Sep 172016

amelia jane rutherford

Two hot women going at it in this cool new movie from Sarah Bright. Sophie is having  a friendly chat with Amelia Jane Rutherford at the house of correction, a sort of reassuring welcome. She tells her about the harsh punishments that are handed out here and offers to demonstrate so that Amelia is not shocked when it happens to her. The spanking turns into a real hard nasty bitch type punishment that does not please Amelia and leaves her with a red and sore bottom.  Click here for a free preview!

Sep 162016

sexy spanking sarah punished


Love this site. What a smashing lady. Check out her latest spanking movie from SEXY SPANKING SARAH. It’s a doozy if your kink is for the mature English lady getting her amazing bot spanked and walloped good and hard. “The Confessor” is the start of a new story, an unusual journey into spanking, paddling and the whip with naughty Sarah up to her old tricks again and just looking for a spanking. Here she gets a reminder of just how painful that can be as she endures a wincingly thorough whacking with a short leather paddle. More power to that blokes elbow I say!!

“OOOOOoooooo, I say, that looks positively awful Sarah. I bet it stings like buggery too!!”


Aw, you know, the thing I like most about Sarah’s website is that it’s just so much fun to surf around in that “Sarah, you’re about to get a jolly good spanking!!” way that oozes “English” style and sensiblities. A bit like the classic Carry On movies which had their own sense of the period they were made in. For me, spanking should be fun and a laugh. Sarah and her chums have created a unique website and you should definitely check it out. It’s updated regularly which is great for those of you who join her members (arf) section where you can see totally exclusive and not seen anywhere before content. Linky poo below…



Sep 152016

three girls spanking


OOooooo, which one first?! Decisions decisions. The middle bum for me. Check out this latest terrific preview photo from weekly updated NORTHERN SPANKING where firm buxom northern girls get their firm northern arses punished for our entertainment. Absolutely fan fucking tastic and the rest from this gallery can be seen in their huge archive – thousands of pix to slobber over and great movies too. CLICK HERE to visit NORTHERN SPANKING.

Sep 152016

milf spanked

Holy fuck! Check out hot milf Elizabella in this great update from TRIPLE A SPANKING. Elizabella – The Player: This is a unique film to AAA as we discovered a genuine amateur spanko who took the plunge and came to last year’s Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston. She arrived with the intention of playing for the full weekend. By the time she had agreed to film one such typical session that she had enjoyed, she was already beautifully marked and slightly bruised. Girls girls like Elizabella would be on a high from the many spankings they had received and this was no exception. This film covers some intimate and close up spanking action & canings including extensive time with her Hitachi vibrator as she took both pleasure and pain to an explosive finale with it all shown in detail on camera for her first ever screen appearance! This hot Texan gal has a perfect naughty and spankable booty, see what happens in this full length HD video!.   Click here for an awesome free gallery of preview photo’s!!

Sep 152016

aleesha fox spanking

For the handymen among us, here is an earthy little movie from TRIPLE A SPANKING that I really like and it stars the awesome Aleesha Fox and her bum. Tool Shed Spanking: Amelia was an up and coming tennis player who was sponsored by her wealthy uncle. This was an expensive program and he was ambitious and wanting her to succeed! She stayed at his estate during the Spring Holiday Break for intensive training practice at a prestigious coaching school nearby. Amelia was fed up working so hard and Springtime felt good with the harsh winter months gone and the afternoon’s sunshine feeling too inviting for her to bother with practice that day. The sun’s warming rays felt so good that she stripped naked and enjoyed laying there, relaxed and feeling a little naughty! However, she was unaware that her Uncle John had arrived home early to find her sprawled out on the grass, naked! She had no excuses to offer, he was disappointed and reminded her what happened to her in the past. It had been a long time coming but he was going to spank her right there. She was embarrassed and humiliated but knew she was wrong and had let him and her family down… worse was to come when he went back inside the house to fetch some old fashioned straps used a long long time ago for old fashioned punishments. She soon remembered how painful these were and was told to get her sorry, sore ass back to tennis practice after her naked ordeal outside! Click here for a free gallery of preview pix!

Sep 142016

hot japanese babes spanked

HAND SPANKING JAPAN is one of those awesome niche spanking websites that kind of go under the radar in the spankblogosphere and which makes it all the more special when you come across it during your daily spank surfs. It also helps that I have a thing anyway for hot Japanese women in spanking situations so for me this is fantastic. The website is based in Japan and has its own distinctive flavour as far as our favourite fetish goes. Here’s a hot pix from their latest update featuring sexy Ai getting spanked otk. Love it. Click the link below to check it out.


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