Oct 022017

spanking dolly


Big into the older woman/younger male types of spanking themes and stuff so #9 is a firm favourite for this fan. Think this photo is from a long defunct UK spanking magazine called Derriere and I just love those fishnet stockings the Stewardess is wearing. Her obvious embarrassment at having to bend over and stick her big mature arse up in the air just adds to the erotic awesomeness of it.

Jun 142016

spanking otk


Wanting to add a little more variety to my blog so how about I post some of my favourite, rare, classic and fun spanking pix that I’ve come across over the years in my time as a spanking fan. Thinking about allowing comments as well once I get the spam sorted out and a ranking option to vote on each photo. Check out #1 – from an old UK spank mag called Swish – come back often for more.

Jul 262013

favourie spanking


Ummmm, I dunno, I may have posted this one before on my YEOWCH blogger and can’t remember as I have the attention span of an easily distracted bug but so what?! I don’t care as I absolutely LOVE this photo of a well padded pair of pants getting the dust spanked out of them. I call her Miss Brahms for no good reason other than a winsome connection to the BBC classic tv series ARE YOU BEING SPANKED? No idea where this from and is a personal crusade to find the rest.

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