Spanking Light as a Feather.

spanking otk


Wanting to add a little more variety to my blog so how about I post some of my favourite, rare, classic and fun spanking pix that I’ve come across over the years in my time as a spanking fan. Thinking about allowing comments as well once I get the spam sorted out and a ranking option to vote on each photo. Check out #1 – from an old UK spank mag called Swish – come back often for more.

Spanking Miss Brahms Well Packed Stacked Slacks.

favourie spanking


Ummmm, I dunno, I may have posted this one before on my YEOWCH blogger and can’t remember as I have the attention span of an easily distracted bug but so what?! I don’t care as I absolutely LOVE this photo of a well padded pair of pants getting the dust spanked out of them. I call her Miss Brahms for no good reason other than a winsome connection to the BBC classic tv series ARE YOU BEING SPANKED? No idea where this from and is a personal crusade to find the rest.

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