Mar 122018

schoolgirl spanking cosplay

St. Catherines

Private School For Girls

Episode 73

The Mouse

Starring: New Girl Christa.

Christa thought it was a great idea to bring her pet mouse Anna to school. Her teacher saw it and sent her straight to the Headmaster who explained the schoolrules to her again. No pets allowed! He then took her across His knee and gave her a good spanking and told her to take the mouse home and return immediately!. No mouse was harmed in the making of this video. Another awesome new spanking movie from SPANKED IN UNIFORM more free previews here.

Mar 122018

academy_c001 brotherly_v005 secretary_bl003 stacy_stockton_int_b002

Strapped hard for messing up a flight booking – Alison Miller pays the price!
Who said: “I deserve this spanking so give it all you’ve got” and “I deserve more, sir.”? Yep, Alison Miller in the finale of Secretary as she bares her bootylicious bottom for 36 licks with a tawse delivered hard by Patrick Bateman, witnessed by Stacy Stockton!
A behind-the-scenes exclusive with Stacy Stockton and Alison Miller
An exclusive peek behind the scenes as Stacy Stockton spills the beans to Alison Miller on being spanked. Asked why she came back to shoot again, Stacy admits: I like to challenge myself. This time I really wanted to bring it!” See it in Candid Confessions.
Smoking a joint leaves Jodi Biltmore’s bottom sore after 54 with a wooden ruler
The red marks on her quivering pale bottom teach pretty Jodi Biltmore not to smoke a joint at Reform Academy. School uniform skirt up, panties down, 54 whacks with a wooden ruler leave her butt cheeks sore. Eric Strickman delivers discipline: “Yes sir!”
700-smack ‘maintenance’ spanking leaves Katherine St James red and sore!
How many spanks can you give in three minutes, timed with an egg-timer? Katherine St James finds out in Brotherly Love when Kyle administers a ‘maintenance spanking. The answer is 350. Ouch! Then pull down her panties for another three minutes, total 700!

FIRM HAND SPANKING: click here for more.

Mar 112018

english sex spanking english spanking

TRIPLE A SPANKING is awesome and love this new update. Filmed at the Shadowlane 2013 casino hotel venue, this film proved to be the catalyst for the eventual pairing of Sarah Gregory and John Osborne outside of our kink! Neither of them realized at the time just what would happen but you will get some interesting hindsight previews from this final film they made at this party event. Set at a casino, it was a plausible storyline to have them in a loving discipline relationship filmed in their hotel suite… so when Sarah decided to play and brat by hiding some of John’s casino chips before he wanted to visit the tables, she knew he would search her and find what she had taken. Her ploy that he would pay more attention to her than the gaming tables paid off after he did find the missing chips on her person and he gave her a memorable “naughty girl” spanking and intimate cropping punishment that is shown in this film. Join them both at the start of their journey together that begun here. More free pix and info on how to join this cool website here.

Mar 112018

hot ass spanking

Spanking cutie Mandie is star of this cool girl spanking girl from TRIPLE A SPANKING USA. Hellno, Kitteh: Sarah had been asked to look after Mandie while her parents were out and she was such a badly behaved brat that Sarah sent her to bed early to get her out of her way. However, Mandie thought she had the last laugh by “borrowing” some of Sarah’s precious old Kitty merchandise she kept there while she was away at college! Sarah caught her making a noise playing “spank the teddybear” & then saw her stuff, asking why she always had to play with her things. Since Mandie was not being grown up about the whole situation, Sarah decided to spank her like a naughty little girl. Mandie soon shut up as she realized this was going to happen for real as it was the worst time… bedtime! She’d feel this all night long! Sarah spanked and used a stinging hairbrush on Mandie’s bare bottom until she was satisfied that the younger girl was remorseful and that her tears were genuine!  Click here for a free gallery!

Mar 102018

english spanking lexi (9)

english spanking lexi (16)

Charlie and Lexie are in trouble, they have been stealing money which should have gone to the grandmother, now she is dead and still they are taking the money. Lexie is now alone with the irate home help. She has just had her first ever beating and she is not a happy girl. A cane is produced and she is lectured and it is explained to her that she is to be caned until she can’t take any more. This is her very first caning and there is no holding back. She agrees that punishment is called for and takes every stroke. She screams and shouts but to no avail, the strokes keep coming. Click here to watch a free hot preview clip from this ENGLISH SPANKERS movie!

Mar 102018

sexy clover spanked in her uniformCLOVER SPANKED AT THE SCHOOL OF DANCE: Episode 16 “Missing Practice.”



It’s spring up here in the wilds of Northumbria – and it’s fucking snowing. Another log on the fire should keep me as warm as a well spanked arse. Speaking of hot bottoms, here’s the very latest spanking episode uploaded to SPANKED IN UNIFORMS – the brilliant website dedicated to cute girls in sexy uniforms getting their backsides thrashed for our entertainment. This one is from their “Dance School” series and features real girl next door Clover getting an otk spanking in her cheerleader outfit. Clover is great. She has one of those over plump bums that wobble this way and that as it turns purple. Cool stuff. Awesome spanking. Click the pix or link below to see much more of Clover and how you can sign up as a member to watch all their spanking movies. Brilliant stuff and excellent value.


Mar 092018

ella hughes spanking

Northern Spanking USA are back with a terrific new Ella Hughes spank movie! Aleesha Fox is very protective of her husband or, more accurately, her husbands generous salary as a travelling salesman for a prestigeous pharmaceutical firm. It is 1980 and very recently a new sales assistant, Ella, has joined the firm and promptly turned all the salesmens heads. Indeed there is fierce competition to have her along as assistant on long business trips. There is concern among the wives. This concern is about just how those long motorway miles in the Ford Cortina (with its brushed nylon back seat) and those dull nights in the Trusthouse Forte (with their double-wide beds) are alleviated by having young, sexy, redhead Ella along for the ride. As the senior wife, Aleesha determines to confront the little strumpet and invites her round to her executive home for coffee and tarts. This is what happens… Click here for a free preview gallery!

Mar 092018

alison miller spanking

Okay, this rustles my jimmies and no mistake. Alison Miller shows off her best side with a terrific movie from FIRM HAND SPANKING where she gets her awesome bubble butt arse soundly spanked and paddled in a tight pair of denim jeans. Denim spanked babes for the fucking win guys! Click here for more pix and a preview clip from Alison’s new movie!

Mar 082018


Hiya gang, how’s it going this dull grey afternoon? Mondays suck the big one. Anyway, here’s the latest update from NORTHERN SPANKING. Suspecting that all is not going well with Milas ballet lessons at the hands of Mme Amelia, Stephen decides to pay a visit. Appalled at the attitude and methods of the Dame, he decides that she needs a lesson in discipline and her pointer stick will make a very useful cane! Having suffered a surprising but not unexpected change of heart about her future career, Stephen finds it necessary to teach a lesson on focusing the mind to Mila, by means of a soundly smacked bottom at bedtime. View an exclusive free pix gallery click here!

Mar 082018


A nice erotically moody spanking shot with Clover Rock, Nimue Allen and Stephen Lewis in a new NORTHERN SPANKING movie called “Rules of the House.” Clover lifts her skirt as she watches her friend getting spanked otk in a scene from part 2 of 6 in this photo series. Really like this one and NS has over 10 years and hundreds of movies and galleries to check out in their members section, so if you join you get access to some of the best domestic spanking erotica out there. Good to see they’re going to update their main page soon as the one they have now is a bit bland. Click here to visit NORTHERN SPANKING!

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