Apr 142017

spanking leia at aaa spanking


Now if you’re going to spank a girl you have to make sure she’s wearing a really short tartan skirt that barely covers her fabulously pert ass and has her long legs in a pair of long sexy stockings. To be honest, I couldn’t give a hoot about the spanking as my mind would be on other fun and games. These cool pix from AAA SPANKING prove that illusion and invention are just as important in the act of spanking than the spanking itself. These are great and are just a small sample of the content at the Chiefs excellent spank site so click the links to check it out. Quality spanking at a fantastic monthly price.

sexy leia spanked

Leia spanked otk



Apr 132017

sexy girls spanked in uniforms

spanked in uniform

yeowch spanking blog

Wow, check out this latest update at the brilliant SPANKED IN UNIFORM website featuring super cute Dutch totty Leandra as a sexy waitress who’s up for an interview from head chef Mike and he’s not that impressed. So to keep her job Leandra has to subject her awesome ass to a good old fashioned hand spanking in this new episode from the MIKES DINER series called “Evaluation Day Part1” Leandra is one of my favourite SIU girls as she has a fantastic bum as you can see from the pix above. Check out more hot previews at the link below and more info on how you can see more great girls spanked in uniform in their huge members archive.


Apr 132017

belinda lawson belinda lawson spanked firm hand spanking belinda lawson

Lovers of big girls spanked in uniform will love this latest new movie from Firm Hand Spanking USA with the lovely Belinda Lawson on the receiving end of a traditional otk spanking to make sure she’s punished in the proper fashion. This is the first in a new spanking series and am really looking forward to the next episode. Click here for a preview clip and two more new spanking movies with Dani Daniels and Alison Miller.

Apr 122017

hot ass spankings

Oh, like her A LOT! Say hello to a new girl at Triple A Spanking USA. Aysel’s Wheelbarrow Spanking: Sarah had just introduced beautiful girl next door, Aysel Zeeling, to her group of sites so of course this was a girl Sarah couldn’t resist spanking in an intimate & revealing position. Would Aysel take on the challenge of joining the infamous AAA Wheelbarrow Club? She really was a sweet girl, 20 years old & refreshingly tattoo free. Her innocent looks make this irresistable viewing as Aysel took her second spanking of the day in a naked predicament! However, Aysel proved she was more than capable of withstanding this new experience as she later admitted that she really enjoyed the headspace of being spanked in such a vulnerable way. Sarah was happy too & glad that she could make Aysel’s day by fulfilling a fantasy of hers on her very first spanking shoot.  Click here for an awesome gallery of Aysel pix!!!

Apr 112017


Oh wow, take a look at that bum. Large bottomed women wearing tight denim shorts ring all my bells – especially when they’re being spanked and walloped over the knee by their strict hubbie. This lass has a fabulous ass and it would be the most fun ever to spank it silly until she was kicking and squealing out loud. Another excellent offering from the always domestically inclined ENGLISH SPANKERS crew. Wonder if they’re looking for any volunteers to do the spanking bit. Check out their EXCLUSIVE content by CLICKING HERE to see more photos and options from this series.


Apr 112017


More naughty adult cosplay spanking games today from English Spankers and an awesome gallery for you to check out too! Luna and Bell are home from college where they were punished on the last day of term. They know full well that if they are punished at college then they will be punished at home as well. They have both had a good hard paddling and Luna has been caned so now it is the turn of Bell to bend over with her bare bottom ready for the senior girls cane. She gets a real dressing down and then it is left to the cane to do its work on her bare bottom. A top quality caning film.  Click here for more!

Some news: really sad to see Pandora Blake and her excellent Dreams of Spanking movies are no longer available online due to the new draconian pornography laws now in place which bans UK produced BDSM/Spanking content for adults to view. Sad and scary times alas.

Apr 102017

ella hughes spanked


Absolutely LOVE Ella Hughes and any update with her is fucking awesome. Here she is getting her sexy arse caned by stern Sarah. Ella Hughes arrived late for a filming session, she then told some lies and tried to fool me. Well no one gets away with that. I phoned her boyfriend and told him about her behavior and he asked me to punish her very hard and also to give extra punishments for him for her behavior at home. She made her allotted number of films for the day and then it was time for the caning. This was one of the most severe caning I have administered and by the end Ella was in tears.  Click here for an awesome gallery of pix from this movie!

Apr 102017

masie dee spanking

masie dee spanked

TOP UK SPANK WEBSITE ENGLISH SPANKERS latest update has one of their new girls involved in a little kitchen sink drama which usually ends up with said naughty girl dancing around the room clutching her well spanked arse. Pixie Masie Dee plays a lazy housemaid who feels the wrath and hard hand of her employer across her hot pants backside and naked butt with a well hard spanking and thrashing. Masie is such a worky ticket that it’s a real pleasure to see her soundly spanked in this great new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. More awesome preview pix and a free movie can be found at the link PLEASE CLICK HERE to check them out.

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