Oct 312017

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english nurses fuck suck and spanking

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Brand spanking new from ENGLISH SPANKERS is this awesome update featuring Sarah as Matron giving her junior nurse a good spanking on her nice and round bare bottom. Love seeing sexy girls getting spanked in uniform with nurse spanking being my favourite. Nurse Kiki has a great little arse and takes a lot of spanks until it looks like a tomato as she bends over the desk. Enjoy these preview pix and see more at the link below as well as how to join ENGLISH SPANKERS to see the whole movie and much more.


Oct 302017

yeowch spanking blog


Back at NORTHERN SPANKING after going awol for a time, here’s a terrific “pussy and bumhole” photo of the way too sexy Miss Roxy Valentynne about to get her awesome butt spanked and cropped in the latest update from those spankers up North. See more hot pix from this series at my new ENGLISH SPANKING BLOG or check out the whole lot by clicking the link below. NORTHERN SPANKING is a fantastic spanking website with a huge archive of pix and movies to see if you sign up for their members section.


Oct 292017

aleesha fox spanking

For the handymen among us, here is an earthy little movie from TRIPLE A SPANKING that I really like and it stars the awesome Aleesha Fox and her bum. Tool Shed Spanking: Amelia was an up and coming tennis player who was sponsored by her wealthy uncle. This was an expensive program and he was ambitious and wanting her to succeed! She stayed at his estate during the Spring Holiday Break for intensive training practice at a prestigious coaching school nearby. Amelia was fed up working so hard and Springtime felt good with the harsh winter months gone and the afternoon’s sunshine feeling too inviting for her to bother with practice that day. The sun’s warming rays felt so good that she stripped naked and enjoyed laying there, relaxed and feeling a little naughty! However, she was unaware that her Uncle John had arrived home early to find her sprawled out on the grass, naked! She had no excuses to offer, he was disappointed and reminded her what happened to her in the past. It had been a long time coming but he was going to spank her right there. She was embarrassed and humiliated but knew she was wrong and had let him and her family down… worse was to come when he went back inside the house to fetch some old fashioned straps used a long long time ago for old fashioned punishments. She soon remembered how painful these were and was told to get her sorry, sore ass back to tennis practice after her naked ordeal outside! Click here for a free gallery of preview pix!

Oct 292017

sexy english babe kiki spanked otkSPANKED BOTTOMS UP FOR BAD GIRL KIKI

classic english spanking erotica“Oooooo – just imagine having to pull those shorts down!”

retro english spanking moviesCHECK OUT KIKI AND HER WELL SPANKED BUM!

What a great way to start a new month with the latest terrific update from the people at ENGLISH SPANKERS – the kinky website devoted to authentic domestic discipline. Absolutely love their new girl KIKI and her rather shapely and pert derriere. Here she is getting a good spanking from Auntie over her skin tight white shorts that reveal more than they hide. Auntie takes no crapola and those tight shorts come down quite smart so that she can spank those bumcheeks even more until KIKI is crying and yelling like a bad girl should. GREAT update and one you should definitely check out by clicking the pix or link below to see more hot spank pix from this preview gallery. ENGLISH SPANKERS is a fantastic website with oodles of movies and stuff to see in the members section.


Oct 282017



Cheering me right up after a crappy day is the latest “Mike’s 50s Diner” episode where Head Chef Mike gives his two sexy waitresses an ultimatum – either take a good hard spanking on their bare bumz or get the sack for slurping a bottle of his best plonk from the wine cellar! Naturally enough both Fae and Tiina both opt for the bare assed spanking and a thoroughly entertaining few minutes of slaps, yelps and cursing ensues. SPANKED IN UNIFORM is a really cool and fun website for fans of bad girls getting punished in various uniforms and is definitely worth becoming a members as there are over 200 hours worth of spanking movies to watch and download. CLICK HERE to view more previews!

Oct 282017

spanking professionals

spanking professionals

G’day possums, brand new month get’s off to an awesome start on YEOWCH with a couple of exclusive pix from the third and final part of NORTHERN SPANKING’S new HD movie “The Spanking Professionals.” Check out 50’s style Scarlot Rose getting a spanking in her retro lingerie in this excellent episode. Really nice movie for those of us who like watching classy women getting spanked. Click here to visit NS. Highly recommended site.

Oct 272017

spanking sophie fennington

spanking sophie fennington

sophie fennington caning

caning sophie fennington

There are classic spank movies and then there are “classic” spanking movies. “CANINGS AND COLD SHOWERS.” starring the wonderful SOPHIE FENNINGTON is most definitely one that goes in the latter category. First came across Sophie in her first photoshoot with JANUS spank mag over 20 years ago (yikes!!) and she became an instant personal favourite not only of me but many spank fans. It’s only through the Internet that I’ve managed to catch up with her movies and as expected they are fantastic. A treat for those of us who remember the spanking stone age with fond memories. PLEASE CLICK HERE to check out this and many more classic spanking movies.

classic spanking moviess

Oct 272017



Sexy black tight lovers have a spanking treat with this new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. In the previous episode, Miss Sarah Stern has just handed out a punishment spanking to Bonnie May but she does not think that sufficient remorse was shown. This punishment has been requested by the girls boyfriend and has to be seen to be doing the job. Sarah decides that a session with a leather paddle on her bottom may have more effect, she is right. This young lady gets a real red and painful bottom. Click here for a free gallery!

Oct 262017


Another super hot spanking epic from the wonderfully mummsy CLARE FONDA. This one has her walloping the sass out of posh totty AMELIA JANE RUTHERFORD with a fearsome looking strap AFTER she’s given this naughty call girl a thoroughly splendid hard ass spanking. AMELIA looks positively shaggable in her sexy lingerie!!

>>CLICK HERE to see more of CLARE spanking AMELIA at SPANKED CALL GIRLS<<

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