Feb 252015


SPANK PIX #1: Now that Blogger no longer allows nude or sexually explicit images on their blogs, YEOWCH SPANKING BLOG will now be the place where I have a bit of fun and post about the sort of retro spanking ephemera I remember/bought over the years – including posting some of my favourite spank photos like the one above. Holy Hot Pants!! Think it was from Blushes during the early 80’s. Hope you like it.

Nov 152014


“Where women rule and men do the hoovering!”

In my last YEOWCH update post, I said I was chewing on the idea of expanding my network of adult blogs and trying something a little different. Well, here we go: I’ve finally dipped my big toe into the Femdom and Clothed Female Nude Male fetish and am currently joining various sites and setting up the blog. Amazing how many websites there are devoted to these things – far more than general m/f spanking sites – so it’ll be interesting to see how this does visitor wise. So if your thing is female domination check out my new blog at the link above – cheers!

Oct 212014

kami-robertson kami-robertson-1

Kami Robertson looks awesome playing a Japanese cosplay schoolgirl in this spanking movie from ENGLISH SPANKERS. “This week we have a classic film or rather two films. We have so many requests to see Kami Robertson in her very early years a s a spanking model we just had to bring you these two film. Kami as a Japanese schoolgirl gets spanked, slippered and caned. This film has it all, the real uniform, white regulation school knickers authentic and very real spanking and the senior cane used on her bare bottom.” A great movie –  View a free preview gallery click here.

Sep 292014



Alrighty everyone, I may be the “biggest chicken shit, no one goes within a light fucking year of my perfectly toned lilly white bum, you want to give me a spanking – get the fuck outta town, dude?!!!!” sort of guy but never let it be said your friendly neighbourhood webmaster isn’t willing to take a voyage on that other boat now and again. Soooooooo, I gets an email the other day from Sarah of Spanking Sarah fame going “HEY YEOWCH, CHECK OUT MY NEW SITE. I’M A TOTAL FEMDOM BITCH ON IT AND MEN ARE WIMPS!” Blimey, sez I. So I go and take a look. “YIKES!” Hairy arses, dangling dongers and swinging ball sacks everywhere. OH-KAY. Not my thing but it might be your thing – so go take a look. Sarah is great btw AND MEAN!!! Heh – click here for a sneak peek.

ps: Funnily enough, I’ve been thinking of doing a femdom blog recently – wheeeeeeeee.

Sep 142014




John and his gang are on a roll and here is their second awesome update for the week. Introducing Melody Nore: John has made no secret of the fact that he loves spanking redhead girls in the past, maybe it is something about their pale skin and they way their bottoms mark up so beautifully? Most redheads he has met have had an amazing tolerance of pain too, he has found! So when he met Melody at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party, he was very keen to play with her and also film a few good spanking movies for his membership! He was not disappointed… and here at Triple A, we hope you will not be too – as they made some incredible films together. This was their first and an interesting introduction as he took her over his lap for a more traditional OTK spanking over her shorts, then on her pale bare bottom before he used a special leather hand spanking strap later on… but of course, he also wanted young Melody to become a special latest addition to his infamous “Wheelbarrow Club” which you will also discover was a great finale to her first ever film at our website! Please welcome Melody, we are sure you will like her work she did with us filmed in glorious full HD1080 so you won’t miss a thing! More FREE pix in an exclusive gallery click here.

Jul 282014
English Spankers - Punishment of Eve Edgar

English Spankers – Punishment of Eve Edgar

ENGLISH SPANKERS: Eve Edgar has to report for punishment, it has been ordered by her husband and it must be humiliating and of a most severe nature. She is not willing at first to accept the punishment but realises she has no alternative. She is paddled strapped, cropped and caned, the results are plain to see. This is a genuine punishment and is filmed exactly as it happened we have her husband’s permission to use the video. Watch a preview trailer click here.

Spanking Sarah - Punishment for Ashley

Spanking Sarah – Punishment for Ashley

SPANKING SARAH: Busty teen babe Ashley has been expelled from senior school, at home she has been spanked and paddled but now she is in for something more. Her bad attitude calls for serious measures and the birch cane is chosen. This many stranded implement delivers a cruel pain covering the whole of her bottom, a long and painful punishment is delivered and she does not like it. Free preview movie click here.

Redstripe - Betrayed

Redstripe – Betrayed

REDSTRIPE: Sarah’s lover Imogen D’Arcy has told her she wants to leave her for another woman. Sarah she says is too violent for her, always wanting to tie and beat her. Sara cant allow her to leave and so ties her to the bed. Once secured Sarah can do what she likes with poor Imogen and she has some pretty painful ideas including paddles, straps and long whips. Check out a hot preview movie click here.



May 022014

Janna Jansen, Jenna Jay & David de Wolfe star in the latest HD movie from NORTHERN SPANKING called “Getting Out of Games. Two girls are caught and brought back to school following their disappearance on a cross country run. While parents and teachers decide what is to be done with the irresponsible pair, all are agreed on one thing; they deserve a good hiding and that is precisely what they are getting right now.


Check out the awesome preview clip above (let it load) and click here to visit this great spanking website where there are hundreds of galleries and movies to watch in their archives.

Oct 272013

japanese spanking

Um wow.

japanese spanking

What a cool surprise! One of my all time favourite niche spanking websites is back online and updating witth AWESOME new content! As regulars to this blog know I have a thing for Japanese women and their erotica in general and came across CUTIE SPANKEE  a few years back and loved it. Just something about the submissive nature of the women being spanked in various domestic and work situations yanks my dingly dangles something chronic. The site stopped updating and I thought that was that but no! New movies and galleries to check out! This is Yuu and doesn’t she look amazing in her lingerie?! Sign up is still via CCBill and for more info CLICK HERE.

cutie japanese spanking

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