Mar 132017

superhero spanking

Her super powers ain’t gonna stop this babe from getting a good firm ass spanking until her butt is really hot and sore!Wonder Booty Spanking: Please meet Christina Carter… you may have seen her as the best dressed fetish super-heroine, Wonder Woman, among some of her many wonderful cosplay & fetish fantasies she helps fulfill at her own website – Have you ever thought what it would be like to spank a naughty superhero having an “off day?” Well, your luck is in as Christina was supposed to be meeting her man, Johnny, downstairs at a fetish and spanking event but she was ignoring his messages on her phone and far from ready! When Johnny got back to their room to ask what was going on it was obvious she wanted to play and be his naughty brat for a bit so he took her naked over his lap, with just her trademark WW hair band in place and he gave her booty some loving with his hand. This was not a punishment spanking, how could he after she accepted that she needed some attention? You’ll see this couple’s real chemistry as Johnny hits the right spots with his hand making her booty a delicious cherry red! This is an exclusive hot M/F spanking video for Triple A members!  More exclusive super pix gallery here!

Mar 122017

sexy euro babe spanking otk


real life spankings for hot women

One of the fun things about doing YEOWCH is being able to preview some of the hottest and newest babes who are a part of this thing we do and love. Most are curious about being spanked and want to see what the fuss is all about. It’s cool that a lot of these ladies are willing to share their experiences with the wider spanking public at large. Here’s one of my current favourites. Her name is Chervana and she comes from Holland. You can see her first spankings and much more at REAL LIFE SPANKINGS – a spank site devoted to hot amateur babes being punished. If you’re a fan of “real life spankings of everyday ladies” then you should check out this site. Tons of movies and galleries to browse and download.


Mar 122017



Samantha Woodley has never been more engaging, more exasperating or more adorable, than as the mischievous, ex-fiancé of Danny Chrighton in At Your Service! Female submissives get ready to swoon.

Watch as a leaner, meaner Danny Chrighton sternly tames the most bewitching beauty with the highest energy spanking he’s ever given. See the struggling, scolding, wheedling, whining and red hot spanks that cause lovely legs to kick and a ravishing bottom to squirm – At Your Service has it all!

Act One starts when Danny’s spoiled brat of a girlfriend, Samantha, breaks up with him. He doesn’t take it sitting down; nor, in fact, does she. Samantha agrees to serve as his housemaid for one solid week; in return he will pay off her father’s huge gambling debts, partially incurred by Samantha herself. Samantha isn’t used to performing even the simplest chores and commences slacking off and flaunting her ex boyfriend’s dubious authority over her at every turn. This defiance spurs Danny to take an action he had often considered but never resorted to until this historic moment in their tempestuous relationship, namely turning her over his knee and spanking her as she deserves. Samantha’s first spanking comes as a most unpleasant shock to the pampered brunette; but she braves it as well as she can, determined to ace the ordeal, if only to spite her smug ex lover.

Act Two: Although she looks utterly charming in her every day maid’s uniform, Samantha has no intention of actually doing any work around Danny’s house and taunts him with her feather duster to display her contempt for his (in the circumstances, quite reasonable) demands. Losing patience with her baiting immediately, Danny again pulls Samantha across his lap and spanks her briskly; not only over her white ribbons, but on her velvet laced panties and even more velvety bare bottom. Samantha is furious at this treatment and resolves to continue to disobey his every command.

Act Three: Samantha’s final spanking is given at the conclusion of a dinner party, during which, instead of serving like a proper maid should, she has stolen off to a guest bedroom to pet with one of Danny’s good looking male friends. Unmoved by the exquisite vision of the fabulously, shapely, angel faced brunette in her fancy, petticoat, formal maid’s uniform, the frustrated young man administers a stinging rebuke that reddens her bottom deeply and, at last, causes the naughty flirt to begin to feel some remorse for her selfish and irresponsible behavior. Will the willful Samantha reconsider the serious Danny’s proposal of marriage? Has her lover’s newfound forcefulness made him a more interesting challenge? You be the judge when you view Danny Chrigton take Samantha Woodley firmly in hand for the very first time in Shadow Lane’s thrilling spanking drama, At Your Service!

samantha woodley spanked otk

Watch this movie at YEOWCH MOVIES – CLICK HERE


Mar 112017


aleesha fox spanking spanked otk


It’s 11pm here in the UK and I’m sat here in my thermal pyjamas posting the latest update from across the pond by those prolific lot at FIRM HAND SPANKING. This spankerific new movie features the awesomely named ALEESHA FOX who plays a butterfingered au pair who gets into trouble and has to pay the price by getting a spanking from notorious meanie, Earl Grey. Despite her protestations, he tells her that if she doesn’t take a spanking he’s going to fire her cute ass. Well, you can guess what happens next – as the above pix show – but to see the whole thing you’ll have to click the pix or link. And it’s jolly well worth it as the delightful Mz Fox has one helluva bum to be spanked. I enjoyed it loads and I know you will too.


