Sep 102017

real life amateur babes spanked spankingsAWESOME AMATEUR SPANKINGS WITH HOT BABE DENISE


I hate this guy. Not only does he get to spank a whole bunch of hot women in sexy uniforms but he gets to spank a whole lot more in his other great website dedicated to sexy Euro amateur babes taking severe spankings on their fat European arses. Jealous? Moi?! Of fucking course I am. Here he is taking hot mature amateur babe Denise over his knee for a hot bare bottomed spanking that is turning her bumcheeks a rather fetching shade of red – as you can see in the above pic. Love her booties too! Like SPANKED IN UNIFORM, REAL LIFE SPANKINGS is a must see site for those of you – including me – who love the raw excitement of seeing real life women getting a bloody good hiding. Join the site and see loads of spanking goodies.


Sep 092017


Melody’s Big Mistake: John was visiting his twin brother, Jack, whilst on a long overseas trip… Jack wasn’t too well and had said some worrying things to tell John about his new home help nurse, Melody. John was tired so took a nap on the couch but was rudely awoken a little later with the home help nurse, Melody, trying to take his temperature rectally. Now John knew what his brother was worried about, she was obsessed with this medical procedure! Melody didn’t realize her mistake, thinking it was Jack until John pulled her over his lap and gave her a damned good spanking. Jack never did that! He wasn’t happy at all and used a couple of brushes on Melody’s cute, pert bouncing bare bottom. She protested but John threatened to take her temperature “that way” too if she didn’t accept her discipline punishment… by the time it was over, Melody’s ass was an angry shameful red. This video will appeal to those that like to see a hard hand, hair & bath brush spanking of a girl in a delightful retro style nursing uniform! Click here for more pix!

Sep 092017


Happy first day of Autumn guys! What better way to welcome in the new season than for yours truly to have a mooch around CLARE FONDA’s excellent little spanking network to see what kinky things she’s been up to and waddayaknow – check out this new movie at her excellent SPANKED CALL GIRLS! Paris Kennedy storms back to her Madam Clare Fonda to get revenge for her painful assignment with Double Dan, that saw her get caned and spanked. She spanks yanks the Madam over her knee and spanks her hard. The Madam agrees to take Paris back, but only if she takes a spanking on her already sore and bruised bottom. View a FREE gallery of hot pix here

Sep 082017

yeowch english spanking blog


Now this is the kind of treatment I like to see when you visit ER. A free Nurse spanking on the NHS – especially if that nurse is none other than uber sex totty Sam Johnson. Some Doctor’s have all the luck by getting to spank this first class arse. The sexy stockings just add to the mix from these excellent pix from the NORTHERN SPANKING archive. Loads more spanking galleries and movies to check out if you sign up for their members section. Outstanding value for money for the spank fan.

sam johnson spanked in her nurses uniform


Sep 072017



Ohhhh, what a picture – what a perfect arse! Been a while since YEOWCH took a look at Sarah Brights erotic sex and spanking website Redstripe Films and what better way than to post about an awesome movie with sexy cheating housewife Leia Ann Woods getting punished!”Leia Ann Woods is one of the all-time favourite spanking models and we have two films which perfectly reflect the cheeky nature and the naturalness of this lovely young lady. In this film she is caught on video having sex in the car with her driver, there is an argument and then she is told she will be punished. She goes over the knee for a spanking and a leathering with a rather nasty strap. She has to bend over the bed with her legs straight and bottom well out for further punishment with the strap. Another gem from the archives and a classic performance from this amazing lady!”   More previews here!

Sep 062017

nude spanking

English Spanking. This was a most unusual request, young Jesse wanted to have a chat with Aunty Katie and told her that although she had been spanked and paddled a number of times she had never had to take a caning. Would Aunty Katie help her. She knew that it was going to hurt as she well new the reputation of Aunty Katie for having a very heavy hand. Katie as usual was happy to oblige and after spanking Jesse to warm her up she bent her over her spanking stool and gave her the very first caning her bottom had ever received. And yes it did hurt and did she like it? More pix click here.

english spankers

Ella is usually a star pupil at her college but she has started to slip behind. Her tutor, Miss Stern thinks she knows the perfect way to get Ella back into line and motivated again. She puts the plan to Ella, first of all a spanking, on the bare bottom and it will be a serious affair. Good and hard and designed to make a naughty young lady see the error of her ways and to buckle down and do her work. The spanking starts and Ellla realises just what she has let herself in for. More free pix click here.

english spankers

New spanking model Honesty gets her first taste of a real hard spanking in this film. She has overspent her husband’s credit cards and he is going to teach her a lesson. She hopes her sexy stockings and suspender belt will put him off but no. He delivers a real hard spanking and she delivers some real tears. First ever spanking and good and hard. More free pix click here.


Sep 052017

northern spanking secretary

northern spanking secretary


Check out this awesome cutie from the excellent NORTHERN SPANKING who cosplays as a naughty secretary in trouble with her boss and she insists that he deal with her in the sternest way possible. That means a good firm spanking on her tanned bare ass as she bends over his lap showing off her best sexy lingerie for our benefit. Enjoy these preview pix from an excellent archived gallery on their website. Much more to check out in their members area. Excellent value for money and loads to download and watch. CLICK HERE for more info on one of the best UK spanking websites.

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