not an expert in all things spanked bottycus for reasons that are far too sad and depressing to go into, but one thing I’m an expert at is knowing a fantastic piece of spank stuff when I see it. This has everything. Expression. Position. Promise. Threat. Anticipation. Sexy fucking lingerie to die for, and a dammed sexy spankee to round it all off. Oh, and it’s in black and white. Is it just me or are monochrome images much more sexy than the other lot? That woman has a fine arse. So fine, that I’d probably forget about the spanking and do other rude things to it instead – maybe. Have at thee fate for keeping from me the experience of that which forms my iD. Oh well, off to the fridge for a beer…

May 132016

Here we go with another cool update from Firm Hand Spanking USA. Check out a classic movie featuring Amber “Pixie” Wells getting her cute ass soundly walloped as well as the latest episode from Belinda Lawson’s teacher series. Enjoy the free gallery above and click here for exclusive preview clips!

May 132016


Okay, here we go. Just found one of my all time favourite films in the HOT MOVIES spanking section. It’s called “Secretaries” made by Red Stripe and stars two fantastic mature ladies who end up getting spanked, strapped, paddled and caned by their boss.

He tells them to meet him in the firm’s conference room, that evening. The girls really love their jobs, and are resigned to accepting the punishment they know they are going to receive. Mr Dent wastes no time, but gets down to the task in hand immediately. He begins by putting Miss Sullivan over his knees, and after pulling up her skirt, begins to administer a very hard spanking. Very soon her knickers are down, and we can see from the redness of her bottom, that Mr Dent means business.

When he finishes with Miss Sullivan, he calls Miss Taylor over, and because her clothes are so inappropriate, he gives her an even harder spanking. Both girls have been in trouble with Mr Dent before and know what to expect. They know for instance, that they can expect much more than a hand spanking. Miss Sullivan finds herself bending over the conference room table, her skirt lifted and her knickers around her knees.

Mr Dent administers twenty four strokes of the strap, and a dozen with the leather paddle. Miss Taylor, who has been watching the proceedings, is feeling rather nervous as her punishment is likely to be more sever. She quickly finds out that, this is the case, as she bends over the table to receive her strapping. The punishments are completed, when both girls are bent over the boardroom table, to receive twenty four hard strokes of the cane each.

Great movie. Amazing bottoms.

May 122016

american-ass-spanking american-ass-spanking-1

Guys, the things spanking people get up to during Christmas! Like John and Sarah at TRIPLE A SPANKING in their new movie¬†Sassy Shenanigans: It was Christmas Eve, Sarah and John were staying with friends for a holiday vacation in Vegas! Once again she gave her man reason to get upset with her tardiness and attitude when he made a reasonable request for her to hurry up for the evening meal. Most of their friends were already downstairs waiting and John excused their lateness by phone so he could give his beautiful lady an intimate and naughty “good girl” spanking there and then! Sometimes he liked that bad little inner girl showing up and he couldn’t help but play with and spank her as couples do when they are in love. You will see lots of intimacy, excitement and very erotic spanking positions you might expect from this pair behind closed doors in a special homage to what spanko couples get up at this time of year. Merry Christmas! Click here for a FREE gallery of pix!

May 112016

english spanking movies


english spanking with danielle hunt


Isn’t it amazing how there is always a spanking stool handy just when you need it. Luckily for Spanking Sarah, this one is perfect to plonk sassy bad girl Danielle Hunt over it so that her peachy arse is at just the right height so that Sarah cane give it a good licking with her swishy cane. Have to say, Miss Hunt is a real trooper. Her bare bum get’s all over the place. Along with Amelia Jane Rutherford, her backside is the most travelled and spanked bottom in the world! This is a cool new update out today from Red Stripe and as always, it is great fun and erotic as fuck. Click the links to see more preview pix and how to sign up and see the whole movie/gallery.


May 112016

spanking professionals

spanking professionals

G’day possums, brand new month get’s off to an awesome start on YEOWCH with a couple of exclusive pix from the third and final part of NORTHERN SPANKING’S new HD movie “The Spanking Professionals.” Check out 50’s style Scarlot Rose getting a spanking in her retro lingerie in this excellent episode. Really nice movie for those of us who like watching classy women getting spanked. Click here to visit NS. Highly recommended site.

May 102016

cheerleader spanking

cheerleader spanking

AAA SPANKING has a terrific new movie for fans of naughty cheerleaders getting a good spanking in their uniforms. The Cheeky Cheerleader: Lola was feeling a little highly strung before her latest cheergirl practice session. She was already late so coach Osborne had planned to pick her up to speed things along… Lola had been staying at Dave’s place & John let himself in shouting for her to come down but Lola had found a better way to relieve her stress by fingering herself off & just as she was nearing her orgasm, he came into the room to see her… legs splayed wide apart, stroking her wet excited pussy! Lola showed little shame when he asked her to explain the situation & decided that this madame needed a good hard spanking & the hairbrush used across his lap & with her on all fours over the bed, panties down, to humiliate this naughty minx. We are not sure if this punishment had the desired effect on Lola, but it was a hard discipline session that included powerful strokes of the brush & smacks of his hand across her thighs to focus this minx on why she was being punished! Lola Marie looks stunning in this blue cheer uniform, half undressed & splayed out for her spanking: You will not be disappointed!¬† Click here for more free preview pix and how to watch the whole movie.

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