Mar 112017

firm hand spank 1

230-smack bare spanking for Jodi Biltmore after cussing out a teacher Laid over Mr Strickman’s knee, ripe cheeks bare under his hand, Jodi Biltmore has rebellion spanked out of her 230 times at Reform Academy Cussing out a teacher has painful results and a cherry red butt! (Shot solo Reaction Cam).

firm hand spank 2

Will 18 strokes with a cane, bare bottom, teach Camilla not to smoke? Sneaking out for a cigarette when she’s supposed to be cleaning Earl Grey’s home is a bad decision for Camilla Scott’s tight little ass in Busted Burglars. She’s soon bent over for an 18-stroke caning, most of them bare butt leaving lines across her cheeks!

firm hand spank 3

Alison Miller’s bouncing bare bottom takes 50 strokes with a strap. Allaura Shane is jealous that her dog has befriended her new stepsister and she’s giving him treats in Rich Bitch. The scene is set for Alison Miller’s bare bubble butt to get a good licking of 50 strokes with a strap, setting her cheeks jiggling for the finale!

Click here for more free pix and preview trailers from these new FHS movies!

Mar 102017

real spanking real spankings

It’s about spanking time that I get my butt in gear and showcase the awesome REAL SPANKINGS USA on this blog. Check out frizzy mopped Dana who wants to experience what a good old traditional paddling is like across her peachy American ass and boy does shes get it! Ouch! RS is renowned for its explicit punishment content so this is a must see for the hardcore bruisers amongst you. More free pix featuring the cute Dana and more hot girls here.

Mar 102017

yeowch spanking blog



Looks like American Aleesha Fox is doing a world tour of spanking websites as here she is in a schoolgirl outfit getting a bedroom otk spanking from NORTHERN SPANKING. Have bottom will travel as it were. Love these sort of pix as I much prefer “domestic” situations as they make the spanking seem much more real to me. Hope you enjoy these preview pix from an excellent spanking website. Whole gallery available in their huge members archive featuring some of the hottest spanked girls in spankdom.


Mar 092017

spanking sarah

SPANKING SARAH WITH DANIELLE HUNT: Click here for more hot pix from this gallery.


DREAMS OF SPANKING with PANDORA BLAKE: Click here to view this awesome gallery!


AAA SPANKING for TWO SHADOWLANE BABES: Click here to check out the CHIEF’s American adventure

Hey gang, here’s a quick update from around the spanking world with three new spankerific uploads from top UK spanking websites SPANKING SARAH, DREAMS OF SPANKING and AAA SPANKING. Click the pix or link for more awesome free preview pix. Remember, these guys depend on your support so they can keep making these terrific movies so sign up today and enjoy hundreds of exclusive spanking movies and photos!

Mar 092017

northern spanking northern spanking

Lots of good things coming out of NORTHERN SPANKING lately and here is another cracker with bleached blonde bombshell Jadie Reece trying it on at her interview and ending up arse over big tits for a nearly nude spanking from lucky interviewer Stephen Lewis. GREAT boobs, bum and legs on this sexy mature milf. No free preview spanking gallery for this one yet as its just been uploaded to the site and I’m waiting for the affiliate content to be added. Keep an eye out as I’ll add a link to it when ready. View NORTHERN SPANKING here.

Mar 082017

girls spanked at aaa spanking


Holy smokes, I just learned what a “drop seat” spanking is from checking out the latest update from the excellent AAA SPANKING. Go figure. You learn something every day. These are cool pix. Jenna and Taylor are made to let their sexiest assets hang out on public display while that lucky SOB Chief gets to turn them tomato red and ripe with a good hand spanking as they lay over the bed in their cute jim jams. As ever from AAAS these are top quality kinky stuff and makes joining their site as a member even more value with their terrific 3 and 6 month deals on at the moment. Highly recommended by me.

yeowch spanking blog aaa spanking girls big english bottoms

CLICK HERE for more hot pix from AAA SPANKING

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