Oct 022014

Alison Miller spanked Alison Miller spanking

Awesome! Check out my favourite red head Alison Miller at FIRM HAND SPANKING USA taking the leather belt across her pert bare arse in a brand new movie series. After partying hard in her dorm, flame-haired Alison Miller is ordered to bend over a sofa for 40 strokes with Richard Anderson’s belt. Legs kicking, teeth gritted, Alison takes it across her bouncing cheeks like a champ in Seniors Gone Wild. Awesome out-takes! Click this link for a preview clip and more great new promo updates.

Oct 022014


Here’s a wee (heh) gallery from a new NORTHERN SPANKING movie called “Horrible Sister.” Jessica just will not get out of the bathroom and let poor Amber get ready for school, with inevitable and rather damp results to Ambers knickers! And then the poor girl gets her bottom smacked for it as well. Its not going to be a good day for Amber! View gallery here.

Oct 012014


NEW from ENGLISH SPANKERS – “We are very pleased to have this well shot amateur spanking  film. We are told that this is the wife of the photographer and he filmed the actual session with this disciplinarian. The lady does get a hard hand spanking, the slipper, a wooden paddle and the cane and yes this is a very long film but we wanted you to see it in its entirety.”  Neat real life man/wife spanking – view a gallery of free pix here.

Oct 012014


Nice real amateur update from REDSTRIPE SPANKING today with new girl Alice who wants to start out on a career as a spanking model and what better place to start. We sent Sean to interview her and get all her reasons for doing it on camera just for you. As you would expect he also wanted toi give her a good spanking, no use having a spanking model who cant take a spanking. Alice certainly could and indeed seemed to like bending over for her spanking  View an exclusive free preview video here.

Sep 292014



Alrighty everyone, I may be the “biggest chicken shit, no one goes within a light fucking year of my perfectly toned lilly white bum, you want to give me a spanking – get the fuck outta town, dude?!!!!” sort of guy but never let it be said your friendly neighbourhood webmaster isn’t willing to take a voyage on that other boat now and again. Soooooooo, I gets an email the other day from Sarah of Spanking Sarah fame going “HEY YEOWCH, CHECK OUT MY NEW SITE. I’M A TOTAL FEMDOM BITCH ON IT AND MEN ARE WIMPS!” Blimey, sez I. So I go and take a look. “YIKES!” Hairy arses, dangling dongers and swinging ball sacks everywhere. OH-KAY. Not my thing but it might be your thing – so go take a look. Sarah is great btw AND MEAN!!! Heh – click here for a sneak peek.

ps: Funnily enough, I’ve been thinking of doing a femdom blog recently – wheeeeeeeee.

Sep 292014

black spanking

Whoa, well rounded mature English women in awesome spanking movie alert! Good to see some juicy packed bottoms with plenty of bum meat on the bone in this new shoot from John at Triple A Spanking. Lola Marie & her friend Wynter Sky had been secretly using one of her neighbour’s beautiful yards to sunbathe in as it had a special “secret garden” that they both loved to spend time in soaking up the sun’s rays in private. However they always left litter behind and disrespected John Osborne’s precious well kept yard so he had been trying to find out who had been causing this mess until today when he caught them both in their bikinis. He had already taken their mobile phones and other personal effects found not far away from where they were hiding out in the garden and you can feel the tension mount as he sneaked up behind them both. The girls were suitably embarrassed when confronted and they quickly submitted to his unique form of harsh and humiliating discipline when they knew he had their personal items too. They both took a caning and watched each other take a hard wooden paddling. He had also made them attempt to use this heavy implement on each other as part of their punishment so that they’d remember the consequences of using the place without asking for his permission. However, he just whacked them harder with it after they feebly used the paddle hoping they would avoid further pain and suffering. Enjoy this end of summer romp to see the girls given a good spanking and whacking with their tiny bikini bottoms pulled down, looking extremely vulnerable as John took full advantage of this delightful situation! More preview pix in a free gallery here!

Sep 282014


Rule no.1 – at your first job interview don’t try and flirt with your interviewer coz you just don’t know how your cute rear end might end up! Take poor Jadie Reece above, how was she to know the guy was a hardcore spanking nut and that he was going to deal with her coming on to him by making her strip to her bra and knickers then give her a spanking otk that really hurt! Excellent new gallery from NORTHERN SPANKING for subz to their huge spanking website. Visit NS here.

Sep 272014


REALLY really loving what the guys and gals at SPANKED CHEEKS have been up to recently, and here is another super spanking sexy new movie series to add to their spanking library. Miss Zoe and Leia Ann Woods cosplay as a madam and her maid who end up playing spanking games while hubby is away doing boring shit. Hmmmmm, Leia Ann in her best knickers, bra and stockings – how awesome is that?! Click here to visit SPANKED CHEEKS asap for more free previews.

Sep 262014

perfect spanking perfect spankings

BRAND NEW SPANKING SERIES at FIRM HAND SPANKING! Dudes, one of my favourite girls is back in a great new spank movie and its awesome. Love Belinda Lawson – yummy arse – as a personal assistant in sexy spanking stockings getting a well spanked butt. With such a juicy pair of soft, jiggly cheeks, Belinda Lawson suggests traditional spanking discipline from boss Richard Anderson in her new series Perfect PA. Over his knee, skirt up, panties down, her bottom swiftly reddens under his palm. Perfect! Watch an exclusive free preview clip – and more – here!

Sep 242014

au-pair-spanking au-pair-spanking-hard

Naughty goings on in the Stern household in the new movie “A Pair of Au Pairs Spanked!” from ENGLISH SPANKERS. When two Au pairs get together for an afternoon of boozing and girl talk they do not expect the return of Mrs Stern. She catches the two girl drinking and misbehaving and decides that they must be punished. She puts Amelia over her knees and gives her a damn good spanking on her tights and then on the bare, next Jess goes over the knee for some of the same. Not satisfied she puts both girls over together for an amazing two bottoms spanking. What an amazing site, two beautiful bottoms whacked at the same time. Watch a preview clip here!

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