Aug 222017

firm hand spanking

36 licks with a strap for being late to work for beautiful Belinda Lawson. A boss who fervently believes in corporal punishment and a beautiful secretary: a perfect combination! Belinda Lawson is late to work and strapped one stroke for every minute, 19 on tights and 17 bare. She even miscounts number 28 twice: ouch!

firm hand spanking

Missing parade by over-sleeping costs pretty Kelly Morgan a 34-stroke strapping. Standing in front of the fireplace, uniform skirt up and panties down, bare bottom presented for punishment, Naval Cadet Kelly Morgan grits her teeth for a stinging cheek-jiggling 34 strokes with a tawse from Mr Anderson. She won’t oversleep again!

Firm hand spanking

A ruler and yardstick don’t stop the sass from bad girl Camilla Scott. Wearing incorrect uniform is a habit for Camilla Scott in A Perfect Education. Disrespect for authority adds to Earl Grey’s irritation. “Is that all you’ve got, sir?” she asks as she’s given 38 with a ruler, legs high over he head. Bend over for 30 with a yardstick, missy!

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Aug 212017

northern spanking for roxy valentynne

Sexy student ROXY VALENTYNNE is taking piano lessons in the latest update from NORTHERN SPANKING and her old man isn’t too happy with her efforts at all. He wants to know from Miss Storm why she can’t play a note after all her lessons and decides to give his wayward daughter Roxy a sharp spanking to make her buck up her idea’s. Part 1 of 4 is great fun and I suspect that Roxy’s music teacher will get the same treatment in up coming episodes. Check out the brilliant NORTHERN SPANKING at the link below.


Aug 212017

spanking amelia jane rutherford



Latest news from NORTHERN SPANKING is they’ve updated their website with part 1 of a 4 part new series featuring the awesomely spankable – and bonkable – Amelia Jane Rutherford who has a thing for getting her cute bum spanked at midnight by the Night Master as you can see in these preview pix. These are great and are exclusive to subscribers in their huge members section.


Aug 202017

sisters_ca001 sisters_ca003 sisters_ca004 sisters_ca005

Babes Melanie Taylor and pornstar Dani Daniels are awesome in this girl spanking girl new movie from top USA site Firm Hand Spanking called “Sorority Sisters”Dani Daniels, named by CNBC in 2014 and 2015 as a top 12 porn star, winner of multiple awards and Penthouse Pet in 2012, spanks gorgeous Melanie Taylor in Sorority Sisters. We’re thrilled to have these two hotties back! Melanie was last seen in 2012. Plus booty-bouncing slow-motion replay and Dani and Melanie talk butt shapes!  See an exclusive page of new movie previews at FHS here!

Aug 202017

yeowch classic spanking movies

classic spanking movie retro classic spanking movies

classic spanking movies classic spanking movies

schoolgirl spankings

classic spanking movies


Here’s another of my all time favourite classic spanking movies from the excellent 1sr CHOICE SPANKING website. This one is called “Authentic Schoolgirl Tales 2” and is a superb adult cosplay featuring a naughty schoolgirl and her mother getting some severe spankings, strappings and canings from her stern as fuck teacher – who just happens to be a TOTAL babe! What makes the movie extra special for me is the mom thrashing. I always did have a thing for mature women being made to strip naked down to their sexy lingerie and given a good hard spankings and more. Great fun. This is an absolute classic and 1st CHOICE SPANKING comes highly recommended from this webmaster as it has loads of the old classic English spanking erotica movies to view and download. Link below.


Aug 192017
cheerleader spanking


Sarah Gregory was the last of the girls to be disciplined for the recent vandalism of the school basement classrooms. She was sent from Cheer Practice to face her punishment with Mr Osborne who was really not impressed with this very sassy & impertinent young madam’s attitude. When he started to spank her, he discovered that she was visibly excited and quite wet between her legs. He was shocked and upset that she was rather enjoying this punishment so he devised a more humiliating discipline session which involved using a nasty wooden ruler across her hands which she didn’t like one little bit followed by her mouth being gagged so that this noisy rude schoolgirl could not answer back. She was placed on a punishment bench then strapped and paddled hard. He tested her exposed bare vagina for more signs of excitement and continued to punish her until he was satisfied that this no longer turned her on! Lovers of Sarah Gregory will enjoy this different but pervy schoolgirl punishment fantasy! This is HOT!

