Sep 032017

american girls spanked

Meet the Girls at America’s Top Spanking Website.

camilla scott spanking stephanie murray spanking amelia jane rutherford spanking

Tight British buns strapped! Camilla Scott pays for not following orders Camilla Scott has an incredibly tight, gym-toned butt. Now those cheeks pay the penalty for not following Earl Grey’s instructions about cleaning and lunch in Busted Burglars. Who can resist tanning Camilla’s hide until she yelps and turns red? Go Earl!

Cutting class earns Stephanie Murray’s gym-toned buttocks a 12-swat paddling! Hot brunette senior Stephanie Murray bends over principal Dani Daniels’ desk to have her bouncing teen buns paddled for cutting class. Stephanie chooses swats over suspension but cussing means she’s told to lift her skirt to feel the burn on thin panties!

”Top model at spanking party” is a headline worth a severe strapping Stripped naked, her stunning six foot figure bent over a table, Amelia Rutherford finds out what agent Christian Fennington thinks of her appearing at a fetish event and being caught out by the media. Well deserved severe 58-stroke strapping for a Rogue Model.

Three great new movies at the excellent FIRM HAND SPANKING. More free previews here.

Sep 022017

spanking british babes otk


caning and spanking english erotica


spanking otk


Well, there goes my fucking libido – again. Not only was sexy spanking Sarah already sexy enough, now she goes and dresses up as a Nun wearing the most outrageous latex habit ever! As if that wasn’t enough, after being caught spanking her girlfriend Xella on her bare bottom, guess who should walk in?! MR STERN himself – with a cane! Cripes. Is her mature arse in for it or wot!! Hang on, did I hear right? He’s going to cane them BOTH at the SAME TIME??!! Indeedy he is. And he does. With both of them kneeling on the sofa side by side with their big bare bottoms stuck out and at the mercy of his ever so bendy cane. Pass the smelling salts nurse! Actually, this is great and is the latest “Nun caned on the Bum” episode from the Sexy Spanking Sarah team. And its brilliant and a right laugh. For lovers of the more mature rump being rattled then definitely make the effort to see this. Just click a photo or a link to see more hot pix from this series.


Sep 022017

amelia jane spanking

Weeee whooooo! Now this one I just love from Pandora Blake and her DREAMS OF SPANKING. Grown women being spanked over long “mumsy” flowery skirts is a big thumbs up from YEOWCH and Amelia Jane Rutherford looks as sexy as fuck as she gets the slipper across her big backside. Movie is great!  More preview pix click here!

Sep 012017

spanking ashley graham

spanking ashley graham

For fans of brassy bratty mature women with big tits getting spanked, AAA SPANKING’s latest movie epic features the jiggly arse and bouncing boobies of Ashley Graham who wants and deserves nothing more than a good old fashioned cock and bull OTK SPANKING. Awesome babe and this is another classic from one of the UK’s top spanking websites. Now updated weekly with top arses spanked! To see more of Miss Graham’s spanking PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Click here to visit AAA SPANKING

Sep 012017

schoolgirl spanking

New episode from SPANKED IN UNIFORM‘s schoolgirl roleplay series is now available. Smoking In The Teacher’s Bathroom starring 18 Year Old Vanessa.Vanessa decided to smoke a cigarette in the teacher’s bathroom which was a big mistake because the Headmaster caught her and sent her straight to his office. For going into the teacher’s bathroom she was soundly spanked over his knee and for smoking she was bent over for six of the best with the senior cane on her already spanked sore red bottom. Spanking cosplay at its best.  Check out more hot FREE preview pix here!

Aug 312017


scarlet spanked uniform spanking spanking scarlet

Dutch spanking website Spanked in Uniform sure know how to yank my chain with their latest awesome spanking movie starring the lovely Scarlet in trouble with the spanking police. As ever she ends up getting her peachy ass thoroughly spanked and sore. Can’t recommend this place enough as it is such a fun place to check out – click here for more hot previews!

Aug 312017

school spanking school spanking

Naughty CAM GIRL Bell Calder stars in the latest spank movie from SPANKING SARAH and her awesomely kinky website. Sarah Sly Private Eye has been called back to help deal with depraved cam model Bell. She has been spanked and now a harder and more severe punishment is called for. Sarah has no doubt what will do the trick. She scalds Bell before bending her over and removing her panties. Then follows the hardest paddling this young lady has received. Her lovely bottom is soon turned a brighter shade of red and she has some tears in her eyes.  Check out this exclusive online preview trailer here!

Aug 302017


Okay, here we go. Just found one of my all time favourite films in the HOT MOVIES spanking section. It’s called “Secretaries” made by Red Stripe and stars two fantastic mature ladies who end up getting spanked, strapped, paddled and caned by their boss.

He tells them to meet him in the firm’s conference room, that evening. The girls really love their jobs, and are resigned to accepting the punishment they know they are going to receive. Mr Dent wastes no time, but gets down to the task in hand immediately. He begins by putting Miss Sullivan over his knees, and after pulling up her skirt, begins to administer a very hard spanking. Very soon her knickers are down, and we can see from the redness of her bottom, that Mr Dent means business.

When he finishes with Miss Sullivan, he calls Miss Taylor over, and because her clothes are so inappropriate, he gives her an even harder spanking. Both girls have been in trouble with Mr Dent before and know what to expect. They know for instance, that they can expect much more than a hand spanking. Miss Sullivan finds herself bending over the conference room table, her skirt lifted and her knickers around her knees.

Mr Dent administers twenty four strokes of the strap, and a dozen with the leather paddle. Miss Taylor, who has been watching the proceedings, is feeling rather nervous as her punishment is likely to be more sever. She quickly finds out that, this is the case, as she bends over the table to receive her strapping. The punishments are completed, when both girls are bent over the boardroom table, to receive twenty four hard strokes of the cane each.

Great movie. Amazing bottoms.

Aug 292017

northern spanking


northern spanking


One of the cool things about being a member of the excellent NORTHERN SPANKING is being able to browse their huge 11 year archive of spanking goodies and come across classic galleries such as this one from December 2006. Thanks to the guys at NS for kind permission in allowing YEOWCH to post these awesome pix of Sam Johnson about to get a spanking in her denim jeans. Check out tthis great site here.

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