More Spankings with those Firm Hand Girls.



College cutie Laurel Brooks soundly spanked and whipped for dropping a grade
Perfect bare bottom bouncing, Laurel Brooks grits her teeth as Sorority Sister Alison Miller spanks her long and hard for dropping a grade. It’s straight A’s or a spanking! But that’s not enough: Laurel is bent over a table to be whipped with a riding crop. “If I’d been punished like that at college, my grades would have been better!” laughs Laurel.
From pale and creamy to fiery red, Belinda Lawson asks for a spanking!
Watching Belinda Lawson’s bare white buttocks bounce to a furious deep red from a tough Earl Grey spanking is hot as hell. She even ASKS to be punished in her new series, Asking For It from Military Discipline. Belinda then contemplates provoking Col Grey into spanking her harder. Go girl! Awesome butt bouncing slow-motion replays.
Alison Miller is back in a new series for a fast and furious spanking, panties down
Gaming is Alison Miller’s life. She can’t help herself in Gamer Addiction. Maybe Patrick Bateman can change her ways with a series of sound spankings? Maybe not. Leggings and panties down, Alison’s quivering bare cheeks turn from pale white to blazing red in just minutes of powerful spanking. Patrick knows what she needs: more spankings!

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