Apr 252011

Say hello to Trixie from the brilliant KANE Magazine here in the UK.

Very cute and bubbly with a terrific bum, Trixie appeared in a number of fantastic KANE movies and photo shoots during the 80’s/90’s. From memory, she was also in various editions of  BLUSHES and UNIFORM GIRLS. Bloody hell, those take me back to the good old days when the top shelf used to be full of spanking magazines. No longer the case these days sadly…

See more of this sexy English lady at the brilliant KANE website.

Apr 242011

For fans of hot girl on girl spanko action with a judicial theme. Fat assed Sammy was arrested for shoplifting and brought down to the local prison for booking. This was the 3rd time she was arrested this year and the arresting officer was pissed off. She realized that the judicial system was not teaching her a lesson so she was going to teach her a lesson on her own. After she stripped her off her clothing she was given a very deep anal cavity search! Next thing she knows, she’s over the lap of Lola the prison guard and getting her firm bratty ass bared and spanked good and hard. If you love naughty prison style spankings then this is for you. Check out this latest spank classic from the peeps at BAD TUSHY. Excellent site.

>>CLICK HERE to check more BAD TUSHY BABES being SPANKED<<

Apr 062011

Coach Lambert called his soccer team’s captain, Kimber to come over his house. He was pissed off at her because she has been late several times to practice. Not only is this an infraction that no coach should tolerate, but this sets a horrible example for the rest of the team. When Kimber arrived, he decided that a regular tongue lashing just wouldn’t do. He bent her over his knee and drove his heavy hands over and over onto her ass until her legs were wobbling with pain! CHECK OUT THIS GREAT VIDEO!!

Gotta love watching naughty american brats getting their cute butts walloped.


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