Jan 282018


Here’s a wee (heh) gallery from a new NORTHERN SPANKING movie called “Horrible Sister.” Jessica just will not get out of the bathroom and let poor Amber get ready for school, with inevitable and rather damp results to Ambers knickers! And then the poor girl gets her bottom smacked for it as well. Its not going to be a good day for Amber! View gallery here.

Jan 252018

english spanking blog


Hmmmm, nice thighs. Can’t beat a pair of nice womanly meaty thighs. Here we have smart Jenna Jay with her modest at half mast getting a sharp paddle spanking from fussy Auntie Katie while head mistress Sexy Sarah looks on. Another jolly all girls spank movie from the excellent and oft updated SPANKING SARAH website. A must see for fans of English traditional spanking erotica.

erotic english lesbian spanking


Jan 252018

japan spanking japan spanking

Check out this awesome niche spanking website from the land of the rising bum! As any Yeowch follower knows I’m a huge fan of anything to do with Japan – especially hot babes into spanking! Hand Spanking Japan is just a lovely little website that features female on female spank erotica and updates pretty regularly. In this update we have Shinobu and Urea enjoying some naughty games on New Years Eve. Enjoy these preview pix and click here to check out this excellent website!

Jan 242018

Hot Babes Spanked at FIRM HAND SPANKING – Click here for preview clips!

Lying flat on a pool table, pert bottom bare, Corinne’s legs kick as she’s spanked
Asleep drunk on the Reform Academy pool table earns bratty Corinne Hopkins a sound spanking from Eric Strickman. First with his hand, then her own pink hairbrush, her bare cheeks are set bouncing. But her attitude soon increases her punishment to a stinging, drilled wooden paddle: see her legs kick and painful Reaction Cam replay!
Stripped naked, Belinda Lawson willingly accepts her spanking and paddling
Belinda Lawson stripped totally naked and bent over a chair in the detention room at her old school is hot enough. Add her request for discipline from ex-headmaster Earl Grey and an awesome cheek-jiggling, bottom reddening action spanking with his hand and a leather paddle, she’s Asking For It. Delicious bouncing bare breasts on Reaction Cam!
Totally nude Dani Daniels bends over for a blistering spanking in Naval Discipline
Perfect 10 body totally nude, navy swim team beauty Dani Daniels strips to be spanked after mouthing off to her coach in Naval Discipline. Richard Anderson is strict but fair, as he bends her over a sofa to redden her jiggling, toned bottom
Jan 242018

amelia jane spanking nude

FANTASTIC action shot from NORTHERN SPANKINGS latest gallery update featuring the one and only Amelia Jane Rutherford in a sexy breaking the 4th wall pose for her many fans around the spanking world. An instant classic imho and the whole gallery can be viewed in their excellent and huge archive – CLICK HERE for how to check it out.

Jan 232018







A new old retro movie has just been added to the excellent archive at 1st CHOICE CLASSIC SPANKING MOVIES called “PAINFUL PROTESTING” with two girls on the recieving end of a harsh spanking, paddling and caning punishment session. Her Ladyship is extremely depressed, having found out that it has been decided that a bypass is to be rerouted through her state. Her butler James informs her, to her further annoyance, that two of her staff had taken part in the protest that led to this happening. James summons the girls before her to explain their actions. A rather boyish young girl explains that she is a regular protester and had corrupted the other maid into a treetop demonstration to save the nearby forest. Her Ladyship is fuming and spends no time in placing the girls over her knee for a full-on spanking session. She then sends James to the scullery to fetch her paddles and canes, which they both use fiercely before sending the girls to the bath with very sore bottoms.  CLICK HERE to watch a preview trailer.

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