Nov 152017

hot ass spankings

Here’s a cool spanking photo gallery with hot spank pix of naughty girl Maddy getting a hard spanked ass. On a family vacation, Maddy is displaying her wilful side, demanding that she be allowed to go to a night club while her parents go out to dinner. This of course is not happening and Maddy is confined to the hotel. On top of this, her attitude and wilful behavior earn her a smacked bottom and a taste of the hairbrush.  . Click here for the whole gallery!!!

Nov 152017

Uh oh, forgot to check my mail lately and just discovered not one but two updates from Firm Hand Spanking USA. So here we go with a free gallery mega-post for fans of this awesome website. Click here for real preview clips of their spanking movies!

Phew, all done. Check out the classic Amber Pixie Wells in those pix as the naughty student punished along with new girl Lily White and ultra sexy Belinda Lawson in their new movies. Enjoy the pix!!


Nov 142017

kyrie kelly spank and bondage star

The Sensational Kyrie Kelly.

One of the fun aspects of doing a spank blog is being able to talk about some of your favourite people in the business you’ve discovered over the years. This fantastic lady is one of them, Kyrie Kelly. She of the amazing bottom and tolerance for having it spanked really REALLY hard. I first came across Kyrie in an old second hand copy of Janus many years ago. There was a photo of her in an article about the American spank scene and from that day I was a devoted fan. Btw, I’ve always called her Kyrie. Hope you enjoy this post dedicated to her..

caning kyrie kelly on her ass


Kiri Kelly (sometimes spelled Keri) was one of the most popular and prolific fetish model/actresses of the 1980s and ’90s. From 1986 to around 1998 she appeared in hundreds of magazines and videos featuring bondage, spanking, tickling, and BDSM. She has worked with virtually every major video producer including Nu-West/Leda Productions, House of Milan (HOM Inc.), London Enterprises, Harmony Concepts, California Star, Shadow Lane, B&D Pleasures, Bizarre Video, and Evil Angel.

Along with Alexis Payne, Tanya Foxx, and Sharon Mitchell, Kiri is among the few recognizable stars to emerge from the early years of the fetish film industry. But unlike Foxx and Mitchell, she did not start out making pornographic videos. With a fresh-faced look that resembles a mix of Goldie Hawn and Laura Dern, the blonde actress specialized in playing sweet, innocent girl-next-door roles. Her appealing personality and high tolerance for pain proved to be an ideal combination for creating many memorable and hard-hitting videos.

lesbian spanking with kyrie kelly


She was discovered by “Spank Hard” magazine, who referred her to Nu-West videos. Kiri’s debut in spanking videos was in the Nu-West video Spanked Females 6 (NWV-106), released in about 1988 or maybe 1989. At that time she was going by the single name “Kyrie.” She once told that she chose that name in honor of the rock song of the same name by a group called Mr. Mister, in 1985.

By 1990, Kyrie became a full-fledged video star, appearing in dozens of spanking videos for Nu-West. She then changed her scene name to “Kiri Kelly,” I suppose to avoid confusion with the word Kyrie, which after all is the beginning of a Christian prayer: “Kyrie eleison.” (“Lord, have mercy.” ) After doing films for Nu-West as “Kyrie”, she left, never to return, citing that she had been beaten with excessive force. She went on to make a series of videos with Jay Dee at California Star and B&D Pleasures. The burly, heavy-handed Dee gave her some particularly explosive spankings in Sore Subject, Hitchhiker Spanked 2 & 3, and Spanking, Spanking, and More.


Wild Thing, directed by Dee, won the 1989 AVN Award for Best Specialty Video. Kiri played a Tarzan-like wild-girl living alone in the jungle. It was filmed entirely at outdoor locations. At Shadow Lane videos, Kiri was made her debut with Older Men With Younger Wives. Kiri became friends with popular dominatrix actress Alexis Payne, and the two have made many films together. Kiri has endured some of Payne’s hardest hairbrush and paddle sessions in Naughty Neighbor, Our Sorority, and Hard Discipline (also directed by Kiri). After completing those films in 1993 she announced her retirement. A few years later Kiri started to appear again in some occasional film role (only with her narration voice).