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maid spanking


Mr Osborne had a special evening meal planned for close friends and he left his trusted maid, Joelle Barros, to set the dining table with the finest silver, china and crystal dinner service. With time running out he came to check up on her progress and was far from impressed with her tardiness. Joelle was employed as his corporate “eye candy” and she was paid way more than normal maids because he got to punish her in his unique way when she did something wrong! It was part of her very special contract! Joelle’s eyes were raised in disbelief when he told her to assume the position over his knee for a short sharp shock OTK spanking on her bared bottom. He didn’t have much time but insisted that this would speed her up especially as he insisted that she’d continue preparing the table with her skirt hiked up in shame afterwards, the sooner she took her spanking the sooner her bottom would heal before the party guests arrived!

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aaa spanking


Miss Gregory had requested that Casey Calvert turn up after school lessons for some “Special Detention” since she had heard this schoolgirl had some sort of crush on her. She wanted to make sure any anticipation or foolish excitement that Casey had of meeting her in private would be dashed when she would give her a stern telling off and a spanking over her knee. Casey didn’t seem to mind the spanking at first and Miss Gregory was a little worried that she was getting off to this rather than feeling a little awkward… so she mentioned “The Wheelbarrow Club” and Casey’s eyes dropped in shame as she was being told she’d be initiated into that infamous little club that no girl would admit to being a member of. Miss Gregory placed her in that position and added further humiliation by cutting open the poor girl’s panties with some scissors before continuing to spank Casey in that revealing and very embarrassing position! Casey should have been careful for what she wished for as this personal meeting and detention didn’t quite go to plan as she had once anticipated!

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lola marie spanking


Lola Marie knew she had a bedtime punishment coming and decided to hide the promised 3 tailed strap she was getting. This foolish notion only made things worse as the strapping turned into a more severe bedtime punishment with the aid of a couple of hairbrushes as well as the dreaded strap which had been quickly found! You will watch her receive dozens of strokes of the mean leather implement with some solid use of 2 types of hairbrush that kept this very naughty girl in check! A beautiful young woman in cute pyjamas punished at bedtime is what we love filming in this latest no nonsense spanking film.

More free Lola Marie pix – click here.

Phew! What an awesome update by John and his gang at the brilliant and fun AAA SPANKING. Be sure to click the links for each preview gallery. Join this great UK spanking website and gain access to loads of photo galleries and red hot spanking movies.

Aug 182017

aaa spanking otk at yeowch spanking blog

“GIMME AN YEOWCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Pert. That’s what I’d call this young girls bum. Pert. No wonder the Chief is thoroughly enjoying himself giving it a good spanking and tanning with a gym shoe. Luck. Some guys have way to much of the fucker. Mishka is one cute madam who appears quite happy to let us all see her naughty bits as she puts on a good show for her new fans. AAA Spankings have found another winner and you can see more previews at the link below. Remember, much more to see if you sign up as a member in their excellent archive – especially now they have some outstanding value for money deals. One of the better spank sites on the Internets. Check it out.


Aug 182017

domestic_bc003 richbitch_a003 rogue_g002


Stacy’s hot nude body is soaking up rays out back of their home when husband Jonny comes home early. He doesn’t want her displaying her creamy bubble butt to the world, so spanks and whips it 155 times with a riding whip! That’s strict Domestic Discipline. Rich Bitch Allaura Shane isn’t happy about Alison Miller moving into her dad’s home after their parents marry. This wicked stepsister decides to show Alison how things go down with a stunning 470-smack bare spanking which has her cheeks jiggling red! Witness Amelia Rutherford yell and jump from a spectacularly hard 13-swat paddling, seven of them bare bottom! Agent Mr Fennington bought a Texas school paddle for his Rogue Model. Her cheeks wobble as justice is applied for failing to win a key contract. Check out preview clips for all of these great new spank movies at Firm Hand Spanking USA here.

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