Jun 092011

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“Gail, a young American undergraduate studying in England, is having a relationship with her senior tutor, Professor Ernest Templeton. Like many young ladies from that country, Gail has something of an attitude problem, and an inflated view of herself which ends up with her being given a thoroughly hard spanking punishment to teach her a lesson…”

One of my first posts on YEOWCH 2 was a short clip from this fantastic and highly erotic spanking movie from the lads and lasses at SPANKING TV which is part of their CLASSIC SPANKING NETWORK. For some reason, the original post has lost the clip so I’ve decided to post it again because it is so good. I love the lady in this. She’s a great little actress who can take a lot of punishment across her impressive American ass. Maybe the fun of this is the American/English culture clash and that she’s being punished in a very traditionally British way. The spanking in this is fantastic. Dressed and undressed. There’s a lot of variety which all adds up to a most enjoyable watch. Whilst everything is a matter of personal taste I think a lot of spank fans will love this. “ENGLISH CANE – AMERICAN GIRL” is one of the many classic movies available on this site – be sure to check it out and have a look around.

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