Thanks to nonsuccederpi for the original info.

Copyright text: nonsuccederpi.


Nov 142017

english spanking


Bingo! Finally blogging about all the new goodies from Sarah Bright and her awesome spanking websites – like this new gallery preview from a new movie starring mature bottom sex pot Lulu. Lulu was having something of a dream in which she was paddling her bottom and then her husband took over. Well that’s all a bit improbable but what is for real is his reaction at seeing his wife with her bottom stuck in the air and just asking for it. Having easy access to a cane, we gave it to him, he preceded to give his wife just what he assured us she had been needing for years, a real good hard caning, just take a look at her marked bottom for the proof of this. Smashing film of this top model in her only caning video.   Click here for a preview gallery!

Nov 132017

Totally smitten with this wonderful lady when I discovered her in a back issue of the much missed UK Spank magazine, Janus. Heck, this must be going back to the early 1980’s from memory when the only way to satisfy my spanking curiosity was to take a trip to a specialist magazine shop which sold “top shelf” adult magazines of various kinks. She appeared in issues 53 and 54 as well as an interview shoot later on. She also appeared in a number of  classic spanking movies which you can check out at CLASSIC SPANKING. Some women just have it. A certain magic. Sophie had it in abundance with spare to measure. Much loved by those of us who grew up in the classic spank mag era and remember her much walloped bottom with pleasure.

Looking good in and out of uniform.

>>CLICK HERE to check out more of SOPHIE at CLASSIC SPANKING<<

Nov 122017



Hey guys, check out the latest cool spank movies at FIRM HAND SPANKING USA! More awesome previews here!

Long hard spanking for Alison Miller at Reform School for a car prank! Decorating the principal’s car with toilet paper earns flame-haired Alison Miller a tough spanking from Mr Bateman. Panties firmly wedgied, her bare bottom bounces 400 times.

Late for work on day one? It’s a jiggling booty spanking for newbie Kelsey Baker. Pretty newcomer Kelsey Baker’s new job as The House-sitter gets off to a red bottomed start as Patrick Bateman spanks her bouncing bottom cheeks 380 times for tardiness.

Finale hairbrush for journalist Portia Marlowe brings on tears in The Big Story. Teaching posh Portia Marlowe how to write good copy is top of Richard Anderson’s priorities, along with a chance to spank her to tears with 30 whacks of a hairbrush.


Nov 122017

japanese spanking schoolgirl otkJAPANESE COSPLAY SPANKING AT IT’S BEST

japanese cosplay spankingsAUTHENTIC JAPANESE PUNISHMENTS

Visitors to my blog will know I am a huge fan of anything to do with Japanese erotica and hot Japanese babes. I absolutely love their spanking Cosplay stuff and one of the best places to find this particular micro-niche is at CUTIE SPANKEE – a website dedicated to cute Japanese girls being spanked, strapped and thrashed. The above pix are fantastic and the spankee absolutely stunning. So if you’re into specific types of Asian spanking erotica I’d definitely recommend taking a look at this small but brilliant Japanese site.


Nov 112017

When ya know it’s going to sting like hell despite looking forward to it

There are photos about spanking then there are fucking outstanding photos about spanking that stand out from the rest. These, for me, are fine examples of those..

Take the portrait. The “oh my GOD!!” screwed up expression on her pretty face. Look closer. Look at that smile. She knows what’s coming and she knows she’s going to love every second of feeling his strap across her bare upturned backside as she lays across his desk.

Then there’s the uniform. The neat way her tartan skirt is folded up to give us a grandstand view of her very full buttocks. Pussy peeking to the fore. And the sexy polka dot lingerie. The garter is perfect. Why did she wear that? Because she knew it was sexy too. If a man is going to slap your ass you may as well make sure he enjoys the view….

Outstanding in every aspect. For erotic action pose, I don’t think any other fetish can hold a candle to ours…

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