Mar 192015



Now this is my kind of spanking fantasy! Another story from the Sexy Cleaning company and a welcome return to Satine Spark! We must have had more requests to see Satine getting a good spanking than almost any other girl and we always oblige. This is her interview for the Sexy cleaning Company and so as you might guess there are plenty of good bending over and up-skirt shots to wet your appetite before she goes over Mr. Sterns knee for a real bottom reddening spanking. Great fun and spank filled film. More at ENGLISH SPANKERS here.

Mar 182015


Clare Fonda’s SPANKED CALL GIRLS has Vernonica Ricci and Koko Kitten being punished by uber strict Madam Snow in their cool new movie where girls spanking girls is the name of the game. American spanking at its sexy best! See more click here guys!


Mar 172015


New movie at TRIPLE A SPANKING has curvy Sarah Gregory in an awesome Victorian style dress.  Creepy Dolly Spankings: Sarah had a problem with collecting too many dolls in her room, she even dressed up as one and it was decided that this type of behavior had to stop. She had been told multiple times to go outside more and explore the great outdoors in her free time but she just wanted to sit in her room playing with her dolls and toys.

Sarah was asked to start removing the clutter from her vast collection but instead she bought another doll to add to it. This was the final straw for stepdad John, who had the task of spanking this brat over his knee and giving her a further humiliating punishment with her cute panties pulled down. She was given one last night with her creepy collection to reflect on her punishment as the next day her bedroom would be cleared of the many dolls sat there collecting dust! Click here for more!

Mar 162015

neighbors1-32 neighbors1-42

PUNISHED BRATS has a new spanking movie for you guys to check out on their cool website called “What will the Neighbours think?!” and is a little domestic 60s spanking drama with quirky cutie Mandie in deep shit for coming home late from her date with hunky Jimmy. Mommy and Daddy decide to punish her with a bare ass spanking to teach her a lesson. PB is a really nice niche website for those who like their kitchen sink domestic spanking stories. Click here for more.

Mar 142015


SPANKED IN UNIFORM: “New Cadet” with Loni and Julie.

SIN is such a cool concept for a spanking website where cute Euro babes dress up for some kinky uniform episodic cosplay. My own personal favourite is Mike’s brilliant Nurse series but they have a wide variety of different themes for any spanking tastes – like this one! Check out Loni and Julie as Naval cadets getting walloped in uniform. Awesome! Join up and gain access to hundreds of spanking galleries and movies. Click here.

Mar 132015



Hey guys, check out the latest cool spank movies at FIRM HAND SPANKING USA! More awesome previews here!

Long hard spanking for Alison Miller at Reform School for a car prank! Decorating the principal’s car with toilet paper earns flame-haired Alison Miller a tough spanking from Mr Bateman. Panties firmly wedgied, her bare bottom bounces 400 times.

Late for work on day one? It’s a jiggling booty spanking for newbie Kelsey Baker. Pretty newcomer Kelsey Baker’s new job as The House-sitter gets off to a red bottomed start as Patrick Bateman spanks her bouncing bottom cheeks 380 times for tardiness.

Finale hairbrush for journalist Portia Marlowe brings on tears in The Big Story. Teaching posh Portia Marlowe how to write good copy is top of Richard Anderson’s priorities, along with a chance to spank her to tears with 30 whacks of a hairbrush.


Mar 112015

Ella Hughes Riding Crop Adventure at SPANKING SARAH

Shy stable girl Ella Hughes looks super hot and ripe for spanking in a tight pair of bum hugging jodhpurs in a new movie from Sarah Bright and her SPANKING SARAH website. Ella Hughes works weekends in the local riding stables unfortunately she smokes at work, strictly against health and safety rules. She is caught out by the stable mistress and has to face the usual punishment for stable girls. Over a bale of hay and cropped first on her jodhpurs and then on her bare bottom. A nasty punishment for a young lady to receive. More awesome English spanking here.

Mar 072015


Regulars of YEOWCH Spanking Blog will know that I think the sun shines out of Samantha Woodleys bumhole and that she is the most spankable babe on the planet so you can imagine what I think of this latest triple movie update from FIRM HAND SPANKING which features the final chapter in her new movie series. In this one, Samantha and Katherine St James are spanked nude in a bubble bath and right sexy it is too. Awesome movie. More previews here.

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