Mar 302016


Hey everyone, just another wee update from your intrepid spank blogger on all things doing with my Yeowch blog as it’s that time of year when stuff happens and decisions have to be made. Good news, happy to say that server and domains have been renewed for another year until March 2017 and just wanted to thank those of you who have taken out spank website subscriptions via this site as the affiliate cut goes towards the costs to run Yeowch. As I keep saying, I do this for fun and hope that comes across in what I do.

Other big news is that Yeowch is now basically run from the USA. New laws here in the UK have made such a change inevitable for anyone blogging about spanking here. Pain in the arse but there you go. A good buddy now does all the grind and I just send him info and copy of what I want posted and when. Pretty simple and works. Thanks to Slappy!
So, hopefully, we’ve got another year of doing this. Hope very much that you enjoy the free content you find here and in the future I hope to add some more unique stuff to the mix.

Have a good one and thanks for the visit!

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