Jun 192016

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36 strokes with a yard stick make Camilla Scott’s bottom burn like fire
Quitting university to work for an adult magazine isn’t a good plan for Camilla Scott in Asking For It. Admitting it to Earl Grey, she obediently grabs her ankles for 36 strokes with a wooden yard stick, burning her bare bottom and changing her decision real fast!
Going to a bar with her bare bottom on show means a spanking for Stacy
Stacy Stockton dresses to thrill as she heads off to a bar in a bottom revealing skirt! Husband Jonny is not happy at her assets on show in Truly Madly Deeply. Will 100 smacks with a leather paddle on those jiggling bare cheeks make Stacy think again?
Key trial witness Amelia Rutherford paddled for making phone calls
Amelia Rutherford doesn’t listen to detective Earl Grey’s rules to keep her in the Safe House and avoid contacting even her brother during a trial where she’s a key witness. On her phone again, she’s swiftly bent over for 12 swats of a wooden paddle on jeans.
Jun 192016

ava nicole spanking

Ooo, here’s a good one from Northern Spanking ! School girl Ava Nicole has gotten herself into trouble. She imitated her big sister by volunteering to make the cakes for the school bake sale when she has no idea how to bake! As the deadline approaches she goes to her sister, Kelley May, for help. Big sister helps her, but at the cost of a hard spanking over her white panties and then on bare bottom. She uses a stinging wooden spoon to drive home not just responsibility, but being her own person. This is Ava Nicole’s first spanking video, and Kelley May’s return from retirement.  Click here for a cool gallery of preview pix!!!

Jun 192016



Sexy black tight lovers have a spanking treat with this new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. In the previous episode, Miss Sarah Stern has just handed out a punishment spanking to Bonnie May but she does not think that sufficient remorse was shown. This punishment has been requested by the girls boyfriend and has to be seen to be doing the job. Sarah decides that a session with a leather paddle on her bottom may have more effect, she is right. This young lady gets a real red and painful bottom. Click here for a free gallery!

Jun 182016

spanking adreena winters

spanking adreena winters

SPANKED IN UNIFORM new girl Adreena Winters finds herself arse over tit in her badminton uniform in the latest episode of the excellent Sporting series. As ever, Head Coach Mike makes sure he gives her outstanding bottom a good hard spanking over her regulation knickers then on the bare. Great update and more preview pix can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Jun 182016

smantha woodley spanked otk


spanking samantha woodley from firm hand spanking


samantha woodley spanked

I am a MASSIVE Samantha Woodley fan so it’s a major event when she appears in a new spanking video epic from FIRM HAND SPANKING. Here she is dressed as a schoolgirl and looking absolutely stunning and being spanked otk. The story goes: “Stunning Samantha Woodley is caught trying to escape from a strict establishment in Learning Curve. Thrown over Mr Strickman’s shoulder, she’s marched upstairs for a fast and furious panties-down spanking, following by the hairbrush! High-energy, full power smacks teach her a lesson. ” Excellent!! Thing I like most about Samantha, other than her being fucking gorgeous, is she can take a proper spanking punishment on her super cute ass. She’s a great little actress too with a pout to die for. So do yourself a favour and go click the links to see one of the best spankee’s in the business being put through her paces.

samantha woodley spanked ass

>>CLICK HERE for Samantha Woodley’s new VIDEO<<

Jun 172016

Naughty Brats just need to be Spanked!!!

Spankee USA favourite Pixie taking her spanking from bossy Clare Fonda.

Wow, check out those knickers. Those things just have to come down.

Love these naughty pov shots of Pixies particulars. Fantastic ass and totally spankable.

Everyone loves Pixie because she just loves being spanked and punished.

>>CLICK HERE to see MORE hot bot spanking fun with CLARE FONDA and PIXIE<<

Jun 162016


Ah, the sassy Peri Gilpin who plays the TOTALLY HOT Roz in Frasier. I am a total Frasier nut. Absolutely the best comedy series of all time in my book. Perfect characters played by a perfect cast. Roz just does it for me. Maybe it’s her voice. I can just imagine her saying “But, dammit, I need a spanking like right NOW!!” or on a first date, “OMG, you’re into spanking too?!” Course I’d have to make her wear that Wonder Woman outfit she wore in one episode. For research you understand…

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