Leia Ann Woods and a Nasty Redstripe Cane.

redstripe caning

Erotic caning

Erotic caning


As 2013 draws to a close and another year of YEOWCH blogging comes to an end, I’ve been having a rummage through some of the old spanking archives I’m listed with. One of the best networks is run by Sarah, Mr Stern and chums with sites like SPANKING SARAH, ENGLISH SPANKERS and REDSTRIPE SPANKING MOVIES and I love having a look at some of their classic oldies and came across this one featuring Leia Ann Woods getting a touch toe caning. Not a huge caning fan personally but I just love the imagery and bum posing in this. For an exclusive peek click here.

The Spanking Professionals.

northern spanking

Scarlot Rose and Fae Corbin star in a new three part movie called “The Professionals” just uploaded to NORTHERN SPANKING. A Different take on the Travelling Disciplinarian theme, David is a provider of attitude adjustment in the workplace and Scarlot is his assistant and trainee, being schooled in the arts of thrashing sloppy secretaries. Todays task is to re-focus the mind of pretty young PA Fae Corbin, by taking down her tights and panties, thoroughly humiliating her and paddling her bottom.

It does seem however that Scarlot is a little overcritical in her note taking and David feels it his responsibility as her Mentor to correct her, throughly, over his lap! Click here to check out this cool UK spanking site.

AAA Spanking Casey.

aaa spanking

AAA SPANKING are back with another excellent “tour of America” movie update. Special Punishment: This is the stunning debut of naughty cheergirl, Casey Calvert, who had never experienced such an embarrassing discipline session such as this before. She didn’t expect her eccentric cheer coach to be so mad at her, after all she was the best girl in the team, the prettiest, the ones all the boys loved to watch. Only that was the problem, she was so sure of herself that she couldn’t be bothered to turn up to practice thinking she was better than everyone else. This selfish behaviour earned her a long and drawn out punishment but when she continued to sass and treat this session with disdain, her cheer coach knew exactly what to do and had her placed on all fours, bare bottom stuck out, inviting and vulnerable for his dreaded anal hook that had her gasping in shame as this was inserted for the 2nd half of her “special punishment” which included her bare bottom being smacked, strapped, hairbrushed and cropped!  Click here for more hot free pix from this HD movie.

Swept Away for a Spanking.

northern spanking

Northern Spanking update with a brand new free spank gallery for their many fans. Amber is an Au Pair seemingly in a world of her own. Until that is, her busy disciplinarian mistress re-introduces her to reality, courtesy of a very sore smacked bottom. Nice set of pix for fans of mature arse spanking. NS has a huge archive to check out in their members section too! Click here to check it out!

A Femdom Spanking for Pandora from Dana Kane.

pandora blake dreams of spanking otk spanked spankPANDORA BLAKE – DREAMING OF A GOOD SPANKING

dreaming of a spanking for pandora blake

pandora blake spanked and punished by dana kaneA FEMDOM SPANKING FROM DANA KANE

Now THAT is one well padded and shapely English bottom spanked properly. The awesome rear in question belongs to Pandora Blake and is from the latest update at her personal romantic spank niche site DREAMS OF SPANKING. Love her new place as it’s rare to see a spank site devoted to pure spanking roleplaying erotica – the kind of spank site I personally prefer. DOS is still growing with new content added regularly and features not only male spanking female/female spanking female but female spanking male too. Click the pix or link below to check out more from this new update including some femdom f/m photos and preview movie featuring Dana Kane!


Maddy Marks Doing as She’s Told.


Cool Maddy Marks at Triple A Spanking. Doing as she is told: Maddy Marks and her partner decided to show us all a glimpse of their relationship with a short informative D/S display as she was instructed to spank herself in front of the cameras. His voice could be heard off camera gently telling her what to do next and how she should do it. She was told to spank herself harder and harder then rub her cheeks when they started to burn. This was no pattycake self spanking, he wouldn’t have her do this here. Maddy was then told to pick up the hairbrush and whack herself slowly and deliberately harder so we could see the effects this had on her smooth butt cheeks. It was an intimate and sensual act for her to give herself to him and us like this. Finally, she was told to use the leather paddle to redden her bottom before she took an OTK position for a finale spanking. Her boyfriend could not be seen in this video but you will see him spank her as they do at home… hard and forcefully, but not too brutal as she hadn’t done anything wrong here, this was not a punishment but a beautiful demonstration of their D/S relationship which they both kindly shared for us all on camera! It was a first for us all and we are sure you will enjoy this loving and close relationship that Maddy and her partner have! He is a lucky man… and so is she for having such an attentive and caring man in her life! Check out Maddy click here.

Classroom Chaos at NORTHERN SPANKING!

classroom chaos at northern spanking

Whoa, check out all these awesome spanked babes and their fabbo bottoms! These exclusive preview pix are from the latest update at NORTHERN SPANKING called “Classroom Chaos.” where these naughty mature cosplay schoolgirls are spanked and paddled by their teacher. This cool 10 part gallery series and movie stars Aleesha Fox, Leia Ann Woods, Alice Appleby, Zoe Page and Lucy McLean. A super special preview clip gives you a taste of the hot bum walloping action.

northern schoolgirl spankings


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