Apr 102017

ella hughes spanked


Absolutely LOVE Ella Hughes and any update with her is fucking awesome. Here she is getting her sexy arse caned by stern Sarah. Ella Hughes arrived late for a filming session, she then told some lies and tried to fool me. Well no one gets away with that. I phoned her boyfriend and told him about her behavior and he asked me to punish her very hard and also to give extra punishments for him for her behavior at home. She made her allotted number of films for the day and then it was time for the caning. This was one of the most severe caning I have administered and by the end Ella was in tears.  Click here for an awesome gallery of pix from this movie!

Apr 102017

masie dee spanking

masie dee spanked

TOP UK SPANK WEBSITE ENGLISH SPANKERS latest update has one of their new girls involved in a little kitchen sink drama which usually ends up with said naughty girl dancing around the room clutching her well spanked arse. Pixie Masie Dee plays a lazy housemaid who feels the wrath and hard hand of her employer across her hot pants backside and naked butt with a well hard spanking and thrashing. Masie is such a worky ticket that it’s a real pleasure to see her soundly spanked in this great new movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. More awesome preview pix and a free movie can be found at the link PLEASE CLICK HERE to check them out.

Apr 092017

morgan taylor spanked in jodhpursTHRASHING A WELL PADDED MATURE LADY IN JODHPURS

spanking morgan taylor wearing jodhpurs


morgan taylor spanked spanking spank otkMORGAN TAYLORS FIRM ARSE THRASHED WITH A RIDING CROP

From 2007 and called “Too Hot to Trot”, this is another fantastic spank movie from NORTHERN SPANKING featuring sexy milf Morgan Taylor as an upper crust bit of totty who ends up getting her voluptious arse spanked and walloped in the stables. Wearing a skin tight pair of jodhpurs, she’s hauled over the stable managers lap and takes a spanking before he orders her to bend over, pull down her pants, and thrashes her butt with her own riding crop. Superb stuff and very sexy. This is just one of the excellent movies available in their packed archive.


Apr 092017

spanked in uniform

spanked in uniform

Check out this new fun update at the always excellent SPANKED IN UNIFORM with episode 67 from their St. Catherine Girls School series. An added bonus is new girl Satine who appears alongside brit babe Masie Dee and who both end up blubbering after head teacher Mike has given them a right good spanking over there school knickers and bare arses. Fans of mature spanking cosplay will love this – and that includes your depraved webmaster lol. CLICK HERE for more hot pix and how to watch this great new movie.

Apr 082017

spanking pixie american brat otkWHEN VERONICA PADDLED PIXIES CUTE ASS

Pixie spanked otk on her bare assSPANKING PIXIE OTK

Any Pixie fans in here tonight? Yup, figured as much – that’s like EVERYONE. Not surprised for she’s a fantastic lady and one of America’s finest brats. Was having a mooch around the galleries at PUNISHED BRATS and came across these fun pix. These are from one  of their movies called “Heat for the Seat.” Not exactly Shakespeare but who the hell cares anyway! This one has Veronica teaching uber brat Pixie the error of her ways and she ends up getting a pretty good spanking which is topped off by a firm paddling on her pert rear bumper. PUNISHED BRATS is one of the old school American sites and has been going since the dawn of time. Its carved out its own niche of top quality spanking movies featuring some of the sexiest bottoms around. Pixie is great and is always fun to watch getting spanked. For those of you who like your spank sites small, warm and cuddly then defo check out PUNISHED BRATS.


Apr 072017

harley havic ass spanked

YEOWCH!! Here we go with an awesome new update at NORTHERN SPANKING USA. This is a hard, no nonsense punishment film. Harley’s behavior has been out of line recently, and she knows it. Hopefully, a severe punishment will get her back on track. First, Paul spanks her over his knee, reddening her bottom nicely. Then, Harley is made to stand and bend over for ten hard swats with a stinging wooden paddle on her bare bottom. The paddling leaves Harley’s bottom marked and brings her to the point of real tears, but her punishment is not over. After standing in time out to think about her actions, Harley must bend back over for ten hard strokes of the cane. She is put in an embarrassingly exposing position with her legs spread wide to enhance the punishment. Her tears quickly return as her bottom is welted with red lines. Later, Harley is resting on her tummy, not even worrying about getting dressed properly again. Her friend, Alex comes in to check and see how Harley is doing, (she was in the house and heard Harley being punished). Harley complains of how sore her bottom is after the hard strokes, and Alex rubs lotion on Harley’s cheeks to help soothe the pain.. .  Click here for a free preview gallery and links!

Apr 072017

sexy english babe janna spanked and paddled at english spankers

JANNA and her Big Bum Spanked and Paddled Hard

Oooo, I love nothing more than seeing your traditional English rose getting her over adundant botty flesh thoroughly spanked and paddled until its hot and sore. Even better when sed spankee is dressed in black stockings and suspenders. I can imagine she’s yelling “Oi, you’re not supposed to spank my arse that hard you know!!” or something similar. Good stuff. This one has just popped into my mail box having been sent from Sarah and her chums at ENGLISH SPANKERS. Its F.A.B.

>>CLICK HERE to see JANNA getting her BIG BOT PUNISHED<<

Apr 062017

firm hand spanking firm hand spanking amelia jane rutherford

Super cool new movie from FIRM HAND SPANKING with English babe Amelia Jane Rutherford bending over for a good bottom spanking and caning. “They call this one the thousand bee-stinger,” warns agent Christian Fennington as he swishes his cane menacingly close to Amelia Rutherford’s ripe bare cheeks. He wants to cane those perfect curves in Rogue Model – and hard! 16 strokes should do the job. More free pix and movie preview here.

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