Mar 302016


Hey everyone, just another wee update from your intrepid spank blogger on all things doing with my Yeowch blog as it’s that time of year when stuff happens and decisions have to be made. Good news, happy to say that server and domains have been renewed for another year until March 2017 and just wanted to thank those of you who have taken out spank website subscriptions via this site as the affiliate cut goes towards the costs to run Yeowch. As I keep saying, I do this for fun and hope that comes across in what I do.

Other big news is that Yeowch is now basically run from the USA. New laws here in the UK have made such a change inevitable for anyone blogging about spanking here. Pain in the arse but there you go. A good buddy now does all the grind and I just send him info and copy of what I want posted and when. Pretty simple and works. Thanks to Slappy!
So, hopefully, we’ve got another year of doing this. Hope very much that you enjoy the free content you find here and in the future I hope to add some more unique stuff to the mix.

Have a good one and thanks for the visit!

Mar 262016

hot pants spanking ass

Here we go with another great Northern Spanking update with sexy American babe Adrianna sporting a pair of tight hot pants for us all to enjoy as she gets her big firm fruity ass soundly spanked. “Kennedy the unscrupulous but effective private detective has found his latest runaway in record time. Rather than hand her over to her poor parents, whom he feels deserve the break, he finds a way to vastly increase his fee and give the sexy little minx the many spankings she undoubtedly deserves and which he will thoroughly enjoy!” Some great spanking photo’s in this one –  Click here for an exclusive free gallery of preview pix!

Mar 242016

firm hand spanking celebrity_a002 firm hand spanking

SEXY NEW GIRL Lilian White dazzles in a great new movie at top American spank house Firm Hand Spanking. 

More awesome previews with the latest movies starring Alison Miller and stacked English babe Belinda Lawson who’s on the receiving end of a hard thrashing in her cosplay schoolgirl outfit. Check out these free preview clips here!

Mar 172016

belinda lawson belinda lawson spanked firm hand spanking belinda lawson

Lovers of big girls spanked in uniform will love this latest new movie from Firm Hand Spanking USA with the lovely Belinda Lawson on the receiving end of a traditional otk spanking to make sure she’s punished in the proper fashion. This is the first in a new spanking series and am really looking forward to the next episode. Click here for a preview clip and two more new spanking movies with Dani Daniels and Alison Miller.

Mar 142016

spanking april spanking sarah bright english spanking ass

Bad girl sexy April is in trouble with Sarah again. “I do like to keep my house clean and tidy and I do not like it when other people who are my guests use my computer. I have already paddled April for disobeying me and showing her bottom to her boyfriend on skype and now I am going to give her a caning. I start off spanking her over her tights, she takes a good few strokes before these come down and she gets the rest on her bare bottom.” says Sarah. Got to love April in those sexy tights though.  Check out much more here!

Mar 112016

christy cutie spankings

Two awesome bums get walloped in the latest update at Northern Spanking USA. Finding the door to the Headmistress’s office open after school has finished for the day is too much of a temptation for schoolgirls Alex and Christy. Similarly tempting is the school’s leather paddle sitting on Miss Blake’s desk. Alex has felt it across her bottom once and wants to share the experience with Christy. Experimentation with the heavy leather on each others panty clad bottoms leads to further, more intimate experimentation. Which is, of course, when Miss Blake returns to retrieve her laptop. Both girls soon find themselves with their white cotton school knickers taken down for a proper taste of the school paddle. Miss Blake is not unkind however, allowing the schoolfriends to hold hands and providing the occasional caress to their sore, punished bottoms. Both Christy and Alex are sure to return to Miss Blake’s office many times…for punishment of course!  Click here for a free gallery of pix!

Mar 102016

Firm hand spanking

Amelia Jane in hot caned butt action!

More hot women getting spanked, paddled, caned and punished in this new update today from the excellent FIRM HAND SPANKING USA. Check out Amelia Jane Rutherford being caned, Alison Miller being thrashed and sexy Dani Daniels getting her perfect ass walloped with the black leather paddle. Good stuff. Click here for more previews including exclusive clips!

Mar 092016

cheerleader spankings

cheerleader spanking cheerleader spanking cheerleader spanking cheerleader spanking

Always cool to see a brand new spanking website and here we have a real sexy one for those of us who love women spanked in kinky uniforms. Sarah Gregory has added CHEERLEADER SPANKINGS to her site network and is already adding some great new spanking movies featuring some of your spanking favourites. Click here to take a look around!

Mar 052016

katies spanking

Hot ass spanked from Triple A Spanking. Katie’s Bedtime Spanking: Katie never listened to grown up advice or what rules her Uncle Dave had carefully set out for her when she stayed at his house. She only was in his care when she had to attend week long courses at a Girls Finishing school near his place and her parents trusted him to look after her and discipline Katie as necessary. So when Dave returned home late to find her still up watching TV (instead of being in her room trying to get some sleep) he took her over his lap right there and then. She was in her PJs but her pants were pulled down for an old fashioned and humiliating spanking on her bare bottom! This is a great uncle/niece spanking scenario for those that like home discipline videos. Click here for a gallery of pix from this new movie!

Mar 042016

american ass spanking

Brand spanking new is this cosplay tale with naughty scout Dorothy getting her pert ass slapped.Girl Scout Dorothy begins the delivery of this years cookies. However, a discrepancy is noticed in the ordering, all have had an extra zero added! Could anyone really spend $5,000 on Girl Scout Cookies? Apparently John Osborne could but, before deciding what to do, and how to pay for her fraudulent activity, Dorothy must be spanked!  Click here for an exclusive free gallery of pix!

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