Dec 062017

clare fonda spanking

clare fonda spanking

Gone stateside with an awesome post from top spank babe Clare Fonda and her all girl SPANKED SWEETIES. Check out her new girl Gigi Allens, an Aussie beach babe if ever there was one, getting a good spanking from Miss Fonda! Love those tight denim shorts and her fabbo ass!! Definitely hot and more sexy pix from this gallery can be found here!!!

Nov 302017

spanking pix spanking-lesbians-2 spanking pix

Nice. Nubile nude spankings from the latest ENGLISH SPANKERS movie update. Poor Ella Hughes is firmly in the grasp of her college tutor who is now resorting to blackmail to get her wicked hands on this lovely young body. When Ella resists  the come on she is made to strip naked and then to bend over for a fearsome session with the strap, taws and paddle. The tutor uses all her strength to inflict the maximum pain to this porr girls tender bottom, the results are plain to see. Awesome.  Watch a FREE PREVIEW here guys!

Nov 242017

french maid spanking

Another cute update from the excellent Northern Spanking USA with sexy babe Bambi roleplaying as a French maid in trouble.Bambi and Alex are college girls sharing a house. Keen to help with the rent, Bambi has got a new part time job as a ‘private maid’, a position she saw advertised in a newspaper. Returning home, she announces this fact and sheepishly shows her uniform to Alex, seeking her approval. What she gets is anything but! What, exactly, is a ‘private maid’? How can she clean someone elses house, IF that’s what she’s supposed to be doing, when this place looks like THIS?! Alex decides to try her out, makes her put on the uniform and gets her to tidy up. Her efforts are less than successful and Alex punishes Bambi for that and for her naivete. . Click here for a free gallery of preview photo’s!

Nov 232017

spankingass spankingass1


Thanks to John and his girls for this new movie preview. Mid-Term Assessment: Miss Chris makes her debut in a memorable scolding & punishment film of student, Alex Reynolds. Alex was summoned to the Principal’s Office as her parents were worried that this former “A Grader” was losing her way at the Private Boarding School they paid so much to have her educated at to do well in life! Alex had been seen breaking curfew and fraternizing with the local boys, as well as the horrifying dip in her grades. Miss Chris knew all too well what to do in this private meeting that she had arranged for Alex. She gave her a humiliating reminder of what happened to naughty girls; told off, made to feel how she had disappointed those that cared for her, letting herself down. This meant she would get not just an over the knee hand spanking, but one without the dignity of her white panties. She would also receive the stinging leather strap used to great effectiveness that had Alex snivelling and hoping to avoid further such mishaps by the end of her ordeal. She was warned, with an array of implements on the table, that her next assessment could be even worse if she didn’t make the changed needed. This Midterm Assessment was the wake up call Alex needed to put things right! See more here at Triple A Spanking!

Nov 202017

firm hand spanking

Yikes, how did I miss this one from top USA FIRM HAND SPANKING when it came out the back end of September?! What an awesome pair of bumcheeks on Amber Davies which get even better as they get spanked. Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies drinks alcohol and she’s not 21! Stacy  Stockton spanks her bare bottom 186 times in Sorority Sisters. When that bubble butt is bared, tears start but Stacy carries on. Slow-mo special plus Amber behind-the-scenes! View a gallery of free pix as well as a hot preview clip from this cool spanking movie here!

Nov 192017

spanking-kiki-1 spanking-kiki

Big fan of hot English babe Kiki and here she is in a special compilation video from all her hot spanking movies.I have a real treat for you this week, a 68 min compilation featuring the first films made by top model Kiki Devine. You will see her first spankings, paddling’s and caning. On top of this she does some sexy play and self spanking. This is a great film and a new venture with these long films. . Click here for a gallery preview!!!

Nov 032017

Today’s post is the brand new update from Firm Hand Spanking USA so check out these awesome clickable pix Taking her ballet company out for an expensive lunch seems like a good idea tochoreographer Amelia Rutherford in Winter of Discontent. But she has to face the wrath of boss Richard Anderson and realises her bottom will pay the price. A blistering bare bottom belting has her yelling and feeling very sorry. But will it change her ways?! The Principal’s Office has a reputation as a classic school paddling series and Stacy Stockton delivers a butt-reddening performance in her series finale with Jonny Stockton. 12 stinging whacks with the wooden paddle set troublesome senior Stacy straight on what is acceptable behavior. Watch for Kylee Anders out-takes too as she’s watching! Dani Daniels has a mean swing with a school paddle when she role-plays a hot student paddling scene with Alison Miller in the finale of Spanking Stepsister. “I loved paddling Alison,” admits Dani. “She has a great butt and takes the paddle so well, but I wanted to set her ass on fire!” See Alison’s Reaction Cam replay for how it got to her! For free preview clips from each of these movies – click here!

Nov 012017


Bare bottom bouncing, bent over a pool table, Corinne is soundly strapped
Disobedience and attitude have painful consequences, as pretty Corinne Hopkins discovers at Reform Academy. Eric Strickman has already punished her, now he turns up the heat with a leather tawse across her bare bottom. Her cheeks clench and bounce (check out the slow-motion replay!) as the strap on bare bottoms goes to work. Will she learn obedience?
Belinda reports for punishment in her old school uniform, hoping for leniency
Looking perfectly innocent in her old school uniform should get Belinda Lawson into Earl Grey’s good books in Asking For It. She even set up the gym vault to bend over so she doesn’t have to touch her toes! Will her plan for him to be lenient work? Starting with a ping pong paddle, he switches it up to 15 stinging whacks on her bare bottoms with a meter ruler. Ouchie!
Bare bottom caning has stunning Dani Daniels in tears for Naval Discipline
“The cane is a different sting to anything else, it’s sharp and intense,” Dani said after crying during a 12-stroke caning in Naval Discipline. The scantily clad beauty has been out on the town with other cadets. Richard Anderson decides a dose of his cane is needed. See the full Reaction Cam replay: “My reactions are genuine!” says brave Dani.
Oct 292017

sexy english babe kiki spanked otkSPANKED BOTTOMS UP FOR BAD GIRL KIKI

classic english spanking erotica“Oooooo – just imagine having to pull those shorts down!”

retro english spanking moviesCHECK OUT KIKI AND HER WELL SPANKED BUM!

What a great way to start a new month with the latest terrific update from the people at ENGLISH SPANKERS – the kinky website devoted to authentic domestic discipline. Absolutely love their new girl KIKI and her rather shapely and pert derriere. Here she is getting a good spanking from Auntie over her skin tight white shorts that reveal more than they hide. Auntie takes no crapola and those tight shorts come down quite smart so that she can spank those bumcheeks even more until KIKI is crying and yelling like a bad girl should. GREAT update and one you should definitely check out by clicking the pix or link below to see more hot spank pix from this preview gallery. ENGLISH SPANKERS is a fantastic website with oodles of movies and stuff to see in the members section.


Oct 252017

milf-spanking-1 milf-spanking-2 milf-spanking-3

“YEOWCH!” First spankings are always fun to watch and here is winsome English lass Ella Hughes getting hers from Sarah Bright on her super swishy site SPANKING SARAH. “You know that I go out of my way to find the prettiest girls who have never made a spanking film and this time I have for you the very first session with the lovely Ella Hughes. She is a stunning beauty who really does love to have her bare bottom spanked. She set me quite a challenge, she loved it so much I was not sure if I was going to be able to give such a cute bottom the pain it really needed, take a look at what happened!” says Sarah. A must visit for worldwide spanking fans of ye olde style English domestic punishment check out a cool preview of this new movie – clicky here!

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