Nov 152014

academy_j001 academy_j003

19 with the cane for Jodi Biltimore!



Nipple peeking Stacy Stockton spanking – hee hee.

Whoops, nearly forgot to post about this new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING with two hot American babes getting spanked and caned in their brand new movies. Excellent fun as always and more preview pix and trailer clips can be seen click here.

Nov 152014


“Where women rule and men do the hoovering!”

In my last YEOWCH update post, I said I was chewing on the idea of expanding my network of adult blogs and trying something a little different. Well, here we go: I’ve finally dipped my big toe into the Femdom and Clothed Female Nude Male fetish and am currently joining various sites and setting up the blog. Amazing how many websites there are devoted to these things – far more than general m/f spanking sites – so it’ll be interesting to see how this does visitor wise. So if your thing is female domination check out my new blog at the link above – cheers!

Nov 142014

amelia jane spanking

Weeee whooooo! Now this one I just love from Pandora Blake and her DREAMS OF SPANKING. Grown women being spanked over long “mumsy” flowery skirts is a big thumbs up from YEOWCH and Amelia Jane Rutherford looks as sexy as fuck as she gets the slipper across her big backside. Movie is great!  More preview pix click here!

Nov 122014


english ass spanking


zoe montana spanking

Fucking “YEOWCH!!!” Yikes, the new movie update at John Osbourne’s excellent TRIPLE A SPANKING is one for those of you who prefer your spanking fetish on the hardcore side. 24 Stroke Cold Caning of Zoe Montana: John had a blast playing with Zoe Montana at the last Shadowlane Party and this film collaboration took place when they agreed on what she wanted… a good hard cold caning session for which he just happened to have a heavy 14mm Dragon Cane to do the job. Zoe requested that the cold caning should be on her thighs too and they arrived at a round number of 24 strokes delivered hard and cold. This film introduces Zoe to the site followed by the canings which took place in groups of six. After each stroke, Zoe wanted to process that feeling and in this film, for the very first time, mood music was produced with background tension music too with various camera angles, split screens and a few “slo-mo” impact shots as her bottom and thighs showed signs of the cold caning. As Zoe anticipated and processed the strokes John changed this a little by randomly chosing a spot without tapping to aim beforehand, making this particularly edgy for Zoe who admitted it got more intense! This film also includes the scenes of aftercare, with lotion carefully rubbed into her sore welts as well as plenty of hugs. This is a totally unique and amazing film that admirers of Zoe Montana and good hard caning techniques will enjoy immensely. CLICK HERE for a whole free gallery of movie preview pix!!

Nov 102014

uk-spank uk-spank-1

DOUBLE TEAM spanks at TRIPLE A SPANKING! They Never Learn: Sophie & Jasmine are routinely punished in John’s house as they never seem to learn their lessons. Consequently their bottoms need only the lightest warming up and the cheeks return to a full blown shameful fire engine red! The girls attempted to go to a Fancy Dress Ball in some cheap slutty costumes that just plain annoyed John so much that they knew what was coming next! Their short skirts revealed 2 naughty red bottoms which soon became dark and swollen at the1st signs of their spanking… Sophie felt it especially as she had been punished the most recently and she gasped out loud in this short sharp shock punishment as both girls were spanked so they couldn’t sit down or dare go out in such revealing costumes as they’d show off the shame of their most recent discipline session. What a way this was to ground his girls! Witness the last ever pairing of naughty Jasmine & Sophie in their exclusive spanking finale!  A FREE gallery from this HD movie click here!

Nov 082014


Hey hey hey! Welcome to my uber awesomely naughty YEOWCH spanking blog and another exclusive NORTHERN SPANKING gallery post with the amazingly sexy Scarlot Rose being spanked in and out of her best knickers. From Paul and the gang – “Welcome to Northern Spanking! We are one of the longest-established providers of spanking and corporal punishment imagery and films on the web. As well as frequent updates, Members of Northern Spanking have access to our huge archive of OVER 300 HOURS of original films plus over 50,000 high quality, original images. ALL our players are genuine spankees and we feature many naughty young ladies that you simply won’t find anywhere else.” Amazing website!  Click this link for the gallery!

Nov 072014

sarah gregory spanking 2


From the excellent personal website of top American sexpot Sarah Gregory is this awesome new spanking gallery with Sarah spanking flirty babe Adrianna while her new boyfriend John looks on. I love these type of behind pov spread legged otk spank shots with the naughty girl forced to show off her pussy and assholed while being spanked. Click this link for more free pix from this photoshoot!

Nov 052014

samantha woodley

The Spanktastically awesome Miss Samantha Woodley

samantha woodley

Samantha Woodley is awesome. No doubt about it and whenever a new movie appears from FIRM HAND SPANKING with her in it – it’s a big event on YEOWCH. The fact she is fucking gorgeous as well as having a peach of an arse helps as well lol. Check her new spanking movie out – click here!

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